Monday, May 17, 2010

Marriage Therapy

It was a bright sunshiny day and Trixie and Tess were discussing marital bliss.

Trixie: Think about if Rob was our husband (yes, we would share). We wouldn't care if all he did was sit around all day in his boxers and mumble while drinking beer and eating Hot Pockets. It would be the cutest thing we had ever seen.

Tess: I know! I actually try to think about that when I get annoyed at my hubby. It's my mental game I play.

Trixie: I will try that too. If you were Rob, how would I react?

Tess: Those dirty underwear on the floor are just precious.

Trixie: I just adore all the empty beer bottles and Hot Pocket wrappers you leave laying around.
Tess: The way you stink up the bathroom is the sweetest thing ever. I love scrubbing the toilet where you've peed all over the seat. It's seriously my favorite pass time.

Trixie: I thank my lucky stars everyday that when we finally do have sex, you never want to cuddle afterward. And I'm so glad that you think foreplay is a waste of time.

Tess: You made lighting up a post sex smoke the hottest thing ever. I totally don't mind.

Trixie: God Bless you that you never help me with the children. It makes me a better mother.

Tess: Washing all of your clothes and dishes is the joy of my life.

Trixie: I totally don't care that you come home everyday smelling like KStew. Way to keep things interesting!

Tess: Variety is the spice of life! I also don't mind when you ignore me while you're watching TV and playing Xbox Live. I know deep down you're thinking of me and the things you want to do to me. Strategizing. I get it!

This is tried and tested marriage therapy. 
 If you're feeling annoyed or put-out with your spouse, 
try picturing them as Robward. 
 Respond to them like you would if Rob was sitting in that easy chair. 
 Works like a charm!

Trixie & Tess


rpfangirldc said...

LMAO! I don't know why I didn't think of that before... Oh yeah, because I don't want to hate Rob in that way.

Awesome Post girlies!

Salt said...

I will be remembering this next time my husband leaves half empty glasses of iced tea all over the house. Which is constantly.

TongueTwied said...

ROFL! I was dying of laughter reading this!

I never feel so bad for Rob as I do when I see the red underwear picture...but then I wonder, did he not have Batman or Superman underoos because that would be adorable to see! LOL

MiMi said...

LOL!! This is awesome.
Oh, Rob, I don't mind that I found pee AND curlies on the floor today...EW!

Christiejolu said...

This is the best marital advice I have ever heard!

MiMi said...

Just came back to look at the pics again...and hey! Am I gonna win something ever?? PUH-LEEEEEZE?! LOL :)
Have a good day!

17foreverlisa said...

Too funny! And I absolutely love the way you changed up the font size/color throughout.


Therapy Tribe said...


Marriage therapy help the couples to have an idea of what to
expect from a marriage and what not. It can also help to fix any indifference's between the couples
thereby helping a relationship to work.

The Posh Box said...

OMG you ladies are so funny... I'll try it!!! lol

OneWarmMomma said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If I do this, my husband will get more @$$ than he knows what to do with! LOL!