Monday, April 12, 2010

Rob Loves Betty White

We know that our many readers one reader, who we are pretty sure is Tess' mom, might not know that the main way we communicate is through text messaging. Like most of our crazy and borderline psychotic fascinating and riveting conversations, the following convo proves that we, even you...yeah, YOU...may, in fact, have a chance with Rob. 

Trixie: I read that the ladies from The View were mean to Rob.  Mimi McFadden (our Official Hollywood Gossip Correspondent) said that she is ready to go beat up Barbara.  Hell hath no fury like a woman protecting her Robbie.

Tess: Bawbwa better watch out, she should be nice to Rob if she knows what's good for her.  We'll be making a special trip to NYC to kick some BW booty!

Trixie: I know!  I guess Matt Lauer was rude to him yesterday too.

Tess: What is wrong with these people?!  Don't they know that women everywhere will hate them for it?!

Trixie: Well, I think Matt is jealous.  He used to hold the affection of housewives everywhere.

Tess:  Well, I hate to break it to him, but he's been replaced.

Trixie: Wawa is just too ancient to be in touch with the American people.  I guess they asked Rob if he would date an older woman.  He said age doesn't matter to him.  To him Betty White is one of the sexiest women in America...she is so vibrant it's HOT!  How could Wawa be rude to him after that?  You know that also means that we stand a chance! 

Tess:  That's the sweetest thing could she be mean to him after that?  He thinks Betty White is sexy.  That is so cute!

Trixie:  I know!  Could you love him anymore?!

Tess:  I don't think it's possible.

Trixie: You know what is sad and all sort's of wrong?

Tess:  The fact that Rob has turned us into cougars?

Trixie:  No.  I think that Betty White may be hotter than me! 

So, see ladies, Rob thinks age doesn't matter (SCORE!) and that Betty White is sexy.  There is hope for women everywhere...even if you aren't a card-board-thin-barely-18-kstew.

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