Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flattery Through Imitation

Charles Caleb Colton (whoever in the heck he is) said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  

Also, Eminem once said (and he is oh-so-wise)
"May I have your attention please? 
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here..."

The Twi-franchise should feel very flattered because imitation is running rampid!  Here are a few of our favorite spoofs and parodies.

This one tops the list because it has THE RPattz in it. TNT think Rob and his British accent are very yummy.

Yummy indeed.

"The first time I watched this one, I think coffee spewed outta my nose. For real. Wish I had video of that." -Tess

"Oh.My.Gaw. I just peed in my pants and threw up in my mouth all at the same time."

And we can't have a Twi-spoof/parody compilation without the one and only Hillywoods! Part of our dynamite duo has seen them in person and truly thinks they are amazing...and they are so dedicated to the whole fandome! They get major props from us.

What is your favorite Twi-spoof or Twi-parody?

"My name is...
my NAME is..."


The Posh Box said...

omg, you guys are getting me hooked, lol But I loved the third one down... the second one wouldn't play...

TwitardedMom said...

I'd like to check out the XXX movies. Guess that's just the way I am. ROTFL

TwitardedMom said...

Why isn't by blog on your blogroll?

MiMi said...

OOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!! LOVE the new LOOK!! Jealous. :)
And, the second one is SOOOO bad, you have to love it.

Jessica said...

I'm a bit bothered... :) LOVE your site!!!!!

TigerlilyRose said... have I missed you all this time...glad you came to visit me or I may have never made it over here. These are hilarious.

TongueTwied said...

Wow, I really loooooooove the new header, especially the sparkly! It is oh so glamorous gals!

I'm still waiting for my favorite spoof to be made. It involves Rob and me acting a few select twilight scenes out together. I'll hitch, he can twitch. wink, wink ;)