Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Listen Up, Summit! Things We Want to See in Eclipse.

Summit, Summit, Summit.  We understand that Twi Hards vary widely in age and it may be hard to please all of us at the same time.  So we are going to give you a list Trixie and Tess style of things we must see in Eclipse to make the majority of us fans happy.  We mean really, if you are going to make us sit through approx 2 hours of Bryce Dallas Howard's hideous wig you must throw us a bone.  Yes, Summit we have not forgotten Rachelle and we are still not happy about it.

Seriously?  My daughter's Wal-Mart Hannah Montana wig looks better than this.

There is really no comparison!!!

1. THE LEG HITCH!!!!  The movie simply can't be released without this vital scene.  The leg hitch is the whole reason we like Eclipse in the first place.  Without the hitch there is no Eclipse.  Trust us you don't want to make the TwiMoms angry.  They will hunt you down and it will be painful.

 More of this please!  Thank you!

2. More scenes of Edward and Bella together.  We all tolerated the fact that you left out the most poignant Edward and Bella scenes in New Moon.  We will not put up with it a second time.  We repeat. TwiMoms. Pain. Tortures you have never thought of.

 Proof that you might be on the right track.  We hope for your sake!

3.  We don't care about Spirit Warriors, The Third Wife, Rosalie or Jasper.  Okay, maybe a little bit about Rosalie and Jasper.  Please do not spend unnecessary amounts of time on these back stories.  We repeat. Leg hitch. Edward and Bella. Enough said.

Royce King II is a jerk!

4.  Please make the soundtrack closer to Twilight than to New Moon. Although there were very good songs on the New Moon soundtrack, we still after listening to Iron and Wine's Flightless Bird 12,002 times get butterflies in our stomachs and want Edward to bite. us. now!!!

 Aahhh. Swoon.

5. The fight scenes better kick a**!  We all know what the Cullens are capable of we just need you to know that too.  Especially Edward, he better kick the most booty of all!  Edward is not weak like you made him seem with the Volturi.

 Superhuman strength. Check. Extraordinary speed. Check.
  Matching outfits. Check.  We are ready to fight!

Lastly Summit, because we do love you for trying to bring our dreams to life, we want to give you props for Black Sweater Edward.  We weren't sure that Peacoat Edward and Gray Shirt Walking Away From Volvo Edward could ever be topped.  Black Sweater Eddie comes close.  Thank you for giving us new images to swoon over.

Absolutely divine!

So, say it with us!  Without the hitch there is no Eclipse!  Without the hitch there is no Eclipse!

Tell us what are you most looking forward to from Eclipse?  What do you want to see?

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TwitardedMom said...

I'm looking forward to more Emmett and Jasper. Edward is great and all, but I love all the Cullen men.

Trixie and Tess said...


All of the Cullen men are hotties! We won't be dissapointed at seeing more of them either.

Mrsblogalot said...

Yeah, I'm still here.

You don't mind if I sleep over do you?

Trixie and Tess said...


We LOVE sleepovers!!! Feel free to stay as long as you like.