Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TNT's Gift To Rob

If we could give Rob a gift on his 24th birthday, of course we would give him...

Oh, well...actually he already owns us.  So, I guess we'll have to think of something else.

We would definitely give him the "royal treatment"...which would include a...
Breakfast in bed

and definitely some down time to just chill.

We would be sure to keep him hidden from all the pappz

and we would make sure he had no worries for at least ONE day!

We would finish off the evening with a nice dinner

and whatever else he was in the mood for...after all it is HIS day!

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Christiejolu said...

Breakfast in bed with Rob would be so much fun!!!

itsjustme1217 said...

I love all your ideas. Very sweet post

MiMi said...

I want breakfast in bed with Rob!! That is a gooooood picture. :)

TongueTwied said...

Sounds perfect for my one-on-one day with Rob, chickadees!

Who knew you guys moonlight as private party planners?

rpfangirldc said...

Was the real gift the VF pics? I'm touched you thought of me. :P

Awesome gift choices... especially since most of them came from your heart and not the store.

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

I would so want breakfast in bed served by our butler Geeves.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

The day with no worries is my favourite. If you ever figure that one out, gimme a holler (yes, I know I could get insanely drunk, or take xanax or even smoke sumthin', but I'm looking for a more permanent solution).

Kelly said...

Going for the heart through the stomach... good call... :)

Great post!!! A day with no worries is actually a gift ANYONE would love :)


Alisha said...

I love your gifts to Rob, he SOOO deserves it! And, we deserve a look at him tomorrow on Oprah! I mean come on, its been almost seven months since we've seen that man on the big screen!

17foreverlisa said...

...actually he already owns us.

What a great way to start your post and SO true of all of us.