Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Trixie and Tess

 As part of our confession booth we held a few weeks ago, one reader wrote in with a LOVE dilemma.  While we don't profess to be experts in the love department, we do have lots of life experiences.  Please tune in and see if you have any words of advice for our fellow Twi-Sister.

She wrote:

Dear Trixie and Tess,

I have so many boy issues I can't even think straight! Okay, so let's go with the first guy.
He's like my Edward!

We completely are in love with one another and have known each other for four years but started to "like" each other two years ago. He's sweet, makes my heart flutter, and he makes my day bright when it's cloudy. Just like Edward, he tends to leave me. Unlike Edward, he leaves me A lot. I get horribly upset and he doesn't call or text for WEEKS, one time it was even a month! He always has an excuse and always turns it back on me. We're four years apart and he lives in California while I live in the Midwest. All my friends tell me to leave him but it's impossible for me to leave him (like Bella). Right now, he basically told me that he can never have time to see me and if I ever wanted to, I had to go see HIM! Like, what?!  

The second guy is one of my best Jacob.

I do have a best friend that we're actually like brother and sister but this best friend is more like the best friends that would end up together. We both have feelings for one another and he's completely sweet. Even when I'm dealing with all this love stuff (and he knows about it), he always says he's waiting for me. Even at one point, we made a pact that if we were single by 25, we would just be together and then recently he asked if we could narrow it down to 18.

The third guy is a friend. He's like Mike Newton only as a closer friend.

Before the beginning of the school year, he told me he liked me and after that we slowly started to like each other. Two months ago, he said he was in love with me. We get along great but he has a let's say "eager" tendency and has tried to come on to my friends last August and tries to do it to me. Recently, he has stopped and even asked me out on a date some time this summer.  

The fourth guy is...trouble. He's more of a crush that all the rest of my friends think is ugly. :( Recently, my friend was in the same class as he and I and she tried to get who he liked out of him. He kept skipping around it even after she told him I liked him and he said he knew. The only reason I wanted to know was because I thought he sorta liked me back. My other friend in my class got it out of him and because my gut feeling was right, he told her that he liked my friend, not me. Sadly, it affects me now and I can't stand seeing him. It's one of those things that once you don't like them anymore (I don't like him anymore) that you just want to avoid them but they keep showing up and it just ANNOYS you. 
Thanks, Trixie and Tess, for letting me confide in you!

Troubled in Teenville

Dear Troubled,

Thank you for confiding in us.  We have thought long and hard about your dilemma and feel like we have some good, sound, and time-tested advice for you.  

Let's break it down a little.  The first guy, although you say he is your "Edward", seems to have commitment issues.  The first red flag is that he tries to turn things back around on you.  This is a way of not taking responsibility for his actions.  Edward does not do that.  He is a man's man (besides that sparkling thing) and takes full responsibility for the things he has done wrong...and some things that are out of his control.  The second red flag is that he says he doesn't have time to come see you.  This is an easy way to brush someone off.  If he had the same feelings for you as you do for him, he would come see you every chance he got.  Again, not very Edward-ish of him.  We give this guy two thumbs down.

Your second guy, "Your Jacob", he's a keeper!  The fact that he has stayed by you through all of your relationship woes speaks volumes to his character.  He sounds like he really cares about YOU.  The best relationships begin with friendships.  It sounds like he is ready to try more than friendship with you and we say go for it!  He will be careful with your heart.

As for the third guy,  any guy who comes on to your friends is definitely someone you need to steer clear of!  Forget he even exists.

The fourth guy you said yourself was trouble!  Move on and forget about him too.  He isn't worthy of your affections.  Trust us, stick with the best friend.

Most importantly, you are young and vital.  Enjoy dating all sorts of boys and don't worry about these  problems too much.  You will date a lot of fish in the sea before you find your Edward.

Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

I picked my Edward...well, he's like Edcob or something.
I had a really troubly guy but I walked away from that one!
How nice you guys are totally answering troubled teens questions...sighs.

Salt said...

That is fantastic advice!!

Christiejolu said...

That was some great advice! I hope she listens...I know I picked the wrong one so many times...go with the Jacob dude!