Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Do You Have To Go and Ruin Our Week Like That, Rob?

Here at TNT we don't profess to have the latest and greatest breaking twi-news.  There is just too much to report on a normal day, let alone on the crazy Oprah like days.  You can imagine our surprise yesterday morning when we awoke to a shock wave that was felt through out the world.  A natural disaster so shocking that I am not sure that we can recover.

  GASP!!!! Shock. GASP!!!!  Where did your lovely locks go, Rob?  Where is your sex hair?  Now you just remind us of our husbands/boyfriends.  You have dad hair, Rob.  We are secretly dieing inside.  How can you do this to us?

Then to top it off, you show up wearing a burgundy sweat shirt from 1994 and baggy diaper pants.

Pretty sure those are lady sunglasses.  Did you borrow them from Jules Stewart, or are they your mum's?  How are we supposed to imagine what your bum looks like if we can't even tell there is one in there?

How does Kristen feel about your new do?  Oh wait, you've had to deal with this for the last year.  Pretty sure she doesn't care.

Why, oh why do you have to be so devoted to your acting gigs?  Can't elephant boy have schmexy Rob hair?  I think an elephant boy in the circus should definitely have schmexy Rob hair.  Like we are going to go see the movie for the elephants.

So what do you think?  Love it or hate it?  Discuss.

Trixie & Tess


The Posh Box said...

I actually like his hair short :))

Salt said...

Do not like. :( Especially those pants. Those pants are heinous.

And I know that K-Stew's hair is for a role and everything, but it looks like her head got caught in a combine.

rpfangirldc said...

I don't mind the short hair. I know that he will let it grow out during one of his lazy phases. It's something to look forward to.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Okay I could do with the baggy pants but the short hair... LOVE it.

MiMi said...

Surprisingly, I don't mind the short hair...it's the outfit and the glasses!! Gah!!

Mrsblogalot said...


Where am I??

Who am I???

MamaTink said...

Love him no matter what his hair looks like!

Stan said...

Well, I saw these pics yesterday and went into melt-down after a glance at the hair, without actually studying the pictures in detail. It made me laugh, because I just went down your post now examining the photos, and everytime I scrolled down to your comments they were exactly what I'd been thinking!
I don;t hate his hair like that, but I will miss the schmexhair until it grows back *sigh*

Alisha said...

I HATE when Rob cuts his hair, its all for the part my butt! I know it'll be grown out in time for BD but, come on, one of the very many reasons we watch Rob is to see him comb his long musician fingers through that schmexy mane!