Friday, April 30, 2010

Answers to the Q&A and A GIVEAWAY!!

Here are the answers to the burning questions you never always wanted to know about us.

MamaTink asked...
Where are you ladies from?

Trixie:  Well, Tink.  I am from the West, and because there are crazy people out there, most of whom probably read this blog,  I am not going to disclose the exact location. You know I would only disclose my private whereabouts to one person. 

Tess:  I'm from the South.  I'll try to keep the southern drawl out of my posting as much as possible, but don't be surprised if you get a "y'all" every once in a while.

MiMi asked...
I have one!! Or two...
Okay, do you live by each other??

Trixie:  MiMi, our favorite little Jacob lover.  No, we do not live by each other, in fact we live states apart and have never actually met in real life! Gasp!  I know!

Tess:  We wish!  Well, at least I wish.  Trixie may be glad that there are several states between us.  Blogging brought us together...awe, isn't that sweet?!  We do have plans for meeting IRL soon.

Do you want to go to Forks? Did you know me and my bff are going to Forks? Are you jealous?? You want me to get you something? I will!

Trixie:  Yes, we desperately want to go to forks and are planning a trip there this Summer. Hopefully.  We will be soooo jealous of you if our trip doesn't pan out.

Tess:  Mimi, yes, no, to get to the other side...uhhhh, 1.77245.  Oh, what's that?  You weren't asking what the square root of pi is?  YES, DUH!  Of course we want to go to Forks.  I am a huge Steph Meyer fan and I loved the books first, so I would love to see Forks and La Push.  I want to see where Stephenie's inspiration for parts of the book came from.

MiMi asked...
What's gonna be in your shop???

Trixie:  Good question!  I don't think we exactly know yet.  We have a lot of fun things planned for the blog, and wanted to leave all of our options open.

Tess:  The "shop" button at the top of the page is the next phase of TNT.  We have big lofty dreams.  Hopefully there will be some way cool, unique Twi items inside that button one day!

TongueTwied asked...
Will any of your giveaway prizes be along the lines of say a one-on-one, we'll call it guitar tutoring session, with my favorite 23-year-old actor?

Trixie:  If we could swing giving away guitar lessons with His Hotness, Sir Robert, pretty sure we would keep them to ourselves.  We love you and all, but not enough to share.

Tess:  Trix and I are very giving individuals.  However, if we acquired...achem..."guitar tutoring lessons" with HotRob, I'm afraid we would keep them to ourselves.

Prior to Rob, who else did you lust after?

Trixie:  Here is the interesting thing for me, no one.  Sure, I had a brief fling with the New Kids On The Block in Jr. High. Didn't we all?  But seriously, no one.  I am not the type of person that gets all hyped up about actors.  Brad Pitt?  Cute, I guess.  Johnny Depp?  Don't see the appeal.  Okay, I admit, I did have a brief flame for Clive Owen in King Arthur due to pregnancy induced crazy hormones.  I told you, I'm weird like that.  That is why I love Rob soooo much.  He's my first.

Tess:  I'm kinda like Trixie.  I haven't had any major lusts/crushes on a celebrity prior to one else who makes me run out and get a tattoo or start a blog or buy hundreds of dollars in memorabilia or see a movie 100+ times.  I've had a few things.  Matthew McConaughey and I had a fling for a while.  I've also had a 20 year long crush on Joey McIntyre.  He spit on me last year at an NKOTB concert and I didn't wash my arm for a week.  My husband and I have Free Pass Lists.  These are lists that we have discussed and compiled of famous people we "like" and it is agreed upon that if and or when we would ever have the chance for a one-night stand...permission is granted.  I highly suggest you all look into making an arrangement like this.  For the record, my list is as follows: Rob Pattinson, Channing Tatum, Joey McIntyre, Matthew MConaughey, and Billy Burke (I just recently substituted him for Eric Dane aka McSteamy).

Good questions, Ladies!  We would love to answer more!

