Monday, May 3, 2010

Eclipse Re-Shoots, Bird Poop, and Oh My, Georges!

Rob, Taylor, and Kristen finished up their Eclipse re-shoots over the weekend.  Hopefully, David Slade got what he needed and all went well amidst the rumors last week that there was fighting on the set.  Which by the way, we don't or won't believe the rumors.

It has become utterly apparent, Rob, that instead of becoming your baby mama I need to travel the globe with you and make sure all of your clothes are laundered properly.  We can't have the hottest man in the world globetrotting with bird poop all over his coat.  I would have pushed you out of the way of that bird, Rob.  Is K. Stew willing to take poop for you? I think not.
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Rob and Taylor flew into LA on Saturday night together, but K Stew was no where to be seen.

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That's because she flew into New York City on Sunday.  Why are you in NYC, Kristen?  Why aren't you with Rob and Taylor?  Did you stop by to hang out with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda?  Okay, we doubt it, but that's what we would have done.  Or did you try to claw Taylor's eyes out and the studio felt that it would be better if you didn't travel together?

 Prepare yourself ladies!  You will definitely want to hang on to your Edward undies for this one.  The first still from Bel Ami has been released and oh. my. goodness.  I might need to start taking heart meds if he is going to continue to do this to me.

 Georges Duroy, you are a very bad boy. Image via

 So, do you believe the rumors that there was drama on the set of the re-shoots?  Do you think it is possible that Stewy tried to claw Tay-Tay's eyes out and that is why he is wearing shades?  Can you believe how hot Georges Duroy became all of a sudden?  We want to know!

Love, Trix

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MamaTink said...

Thanks for the update and the new yummy pics!

rpfangirldc said...

If the Stewstress won't do those little things for Rob, then I highly recommend that she passes him on to one of us who would care enough to do the little gross stuff like that. LOL

I just have to say that Georges is going to melt my panties right of... well what's left of them after Rob is done.

Salt said...

This is the first I have heard of any dramz, but I certainly don't want to believe it.

And that still. OMG. He pretty much has the finest profile of all time.

Kelly said...

I don't believe rumors... I do, however, believe that Uma Thurman now knows our pain.. at an entirely different level... and if this picture is any indication so do Christina Ricci, and Kristen Scott-Thomas... Ladies.. I salute you.. you went... you did.. you came back alive... can it be my turn now? Pretty please??


MiMi said...

Is that Uma? Cuz she looks really bad at that angle. Well. I think she looks bad at any angle.
And if KStew DID try to rip out TL's eyes, I'm happy.
It just means there is one less chick to compete with in the world of Jacob.

Living with Edward said...

Kristen probably went to New York to set up that car bomb in times square thinking it would be a good "cherry bomb" analogy. Unfortunatly, things went a rye.

Raitz said...

I hope there was no drama! Tho I'm sure TL could hold his own.... have u seen those abs?? Of course you have... lol.

And yes, the still is simply breathtaking.... *sigh*