Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Want Rob's Babies

I had a thought this morning that made me officially realize that I have crossed a line and I can't be saved.  Don't want to be saved really, but I am starting to worry about myself.
 I mean, really, who wants to be saved from this?

If for some reason Rob wanted me to bear his children (you know because he suddenly became blind, was really drunk, or he suffered a head injury and confused me for K. Stew) I totally would! Seriously, for reals. Totally would. I think it is pretty evident why I would be willing to do such a thing.

But why should I be so lucky? Why should Rob choose me? The following are the reasons I would make a good baby mama for Rob: 

  • I have always, and I mean always since Nov. 2008 wanted little bouffant haired children with British accents. "Mummy, can I have a Hob Knob, please?" So cute!
  • I have previously had children (you know with the man I thought I loved before being introduced to Rob), and they are really, really cute
  • My body has already been ruined by childbirth and K. Stew can keep her tiny, little fit bod in tact.
  • Their first food would be hot pockets
  • Kings of Leon is already recorded and programmed for the baby mobile.
  • I already have a stock pile of plaid flannel receiving blankets, tiny black knit caps, and little Addidas baby sneakers.
  • I will make sure that Robbie Jr. and Tom visit Dick and Clair on a regular basis.
  • I will forever and always be unconditionally and irrevocably in love with their father. 
Rob, once you see the computer generated image of what our love child will look like you will know why I am willing to endure pregnancy, childbirth, and the 18 years of misery after.  You will fall in love with him/her/it too!

Isn't he/she/it beautiful?

I will be waiting by the phone, Rob!

Call me!


Your Future Baby Mama -Trix


MiMi said...

That baby looks real enough that it's a teeny bit creepy. LOL
Okay, well, if you're gonna have his baby, make sure it takes you a while to get pregnant. The fun's in the practice!! Hahah!

TwitardedMom said...

At least if you are crazy, you have a lot of friends in the same condition. The baby is adorable and you make a good point about KStew getting to keep her tiny figure.

Christiejolu said...

LOL! Love it! I am visiting from MiMi's blog! I will be back for sure!

Salt said...

I'm also visiting from MiMi's and I'm so glad I came over. Love the blog!

That baby is probably the most non-Frankensteinish looking result of any MorphThing that I've ever seen. I think that's a sign. :)

Gah. Rob is so hot.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

*cracking up* I love it. What are you calling her?

TongueTwied said...

Oh man just had an image of rob holding 1-1/2-year-old and the kid all pulling on his hair and got all jealous!

I'm so ready to see Robward as a daddy in BD!

You chickadees are hysterical!

DIANA DYE said...

I Love rob!!! He is extremely cute!! No wait Hot!♥ I love him I haven’t seen “Remember Me” so feel like the worst fan ever lol!! But I love his personality very mysterious as Edward and his real life timid, mysterious bad-boy personality portrayed in his interview Love him!!!!!!!! Am so team Edward! Amazing blog.

Darlene said...

I saw your icon on my followers this morning and wanted to come and say hi!!! I LOVE your blog and will be back to browse more. I think you would make a great baby Mama for him! Nice to meet you!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

You just made my day with this post! And it took my mind into a place it has never been....thinking about having Rob's baby. LOL! Now I am going to be thinking about that all day....and Oprah(okay that sounded weird!) You are so effing funny!!!!!! Thanks for the blog follow btw! ♥IMC