Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Eclipse Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday, Lainey Gossip reported that there were indeed problems on the set of the Eclipse re-shoots this past week.  We highly suggest that you go read her full story here.  Here is what Lainey is reporting:

  • -Rob arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday.  Lainey maintains that Rob was supposed to arrive on Tuesday because Summit had permits to shoot in the meadow on that day.  Fact: No Rob, no shooting takes place in the meadow and Summit claims that they always intended to use the meadow to store their equipment.  Instead, Kristen and Taylor shoot scenes on a dock.
  • -Lainey claims that Rob, David Slade and Summit execs met for a good while on Thursday and Rob stormed off after the meeting.  Fact: Rob didn't film one scene until Friday.
  • -Lainey also reported that Stephenie Meyer was flown in to oversee the re-shoots.  Why would Steph be there for minor "pick-ups"?
So, what in the Holy HALE is going on?  Well, here is the dish:
  • -On January 5, 2010 Jackson Rathbone's Eclipse script is "accidentally" leaked to the public.  The public is irate at the amount of Jacob and lack of Edward in the script.  Weird scenes include a wounded Jacob laying naked in the meadow with Bella by his side.  TwiMoms are not happy, they want Edward.  No one wants to see Eclipse.
  • -On February 8, 2010, Eclipse stills are "accidentally leaked" of Edward and Bella in his bedroom getting some hot and steamy vamp on girl action.  TwiMoms happy, public happy.  Can't wait to see Eclipse.

  • -Late Feb, early March David Slade tweets that he is busy editing and "adding MORE EDWARD."
  • -Late March the current movie editor on Eclipse is fired and replaced with the person that edited Twilight.
  • -Early April 2010 Lainey Gossip is the first to report that there will be Eclipse Re-shoots in Vancouver.
  • -The same time that the re-shoot drama is going on Summit announces Bill Condon as director of Breaking Dawn and Stephenie as producer.
Coincidence?!  We think not! 
 What do you think?  Do you think Summit screwed up Eclipse and now they are trying to fix it?
Trixie & Tess


TwitardedMom said...

Summit screw something up??? Well that would be a first. (can you hear the sarcasm?)

rpfangirldc said...

Holy cripes! I knew it was late in the film's editing process to be doing reshoots. If Summit screwed up Eclipse, I will be one very unhappy camper!

I pray to the LORD above that there is no nude SharkBoy in the meadow or anywhere else in the final cut. (someone pass me that airsickness bag)

And what the hell did Summit do to Rob? If this is all true (from what I know is true has been proven), I just wonder...

If there is a Robsten, are there troubled waters there?

Did Summit piss Rob off so much that he will not do BD?

Is Rob pissed that Summit is so screwing him over?

Is SM going to be so busy prodicing and making BD right, that she will never get to finishing Midnight Sun?

These are questions that my inquiring mind want answers for.

Okay... I need to go take some deep breaths and try to calm down.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

First things first....your banner is FANTASTIC!!!!

Secondly...I seriously think there are problems in both Eclipse land and Robsten land. I think Rob took his time getting there, I think Rob had some "creative differences" while there, and I think that Stephanie was there to make sure nothing else got screwed up.

Kelly said...

Sumshit messed up Eclipse when they hired that director... that said.. I don't know what they can do with it with just three days of shooting at one location... I'm sorry but what I know of David Slade.. the man does not have a feminine cell in his body... nothing at all like CW our fav DILF....I thought he was a bad choice to begin with..

Next... the lead up stuff, the little pics and snippits of film that we had for New Moon... NADA for Eclipse. There has been trouble for a while... period

Any trouble there is is not because of Rob, and... I find it very hard to believe.... in fact I refuse to believe..that Rob would deliberately not show up for work. Everyone who has worked with him has commented on how professional he is... so I'm not buying the whole "he showed up a day late and got his hand slapped" crap...

Final thoughts... Everything around Eclipse has been hush hush... from the moment a director was selected and announced.... Slade did not have a similar personality to the other two directors... he has his vision for the movie.. I respect that.. but.. Dude.. you don't want to screw with MILLIONS of fans world wide who made this franchise what it is... Sumshit knows it... look people will show up because they love the books... but when you are riding high after 2 installments of a (what would it be called? 3= trilogy so 4=quad-logy?) anyway.. you don't want to mess with the monster that this is...

I think SM is like motherearth in this Twiworld... if anyone can make sure a huge mess resembles her original work it's her, if anyone can calm the tidal wave of shit potentially headed toward the theaters.. she can...

Personally... I think they were editing.. and a big slushy got spilled on the nakkid Tycob meadow scene film, they decided to re-shoot it, Rob showed up asked what happened and said.. "ohhh slushie YUM"

That's my theory anyway:)
Thanks for making me think.. I'm going to head over and look at the new Bel Ami porn now.. TYVFM :)


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...
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MiMi said...

I have no clue. I'm lost.
All I know is that if they want it to be like the books, SM needs, NEEDS to have a big job in there helping to get it right.

MiMi said...

And so wait. Did RP screw up and show up late or not?