Thursday, June 24, 2010

Critical Information

There is something that has been pressing on our minds.  
What we are about to ask holds much weight.  
So, we need you to be completely honest.  
It is very important and something we must know before June 29th at 12:01
...are you 
Team Edward

 Team Jacob

Team Switzerland

or the increasingly popular Team Charlie?  
Do you fear the stache?

We feel like we already know this information about the majority of our readers, but we don't want to leave anything assumed.  

So, ROLL CALL...let us know if you're Team (I want the rock hard, ice cold vamp) Edward, Team (I want the smoldering hott wolf) Jacob, Team (can't make up your mind) Switzerland, or Team (I could be Edward/Jacob's mother) Charlie!  Also, we want to know how you will be spending your evening on the night of June 29th...are you seeing Eclipse at 12:01 or are you seeing it the next day...or are you one of the less fortunate who have to wait until the weekend?  Tell us your plans!

6 days!!!
Trixie & Tess


Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Edward does get my heart racing and then I feel like a dirty old nearly 30 year old...Team Charlie...just so I don't feel dirty.

Corinne said...

Jacob! His back muscles are god like.

I have no plans for the 29th. My sisters are going to see the movie, but sadly I cannot get a babysitter(they are my babysitters)

Just Add Walter said...

in the books, team edward all the way

in the movies, team jacob

yep, I'm weird! I am DEFINITELY going to see the movie!! can't wait!

Salt said...

6 DAYS!!!!

I am proudly TEAM JASPER. :)

And I will be seeing the movie on Wednesday afternoon right after work. My husband is coming to see it with me! What a great guy!

Living with Edward said...

Team Edward. Wholely and completely.

I will be seeing Eclipse at midnight with Dangrdafne and Mrs. P! I am so stoked. Can't wait.

rpfangirldc said...

I know you all have seen my blog, and know, but I will say it out loud...



(I think team Charlie would be a number 2 for me, though.)

MamaTink said...

Well, of course Team Edward all the way! Unfortunately, I have to work so I will not be at the midnight screening of Eclipse. And we are going to Tennessee that weekend so I guess I better go see it after work on Friday!

MiMi said...

As the founder and co-creator of Team Charlie, I must say TEAM CHARLIE!!!! LOL
Love the stache.

but srsly, team Jacob. He's too hot.

kassiecullen said...

I'm team Emmett!!!

On the 29th I am going to see Twilight, New Moon, then Eclipse at 12:01 all at the same theater. Its going to be lots of fun. We have a whole group going together and we are even going a second time on the weekend to see it in IMAX! I will be with Isabella MARIE Cullen from Twilight Junkies Anonymous and on the weekend 17foreverlisa and Mary from the Cougar Den are coming up to meet us and our group. I'm sooooo excited!

Tara said...

mmm... team EDWARD!!! i'm really upset i wont be able to go to the midnight showing of eclipse! :(

Alisha said...

Once you go Black you never go back! I'm a completely Team Jacob fan but I would love Charlie to be my dad, he's completely hilarious! "Happy Birthday." Love him!

I will be happily spending my June 29th watching Twilight and New Moon with my peeps to get pumped for the midnight premiere! (I will be seeing Michael Buble that same day too!)

hotpants™ said...

I'll be seeing it at 12:01 with my girlfriends. We'll be wearing matching shirts. Even though Taylor Lautner has turned into a hot piece of man, I'll forever be Team Edward.

TwitardedMom said...

Definitely Team Emmett. My very own Monkey Man is taking me to the midnight opening.