Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Just in case you missed some TNT this week, below we've provided you with links to the past weeks on any post title.

Saturday - OME! (New Eclipse Promo Pic of Edward)
Sunday -  Twilight Ruined My Relationship (One of the funniest videos we've seen in a long time!)
Monday - TNT Confession Booth --First Installment 
Tuesday - Rob's Been Working Out
Wednesday - Eclipse Virginity (Includes a link to the MTV Movie Awards website - cast your vote!)
Thursday - I've Been Forced To Eat My Words (Trix shows us some HOTT short hair Eddie pics!)
Friday - Confession Booth Wrap Up (Highlights from our first TNT Confession Booth)

Happy Memorial Day!

Trixie & Tess

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MiMi said...

Happy Memorial Day Friends!!