Now, what you have all been waiting for....Our Second Official Trixie and Tess We Heart Our Fellow Rob Lovers (or Taylor Lovers as the case may be) Giveaway!

Here's what you could win:

I am ashamed at my photography skills, people!  I was trying to hide from my Hubbie (he doesn't know I help Tess run this blog, he would commit me)  and take this pic with my cell phone.  No, he never questioned why I was displaying my book and necklace so nicely.  I am weird like that.

  • Specially handcrafted Twilight inspired necklace and earring set with big a** red thingies on it.
  • A highly sought after limited release everyone in the world will own one Twilight Graphic Novel!  So now you can fantasize about cartoon Edward.
  • and da, da, da, duh...A $25.00 gift certificate to Amazon so you can feed your Twi Obsession in any way you see fit!
You still reading this?  Good, here's how to enter.
  • All followers will automatically be entered--1 entry.
  • Leave a comment on any post-1 entry
  • Tweet about our giveaway and leave a comment telling us you did so--2 entries.
  • Facebook about this and leave a comment that you did so--3 entries.
  • Post about our giveaway on your blog and leave a comment telling us you did so--4 entries!!
The giveaway will be open until next Friday at 12 noon.  

Trixie & Tess

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everytime I think I Am Over Him...

I thought I was over him. Like finally. For Good. Over him. Especially after last week when I offered to be his baby mama and he never called, I was really over him. It takes a lot, Rob, for a middle aged woman girl to announce to the inter webs that she is willing to birth your child, and I hear nothing? So rude. Then I made the mistake of listening to Never Think.

"I can read every mind in this room apart from yours."  Read Mine! For the love of all that is holy, read mine!

Listening to Rob's smooth voice, I got weak in the knees.  Then Flightless Bird came on.  

 That suit.  That hair. Le sigh.

A girl is only so strong, Rob.  Imagining this scene, I would give anything to be wearing an orthopedic boot and granny sweater and dancing with you in that gazebo.  Then I realize that if had to dance on your feet like Kristen did, that you probably still wouldn't be able to walk.  I so wish you could have known the 25 year-old Trix, Rob. 

Then Tess posted some yummy pics of you, sort of like these...

...and I ended up right back where I started.  A complete and utter hot mess over you. 

Do you ever think you are over Rob and this whole Twilight business?  What draws you back in?



Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Prayers Have Been Answered!! Rob PICS!

Trix and I are tight with THE Big Guy.

We prayed. He answered.

Can I get an AMEN up in this blog?

Go read our post from earlier today...CLICK HERE

Trixie & Tess

Where For Art Thou, Rob?

I think the old saying is, "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

My heart is SO fond.
I had no idea that my heart could grow any fonder of our beloved Rob...but I'm thinking the old saying is true. We are in somewhat of a RPattz drought and I find myself everyday scouring the Internet, twitter, and blogger more and more for any sign of Mr. Pattinson.

Althought these "old" pictures do just fine. I always thought smoking is a disgusting habit, but he made it look so HOTT.

Where for art thou, Rob?

This is kind of a side note, but saying or typing the word "Pattinson" always makes me think of something. Well, truthfully, it brings lots of things to mind. However, there is this one specific thing...Pattinson Pants. Have you guys seen the pic of them floating around the internet?

I swear, no matter how much I start missing Rob, I will NOT be taking some 80's acid washed jeans and applying RPattz Patches to them. I've been known to do a few extreme things in the name of RPattz love, but that is where I draw the line. _________________.

Please...bite my finger...bite my ear...bite my pillow...break my headboard...bruise my body. You have carte blanche.

Funny thing, those lines...I draw a line at RPattz Pants, but yet I don't draw a line at tattoos, spending hundreds of dollars on twi-merch, throwing twi-bashes at every occasion, or following twi-stars all around God's green earth. Hmmm. I guess we all have our price.

