Friday, July 30, 2010

Men Of Twilight - Jackson Rathbone

Welcome to our second installment of 
The Men of Twilight.

Come with us as we point the spotlight on 

Monroe Jackson Rathbone

Known to most of us Twihards as 

Regardless, of what you call him, one thing is for sure.  
He's smokin' HOTT and his talents can not be overlooked.

I mean, 
who can hold a constant look of constipation in Twilight
portray a newly converted veggie vamp who wants to kill Bella in New Moon
give us the charming-Southern-newborn-ass-kicking Jasper in Eclipse
 and still have time to play a young warrior in The Last Airbender...

AND be in an uber cool band like the 100 Monkeys?!
His fellow band members refer to him as 
"J. Action".  
The band website (click here) says this about him:
Parts made in Indonesia, assembled in Singapore, raised on airplane peanuts and bathed in airport restroom sinks, he was saved by texas. given a guitar and a coat he accidentally ventured into the unknown… a wormhole opened, and he found himself in La La Land. He learned how to stand where they told him to, say what they told him to and never lie. rescued by the 100 Monkeys, he now swings about the stage in gratitude.

Jackson is definitely a talented guy who has stolen the heart of millions.

I think we can all agree that we have Twilight to thank for bringing him into our lives.

Eclipse Jasper is my favorite version of him in the Saga.  The way him and Ashley connect in their scenes is amazing.  I get this huge ridiculous grin on my face every time they're together.  SO CUTE!  

My favorite things about JBone are:

*His adorable smile
*His musicality
*His performance in Eclipse

What do you love about Jackson?
What is your favorite role he's portrayed? (Doesn't have to be Twilight related)
Who would you like to see in our MOT post next week?

Trixie & Tess

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breaking Dawn--A Casting Call Part 1

The Internet has been a buzz with the rumors that Lee Pace is in negotiations to play Garrett in Breaking Dawn, or as E online says Edward's BFF.  Insert eye roll.  Do your research people!  Anyway, you don't know who Lee Pace is?  I didn't either.  He's the Pushing Daisies guy.

My first impression was no way!  He doesn't fit the bill at all.  I imagined Garrett more brawny. Chiseled features.  Wild and rogue.  This guy seems too pretty boy and delicate.  Then again I never watched Pushing Daisies so I have no idea about his acting.  What do you guys think, is he a good fit for Garrett?

Then I realized that I have been thinking a lot about the wedding, and Isle Esme, and Renesmee to think very much about casting.  Who are they going to find to play these people? In my mind it almost has to be very talented unknowns to even come close to matching our imaginations.

So, I thought it would be fun to create our very own Breaking Dawn cast.  Who do you want to see play these roles? List who you would like to see in the comments section and we will do a continuing series on these actors, with pics if possible, and then we will vote for them. Together we can create the perfect cast!

This week let's breakdown the Denali clan.  Who do you want to see play:




P to the S.  Thanks soooooooo much for all the birthday wishes.  You girlies are the best and it made my day perfect!!!  Don't forget to enter our 100 for 100 giveaway by becoming a follower if you haven't already!
Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100 for 100

Today is a momentous occasion....It's our 100th post!

You've stuck with us through thick in thin. Through Eclipse, Bree Tanner, Rob haircuts, Robsten sightings, BDH's bad wig (such a difficult time for Twi-Fans), the leg hitch, and now the long, long days until Breaking Dawn.  In order to celebrate our loyal and devoted followers, we are having a superfab giveaway!  We are trying to accomplish 100 for 100.  That is 100 followers for 100 posts!  If we can reach 100 followers in the next couple of weeks we will be giving away not 1, but 2 iTunes Gift Cards to 2 lucky followers!

All you have to do to enter is be a follower of the blog.  Easy Peasy.  So tell everyone you know and help us reach 100!

As an incentive we give you this...

Can we just point out how much we like Rob's, um, pants?  Gives whole new meaning to the term Pattinson Pants, doesn't it? Go ahead, discuss amongst yourselves. 

Love you guys!  Your support means so much!

Trixie & Tess

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Water For Elephants--Week4

OK, you guys. Tess here. Trixie normally posts our WFE discussions and she's so good at it. She always has these great synopsis of each chapter and commentary. You're not going to get that today. I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the coffee to brew and then it's out the door to work. So, it's going to be short and sweet this week.

Just a few things I want to say regarding the story this far...

One - I can NOT stand August! No, better yet, I hate August! I want to hit him with that bull hook. He's such a snake. Only out for himself and what people have to offer him.

Two - I love picturing Rob playing Jacob and I think he is going to do an amazing job at this character! This roll is going to pull off of Rob's strong points. I really think he'll shine in WFE!

 I love how Jacob handles the animals with care and treats them like they should be treated. At one point in the book, he mentions that he loves Marlena and that he has similar feelings for Rosie. That melted my heart. I just think it speaks volumes of someones character, when they treat animals so kindly.

Three - Now that I have it in my head that Reese will be Marlena, I can't imagine anyone else playing her character. I think she's going to be amazing! Anytime the author speaks of how daintily Marlena points her toes...I always think of Reese and I can just picture her up on Rosie's back or trunk with her toes pointed "daintily".

Just in case you haven't seen them yet, here are a couple new pics from the WFE set...I know they brightened my morning, hopefully they'll do the same for you.

Look how handsome he is...*le sigh*
I'm totes in love with those suspenders.
I think the above shots are from the "morgue scene", which makes me so sad.

