Monday, April 12, 2010

The Proof Is In The!

Today on POPSUGAR, there have been pictures to prove that the video from yesterday was infact *Robsten*!

We love us some Rob and Kristen!
We especially LOVE us some Rob.

We are also hopeless romantics and we love to see them together.  Perhaps it is because we like to picture ourselves with Rob...yes, we definitely enjoy this aspect.  It is very sweet how he walks in front of her and seems to be protective of her.  We would expect nothing less from Edward Rob.

Are you team Robsten?


TwiGurl said...

Thank you sooo incredibly much for commenting on my site! you guys brightened my day! Thanks for checking out my blog and your guys blog seems amazing so far! Can't wait for more! I have you guys down for on of the few sites I follow! If you want to become affiliates, I'd love to do that with you two!

MamaTink said...

Not Team Robsten, just Team Rob, the lil skank can go sniffing elsewhere!