In the words of George Harrison,

I got my mind set on you I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you I got my mind set on you
But it's gonna take money a whole lotta spending money
It's gonna take plenty of money to do it right child
It's gonna take time a whole lotta precious time
It's gonna take patience and time mmm to do it to do it
To do it to do it to do it to do it right child

What is your twi-price?

What will you or have you done in the name of twi-love?

When do you think we'll see Rob's oh-so-yummy face again?

Hopefully, it will be soon...KStew and TayTay have been spotted in Vancouver...possibly doing reshoots?!?!
I demand a full-body search! I'll do the honors.

I hopped off the plane at LAX
with a dream and my cardigan
welcome to the land of fame excess, (woah)
am I gonna fit in?

I'm holding a prayer session today and making my requests specific...lots of Rob and Robsten ASAP! Amen.

Trixie & Tess

P.S. Don't forget to submit your questions for us! To see yesterday's post CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q&A with T&T

We would like to give you guys a chance to find out more about Trixie and Tess. We think of you all as friends who live in our computer and friends know stuff about each other...the more you know, the better friends you are. So, if you have a question for us (both of us or individually) feel free to ask us in a comment or you can send us an email (click on the "contact us" tab at the top). We will give it a few days and then put all of your questions and our answers into a blog post.

P.S. If you are following us and we have not visited your blog and followed you back, please let us know. We want to follow you...and comment...we love to give comments and get comments! Comment love is the best!

P.S.S. We will be hosting another giveaway this week...don't miss out!!!

P.S.S.S. We have a button (right over there ------>) and you can grab it if you want. ;)
Trixie & Tess

Monday, April 26, 2010

Twilight, What Have You Done To My Wife?

Here's a little something our husbands/boyfriends/significant others can definitely relate to. At least they know they are not alone.

Isn't this the most hilarious thing you have ever seen?

Trixie & Tess

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eclipse Trailer Review by Tess

We've had a few days now to watch the trailer and sort through our feelings. I, for one, was very pleased. My only disappointment was that there was no preview of the leg hitch. Trixie and I are banking heavily on their being a leg, we better get our friggin' leg hitch. For those of you who don't know about the leg hitch, you should re-read've missed a vital part.

My favorite line in the trailer was..."as long as we get to kill SOME vampires" - Jacob Black
I love that line.

My favorite scene is...well, all of the ones that Edward is in...pretty much, yeah that about covers it. I LOVE, like love love love love, "Black Sweater Eddie"...Trixie and I have been drooling buckets over him since we first got a glimpse in the teaser trailer. I was crossing all fingers and toes that "Black Sweater Eddie" (which will be referred to as BSE from here on out) would be the next life-size cut-out. "Grey Suit Eddie" has been glaring at me in my office since last November and I was really hoping I would get to replace him with BSE...but my hopes and dreams were dashed. This weekend there have been pictures floating around and the new cut-outs have been revealed. The new life-size Edward is going to be "Jean Jacket with White T-shirt Eddie"...doesn't really have the same ring to it, but it is still very appealing.

I will gladly bite, bend, and lick his cardboard.
He'll look good in my office.

A new Eclipse still was floating around this weekend. It looks like it is in the clearing when Edward is getting ready to battle Victoria. Which, takes me to another scene I wish we would have gotten a better glimpse of...the tent scene. I wanted a taste...just a lick...of the tent scene.
I have a dream (think MLK Jr.)...
of being in the middle of an Edward and Jacob sandwich.

I'm guessing that scene is probably right before Edward becomes the sexiest man to ever push over a tree.

Yes, Edward. Push it real good.

Push it. Ahhh.
pa-push it real good.

I LOVED the trailer. It takes a lot for me to not like anything Twi-related, but I genuinely thought it was a fabulous look at the movie. It had all of the key elements...LOTS of Edward, shirtless Jacob, the Cullen boys, fierce looking Volturi, FREAKY newbie vamps, and action...lots and lots of action. The last scene where the wolves do their surprise attack on the newborns is off-the-hook! I love it.

