Friday, May 7, 2010

What If Rob Wasn't Edward?

What if Stephenie had casted her initial choice for Edward?
Henry Cavill, who plays in the Tudors, was Steph's original pick for Edward.
However, when it was time for casting and filming, he was at the ripe 'ol age of 25 and too old to play our beloved perpetual 17-year old, Edward Cullen.

Reading this information got me to thinking...
would we be drooling and swooning...
and wishing we could be Henry Cavill's baby mama?
What would we call him? Henward? Edwary?
It just doesn't even work.
Does Henry have a British accent? don't think so. 
Does he have crazy gorgeous Robward hair? NO!
Can he smirk like Rob? negative.

He is yummydelicious.

I think fate definitely had a hand in this one, because...

There is only one Edward for me.

Rob's popped colla makes me holla!
I love YOU, hott (with two t's), delicious, smirking, British talking, hair tossing, hot pocket eating, Ray-Ban wearing, sexy man, you.


Trixie & Tess


MamaTink said...

I am glad Robby got it! So much better looking!

TongueTwied said...

To answer your question "what if..." There would have been serious repercussions!

1. Twilight would have been a movie I watched twice, maybe 3 times with no need to buy.

2. I would love Edward more than Cahill.

3. I would have A LOT more money because I would not have been buying all this Twilight stuff.

4. I might not have found Twilight blogs and you guys!

5. Oh there is so much more I could say...

Kelly said...

OK crazy Kelly time...

This role was his.. he was born to play it.. there is no other reasoning...

I would never have even seen the movie more then once and a certainly would not have seen New Moon three time within 24 hours.. just saying..

I love Rob and I love that Rob portrays Edward.. PERIOD!

TwitardedMom said...

Don't even think such blasphemy.

Dangrdafne said...

I seem to recall that Catherine Hardwicke wanted someone not traditionally handsome to play Edward and in walked Rob. I like that Rob isn't perfect and that he doesn't look like your typical boy next door. Edward certainly wasn't the typical boy next door and I think Rob was the perfect choice for him for that reason.

MiMi said...

The cool thing about Rob is that he has those teeth on the sides of his front teeth that protrued a tiny bit. Which can be vamirish, right? I don't see the other guy as Edward...but I DO see him as pretty hot!

17foreverlisa said...

Henry is hott (with two t's) and definitely has his own jawporn going on, but he isn't Rome Rob, Smexi Mexi Rob, Hobolicious Rob, Beanie Rob, Drunk Rob, DuRob, etc., etc. Only Rob is all those things wrapped up into one beautiful package (really shouldn't use that word - makes me lose focus). I will be eternally grateful to Stephanie Meyer for dreaming of Edward, Catherine Hardwicke for casting Rob in the role, and Kristen Stewart for having instant chemistry with him.

@TT - Good points, especially that we'd have more money if he hadn't been cast. LOL!!

@Mimi - You are so right about his teeth. Do you remember him calling them his "milk" teeth on Ellen? Must be a British thing.

@Trixie and Tess - Sorry I don't get over here more often. I try!! And thanks for ending the post with a little Robsten love ;)


Mrsblogalot said...

There could have NEVER been another!!!

TwiGurl said...

I could never think of a thing! I am on Team Jacob but Rob is the most sweetest and cutest thing I've ever seen! If anyone took his place, I really think we wouldn't be the same way. I mean I drool over Taylor and I still get giddy over smexxi (he has to smell good) Rob! Plus, the three of them (RPattz, KStew, TayTay) will be on Oprah on Thursday, May 13th! Can't wait!