Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Need A Last Minute Mother's Day Gift? We've Got You Covered!

We know you all have busy schedules stalking Rob, reading fan fic, stalking Rob, and living your fascinating lives.  So, we thought we would throw together a few last minute Mother's Day ideas for that special TwiMom in your life.  What's that you say?  Your mom doesn't like Twilight?  Even better!  You know you will end up with whatever you give her anyway! It's a great way for you to score some Twi-Merchandise.  We have found some fabulous gifts for every type of TwiMom.

For the unique Mom who loves both Twilight and cats, check out these must have gifts below:

 Fan art of Bella as a cat, definitely the next family heirloom.

or these lovingly crocheted eyeballs filled with catnip.  You can choose, Pretty Vamp, Naughty Vamp, or Bella. (Available on Etsy, yes, this is a real product, people)

For the Mom who likes to cuddle, may we suggest:

An Edward body pillow.  She will never be lonely at night again.

For the Mom who has everything, here is something truly unique:

Cullen Yourself.  Nothing says I love you more than presenting your mom with a pic of herself as a sexy vamp. (Available on Etsy).

For the Mom who adores handicrafts, there is a wide array to choose from:

A soft and cuddly Edward of her very own to achem...cuddle at night.

 How about a lovely knit cap inspired by the color of Edward's eyes to keep her warm during those long winter months.
This lovely Eclipse cross-stitch will take center stage in a special place in her home. 
Every mom loves fridge magnets.  Show your gratitude to her for birthing you, raising you, and putting you in Twi-Rehab by giving her the cast of Twilight as owls she can place on her fridge and look at lovingly every day.

If you love your Mommy the mostest, and really want to drop a chunk of change on her:
Pay for her to get the tattoo she has always wanted.

 For the Mom who is really hard to buy for:

How about this beautiful Renesmee doll to add to her Marie Osmond doll collection.

or this precious picture of Bella as a mother.

For the eco-friendly mom...
A Recycled Robsten Tabloid Clutch...she will be the envy of all of her bible study group.

On a different note, if your mom is a drinker (possibly due to your Twilight obsession), We suggest...

an Edward and Bella hipflask

Last but not least: 

 We always knew it was true.  Your mom will wear this next to the necklace you gave her last year with all of the grandchildren's birthstones in it.

Any mother would be super lucky to call one of these gifts her own.  Happy Mother's Day!

Most items can be found on Etsy...or you can Google it. 
Trixie & Tess


OneWarmMomma said...

Soooo, is it bad that I want my mom to make me the cross stitch thing??

rpfangirldc said...

Okay, some of those things are really creepy! Some are awesome! The tatt is cool, but I already have my twi-tatt ~ Bella's Bracelet complete with E's heart and SharkBoy's BFF charms.

Awesome list... Wishing I had come across the E pillow first. LOL

MamaTink said...

OK I am forwarding this to my husband so he doesnt get confused while shopping. I don't think he would like the stuffed Rob but he would totally get into the flask!

MiMi said...

Some of it is weird.
Sadly, some of it I want bad. Clutch? Yep.
Cougar necklace? Sure.
Know what I REALLY want?? Some contacts that make my eyes like the Cullens. I know you can get em somewhere!

TongueTwied said...

paying for TwiRehab-HA!!! All of this is soooo freakin' funny!

The owl magnets?? Who came up with THAT? Really why owls?

I actually just bought my mom an Edward Cullen bookmarker the one that is a rope with a little pendant picture. I told my daughter to keep it a secret for mother's day but she went and blabbed to grandma about the Edward "necklace" we got her!

that is actually one of the better twilight tattoos I've seen.

I gave you guys a shout out here but have no idea if that enters me. Sorry I don't tweet.

Mrsblogalot said...

OMG!!! I'm sending anyone who ever claimed to love me as a mother, sister, wife or friend over here.