So, far...what is your favorite screen cap from the new Eclipse trailer?
What are you most looking forward to seeing in the movie?

Trixie & Tess

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eclipse Trailer

It's here, Dolls! HOLLA!

We'll be back in a bit to give you our reactions and first impressions of the trailer! What do you guys think???

Trixie & Tess

Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your Husband?

Trixie:  Tess, I've been reading and hearing so much about the leg hitch recently that I think I want to try and recreate it tonight with my husband, but I am afraid that the massive girth of my thigh will crush his pelvis.

Tess: I've thought about reenacting it with my life size Eddie cutout, but I'm 200% sure my thunder thigh would pulverize it and I do love my life size Eddie.

 Trixie: It would be a shame to harm life size Eddie.  Is it wrong that I'm willing to sacrifice my husband to try?

Tess: I see nothing wrong with giving it a shot.  It would be sooo wrong not to try.

Trixie: You make a valid point.  I'm gonna give it a shot.  Now if I could only get him to wear an Edward mask and put himself in the deep freeze beforehand.  You know, so his skin is nice and icy.  I might actually be able to convince myself it is Edward.

Tess:  Here's what you do...hog tie him and toss him in the deep freeze...when he comes out all nice and icy, throw the Edward mask on, use your skillz to get him in the bed, and hit him with the leg-hitch.  My motto is that it is always better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Trixie: Okay, but if the paramedics have to be called I'm blaming you.

Are you as excited as we are to see if we get a glimpse of the hitch tomorrow on O?! Stop back by after you watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flattery Through Imitation

Charles Caleb Colton (whoever in the heck he is) said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  

Also, Eminem once said (and he is oh-so-wise)
"May I have your attention please? 
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here..."

The Twi-franchise should feel very flattered because imitation is running rampid!  Here are a few of our favorite spoofs and parodies.

This one tops the list because it has THE RPattz in it. TNT think Rob and his British accent are very yummy.

Yummy indeed.

"The first time I watched this one, I think coffee spewed outta my nose. For real. Wish I had video of that." -Tess

"Oh.My.Gaw. I just peed in my pants and threw up in my mouth all at the same time."

And we can't have a Twi-spoof/parody compilation without the one and only Hillywoods! Part of our dynamite duo has seen them in person and truly thinks they are amazing...and they are so dedicated to the whole fandome! They get major props from us.

What is your favorite Twi-spoof or Twi-parody?

"My name is...
my NAME is..."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Blog Design

Please be patient as The Posh Box remodels our blog, it should be done in a couple of days.  Testing a quote:

So you faint at the sight of blood?

Trixie & Tess

Winner WINNER, Chicken Dinner!

A HUGE "thank you" to all who participated. You've really made our first week here at TNT the BEST!

As a way to show our appreciation, here is your DDOR (daily dose of Rob)...

Why must he always have his bedroom eyes on?
Don't look at us like're so asking for it...and we mean that in the *worst* way possible.

Yeah, that's the look we're talking about.

And that one.
DEFINITELY do NOT look at us like that.
Yes, that's exactly what we're talking NOT do that.
Oh, OK. 
We say don't look at us like that and you start ignoring us by reading a book...ABOUT us. We see how you roll.

Without further ado...

The winner of TNT's first evah giveaway is...

she said...
"Hello TNT. I just became a Follower of your blog and twitter & facebook. You will show on my blog as soon as I kick Blogger in the balls & make it work right."
April 13, 2010 11:23 AM

After numbering out all of the comments and entries, we used the Random Number Generator to pick a number for us and it was #6! 
 There are a lot more giveaways coming up on TNT...don't miss them!

Don't get your Eddie Undies in a twist!

