Friday, April 23, 2010

Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your Husband?

Trixie:  Tess, I've been reading and hearing so much about the leg hitch recently that I think I want to try and recreate it tonight with my husband, but I am afraid that the massive girth of my thigh will crush his pelvis.

Tess: I've thought about reenacting it with my life size Eddie cutout, but I'm 200% sure my thunder thigh would pulverize it and I do love my life size Eddie.

 Trixie: It would be a shame to harm life size Eddie.  Is it wrong that I'm willing to sacrifice my husband to try?

Tess: I see nothing wrong with giving it a shot.  It would be sooo wrong not to try.

Trixie: You make a valid point.  I'm gonna give it a shot.  Now if I could only get him to wear an Edward mask and put himself in the deep freeze beforehand.  You know, so his skin is nice and icy.  I might actually be able to convince myself it is Edward.

Tess:  Here's what you do...hog tie him and toss him in the deep freeze...when he comes out all nice and icy, throw the Edward mask on, use your skillz to get him in the bed, and hit him with the leg-hitch.  My motto is that it is always better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Trixie: Okay, but if the paramedics have to be called I'm blaming you.

Are you as excited as we are to see if we get a glimpse of the hitch tomorrow on O?! Stop back by after you watch the trailer and let us know what you think!


Dangrdafne said...

I have a question: If you deep freeze the husband and then attempt the leg hitch... if he is cold and you happen to get ummmm wet ... will you stick to him like in "A Christmas Story" and the little boy and his tongue on the cold pole??? Or hey if you try "that" but with a different umm "pole"?? OH MY it is Friday! LOL!!!

MiMi said...

I SO hate Oprah and the fact that I have to DVR it just to see the hitch. But if I'm willing to put of with O, than I'm willing to sacrifice the hubs. For sure.
And, Trixie, don't forget when hubs comes out of the deep freeze, but before you un-hog-tie him, you have to throw some glitter at him, okay?
I'll be looking for updates.

MamaTink said...

I also hate Oprah, but you KNOW I am recording it! Can I sacrafice my husband for the leg hitch in return for giving me your life size Rob?

Christiejolu said...

I want to know what a leg hitch is!