Friday, April 16, 2010

Edward Sparkles? My failure as a mother.

True Story of what happened the other day on the Barbie aisle at Wal-Mart...

Daughter:  Mom, look it's Edward.

Trixie:  Yes, I've seen him before.

Daughter:  He's your favorite, huh?

Trixie:  Yes, he's my favorite and I wish he was your father.  I think this doll is supposed to sparkle.  *pick up doll and look at it*  He does sparkle.

Daughter:  He sparkles?  That's dumb.  Why would he sparkle?

Trixie:  Oh child, I have failed you as a mother!  I think it's time to pull you out of math tutoring and start your twi-education.

Do you tell your kids about your twi-obsession?
Do they love it as much as you do?

~forget about McDreamy, we want McSparkly...can we lick your sparkles?~ TNT


TwitardedMom said...

My 10 yr old is totally about Twilight when he isn't living in his "invisible world". He plays with my mini Edward. When I was frustrated trying to fix my hair like Alice for Mr TM's birthday, our son asked how Alice gets her hair like that. Poor boy thinks she is real. buwwhhaaaahaaaaaa

TongueTwied said...

My daughter desperately wants to play with Mommy's Edward doll but knows she is not allowed.

I look forward to the day I send her off to her room with the Twilight book and then watch the movie together.

Rob will be mid 40s then, and I bet he'll still be smokin' hawt!!

MamaTink said...

My children (& husband) are well versed in Twi-education! Hubs must catch me when I see him on screen!

Salt said...

The doll actually sparkles!?
*adds to list of reasons why my husband needs to buy that for me next time we're at Target where I saw one the other day*