Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rob's Head and Other Twi Merch

In some breaking news reported by yesterday, a wax bust of Robert Pattinson's head was sold on Ebay for $1,000.00.  Have we finally crossed the line as a fandom?  What does one do with a Pattinson bust?  How devoted was the fan that made this thing?  I think it is time one of us opened up a Twi-Rehab facility.  I'm pretty sure that this is where my husband would draw the line. Okay, you're right.  If I had and extra grand I probably would have bid on it.

Is it just me, or is it kind of scary? It kind of looks like he is saying "come to papa" or "I'm gonna kill you", either one.  Where would you store this in your home?

So, that got me to thinking about other Twi-Merch and what other crazy things were out there.  All of the following can be found on

The Twilight Alphabet.  Comes in very handy for kindergartners learning their ABC's. That's right, honey, C is for Cullen.  No, not cat, Cullen.  Although I have to admit the artist is pretty creative and talented.

 This one is kind of cool.  How about a vampire bite necklace? So people can think you have your lunch on your neck all day.

I don't think I can live another second without declaring my love for sparkly vamps on my lapel.

I kind of want this checkbook cover too.  It just goes to show you how mentally unstable we all are.  Okay, I am.  Can you imagine going to sign for a mortgage on a house and whipping out this bad boy to leave your down payment.  Classy.  Yeah, I still want it.

My absolute favorite is the fan art that people come up with. Classic.  All of these can be Googled.

Actually pretty talented.  I think this artist captured their eyes well.

Talented but creepy.

I'm sorry, but if anyone, including my amazingly handsome sparkly husband looked at my baby that way, I'd call the authorities.

What crazy Twi-Merch do you have?  Would you buy any of this stuff?
Trixie & Tess


Trixie and Tess said...

I want it all...ok, minus the, nevermind...I want it all. I'm very very disturbed. Anything that represents Twilight/Edward is worthy of purchase in my book. Which is probably why my office looks like a Twishrine.


MiMi said...

So many people are so talented! Although, yes, still a little creepy. I'd still take it, though. Except for the bust.

Okay. I'd take that too.

kassiecullen said...

I draw the line at the creepy bust and I wouldn't pay for home made hand crafted stuff... I think it looks tacky. I have always been that way, a snob about home made things. But I'd take that checkbook cover. My Winnie the Pooh checks would go well with it, very professional and classy. If only they had Twilight checks, if only.

Dangrdafne said...

I really like the TwiAlphabet. I might be looking that up :)

Salt said...

Not just you. That bust is WAY creepy. But I love the vamp bite necklace!

BittenByBlogging said...

Don't get me wrong I love Rob but that bust is just plain creeptastic!