According to a post on last week, Summit is planning on reshooting a few scenes from Eclipse.  This is not unheard of in the movie biz.  A lot of production companies do's really not that unusual, but it sure did cause a buzz in Twi-land.  We received a few messages and phone calls from friends wondering if this was a sign of doom for the third installment and several of them are already crying a river because they think this third movie is going to bomb.  Hold your horses,  hang on to your Edward undies...

and take a deep breath.

Ask yourself these questions...

(the first and most important question)
Will Edward still be in it?  YES!

 Thank goodness!  Mama needs some new eye candy!

Will we see some serious newborn butt-kicking?  YES!

Will there be a leg-hitch?  WE HOPE SO!

We think most of us can agree that the first trailer for the movie looks AMAZING. 

We have only seen and heard good things when it comes to director David Slade.  According to insiders (and if we could remember where we read this, we would reference the sight, but we can't so...), David Slade is said to be the best out of the three directors and most people working with the movies are very pleased about how Eclipse is coming together.  We don't think we have anything to worry about...except BDH's hair/ something about that, please!

Also, if Summit is reshooting anything, please let it be this scene...we hate it.

As if!  Edward would never be captured by Victoria.  Kick her newborn making, bad wig wearing butt Edward!

The good news is that we will all get one last and FINAL glimpse of Eclipse on Friday, before we see it in the theater on June 30th! 
Tune into Oprah on Friday, April 23rd to watch the final Eclipse trailer!
(Are we the only ones who thinks this is weird?  Oprah, really?)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Want Rob's Babies

I had a thought this morning that made me officially realize that I have crossed a line and I can't be saved.  Don't want to be saved really, but I am starting to worry about myself.
 I mean, really, who wants to be saved from this?

If for some reason Rob wanted me to bear his children (you know because he suddenly became blind, was really drunk, or he suffered a head injury and confused me for K. Stew) I totally would! Seriously, for reals. Totally would. I think it is pretty evident why I would be willing to do such a thing.

But why should I be so lucky? Why should Rob choose me? The following are the reasons I would make a good baby mama for Rob: 

  • I have always, and I mean always since Nov. 2008 wanted little bouffant haired children with British accents. "Mummy, can I have a Hob Knob, please?" So cute!
  • I have previously had children (you know with the man I thought I loved before being introduced to Rob), and they are really, really cute
  • My body has already been ruined by childbirth and K. Stew can keep her tiny, little fit bod in tact.
  • Their first food would be hot pockets
  • Kings of Leon is already recorded and programmed for the baby mobile.
  • I already have a stock pile of plaid flannel receiving blankets, tiny black knit caps, and little Addidas baby sneakers.
  • I will make sure that Robbie Jr. and Tom visit Dick and Clair on a regular basis.
  • I will forever and always be unconditionally and irrevocably in love with their father. 
Rob, once you see the computer generated image of what our love child will look like you will know why I am willing to endure pregnancy, childbirth, and the 18 years of misery after.  You will fall in love with him/her/it too!

Isn't he/she/it beautiful?

I will be waiting by the phone, Rob!

Call me!


Your Future Baby Mama -Trix

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where in the CoacHELLa is KStew?

Kristen attended the three day music festival, known as Coachella, this weekend in California...sans Rob. =(
One thing we noticed right away is that KStew does a lot of standing around with her arms crossed and head tilted down.  What's up with the body language?

According to Changing Minds, an online website that evaluates body language, crossing of the arms is a way of protecting one's self from the outside world.  Maybe if Rob was there to protect her, the body language would have been a little more open. 
Chill, K.  We're just trying to get a glimpse of you and your loverboy.  No harm, no foul.

Seems as though she started to relax a bit while at the Lacoste pool party. 

Possibly because she had a little piece of Rob with her? 

AWE, how sweet!

Apparently, Rob is still in Budapest on set for Bel Ami...
or shooting some extra footage for Eclipse.

Wherever he is, we hope he graces us with his presence this week.  We need our daily dose of Rob.
We go into withdrawls without it.
(pictures courtesy of