Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't get your Eddie Undies in a twist!

According to a post on last week, Summit is planning on reshooting a few scenes from Eclipse.  This is not unheard of in the movie biz.  A lot of production companies do's really not that unusual, but it sure did cause a buzz in Twi-land.  We received a few messages and phone calls from friends wondering if this was a sign of doom for the third installment and several of them are already crying a river because they think this third movie is going to bomb.  Hold your horses,  hang on to your Edward undies...

and take a deep breath.

Ask yourself these questions...

(the first and most important question)
Will Edward still be in it?  YES!

 Thank goodness!  Mama needs some new eye candy!

Will we see some serious newborn butt-kicking?  YES!

Will there be a leg-hitch?  WE HOPE SO!

We think most of us can agree that the first trailer for the movie looks AMAZING. 

We have only seen and heard good things when it comes to director David Slade.  According to insiders (and if we could remember where we read this, we would reference the sight, but we can't so...), David Slade is said to be the best out of the three directors and most people working with the movies are very pleased about how Eclipse is coming together.  We don't think we have anything to worry about...except BDH's hair/ something about that, please!

Also, if Summit is reshooting anything, please let it be this scene...we hate it.

As if!  Edward would never be captured by Victoria.  Kick her newborn making, bad wig wearing butt Edward!

The good news is that we will all get one last and FINAL glimpse of Eclipse on Friday, before we see it in the theater on June 30th! 
Tune into Oprah on Friday, April 23rd to watch the final Eclipse trailer!
(Are we the only ones who thinks this is weird?  Oprah, really?)



MamaTink said...

Thanks for warning us about the Oprah viewing of the trailer. Now I know to DVR it!

Christiejolu said...

I haven't seen this preview yet! Looks awesome!

MiMi said...

I think the FIRST Victoria was way prettier.
Anyway, I'm about to show my major idiocy here....who's BDH?
Also. Can I get a shout out for Jacob? LOL!

TongueTwied said...

Let's see. Oprah gave Stephenie all of 20 minutes one day. She's jumping on our Twifanwagon way too late in this vampire baseball game if you ask me. As much as I like her I'm going to say that if I didn't think there was a huge chance she is going to skype Rob in on Friday, like I'm 75% sure of it and 110% wishful thinking of it, then I almost wouldn't watch! Good news about Rob being skyped in, we don't see him re-enact Tom Cruise jumping up and down on the couch because we all know Rob is just corny enough to do that.

I'm scared of this movie becoming known as an SRS (SlayedRushSpecial)!

Keeping it clean and classy for you guys!