Do you picture the scenes in your head with Rob and Reese?

Who is your favorite character (besides Jacob) and why?

I always internalize a book and really take on the characters feelings, whether that be love, loss, anguish, anger, or whatever it may be.  Have you put yourself in Jacob or Marlena's place...thought about what you would do in their situations?  

Tell us your thoughts...we really want to know!

We'll be reading the remainder of the book this week - Chapters 18-25.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stump TNT

We're going to start a new weekly post for the blog. The title of the posts will be "Stump TNT". We're asking you, our supa fly blogging buddies, to give us words, ideas, topics, etc that you would like us to link back to His Hottness and/or Twilight in one way or another. Trix and I have a knack for turning EVERYTHING Rob-related or make it be about Twilight. So, you're job is to give us some stuff to work with! Every week, we'll pick a word, idea, topic, etc and we'll be sure to give you credit and link back to your blog (and say how totally awesome you are), if it's your idea!

Word:  Shoes
Rob-relation:  Welllllll, you know what they say about guys with BIG feet....
well, they have big *ACHEM* shoes, of course.
Speaking of shoes, Rob loves his Adidas.
He's also been seen a lot in his Nike Air Zooms...

I personally do not care what brand or type of shoes he wears, as long as they're parked under MY BED! 


So, that's us relating shoes back to His Hottness.

Just see if you can stump us!  I double-dog-dare ya!

Trixie & Tess

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trix!

Could you all do me a HUGE favor and 
leave some HAPPY BIRTHDAYs in the comment section for Trixie?! 
 She had a birthday yesterday and well, in the words of Edward, 
her birthday is definitely something to be celebrated. 
 She is my "person". 
 You know the one that you tell everything to. 
 It's a Grey's Anatomy reference. 
 She is the best blogging buddy EVAH. 
 She shares my insane love of Rob, Edward, and all things Twilight. 
We've actually never met in person. 
 We made friends by blogging. Isn't blogging the best?! 
 I think she noticed my outward love of Twilight and 
it became an instant connection. 
 Since then, we've found that we have MOST things common. 
 Usually when we tell each other something, 
our response to each other is "I KNOW" or "EXACTLY". 
 We often complain about the fact that we are "locationally challenged", 
because we live so far away from each other. 
 Our favorite way to greet each other or 
give each other a boost on a bad day, 
is to send a quick pic of His Hottness in a text message.
(That one is for you Trix!) 
 We have spent many of hours discussing our need to loose a few pounds, 
because we must look our best for that chance we get to seduce Rob for an evening.
(many of times we've pictured ourselves in Emilie's spot)
  In high school terms, she's my bff.
She makes my days brighter. 
 So, if you wouldn't mind, 
just leave her a quick little note in the comments.
(I stole the above pic from Letters To Twilight/Letters To Rob...
it's one of mine and Trix's favorite websites, 
I'm sure they won't mind.)

Thanks in advance.  
You're the best!  


Friday, July 23, 2010

Men Of Twilight - First Installment

Welcome to our first installment of Men of Twilight!

Over the next however-many-weeks-we-decide, we'll be spotlighting the amazing men of Twilight. 

 Of course, we dish about His Hottness, Mr. Rob Pattinson, on an almost daily basis, but there are other men of Twilight who deserve a little attention.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the 
Big Daddy...
Dr. Carlisle Cullen...
Daddy C...
the patriarch of the Cullen Clan...
the man we owe our eternal servitude for creating Edward...
aka Peter Facinelli!

I had the privilege of meeting PFach in person earlier this year at a Twilight Convention.  
He is a seriously funny, witty, and charming guy.  
Not to mention he's freakin' HOTT!  
That Jennie Garth is one lucky chic! 
I checked out his butt on more than one occasion.  
He had me at "hey".  
No joke. 
I was his on a plate from the first adorable grin.

Have you guys seen Nurse Jackie?  If not, you should.  Peter is so flippin' hysterical in his role of  Dr. Fitch Cooper (what a coincidence that he plays a doctor)!  
Nurse Jackie airs on Showtime.  Click HERE for the website.
And surprise, surprise.  
You can follow Peter on Twitter.  
He gives some pretty funny tweets.  
Find him at @peterfacinelli (click to go to his Twitter page).

Best things about PFach...

He genuinely LOVES the Twilight franchise 
and embraces the Twi-hards by attending countless public appearances and Twilight Conventions. 
Gotta love him for that!

He LOVES his wife.  
He joked around at Twi Con that he wasn't answering his phone unless it was Jennie.  
He's an iPhone junkie.
He's a family man and he LOVES his kiddos!
AWE!  So sweet.
Did I mention he's smokin' hott?
What more could we ask from one of our beloved men of Twilight?
Are you a PFach fan?


Trixie & Tess

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Runaways--A Review

The Runaways came out on DVD this week, and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch it.  Have any of you seen it already? 

I really liked this movie.  I will never look at Kristen and especially Dakota the same though.  They are tough and gritty and really encompassed the characters they were playing.  After seeing them as these characters, it's hard to imagine that they could ever play Jane and Bella.  They both totally nailed their characters.  I didn't see them as Dakota and Kristen AT ALL.  They were totally Cherie and Joan.  I wouldn't be suprised if there are nominations that come out of these roles.  They were phenomenal. 

This movie is everything that you would expect it to be.  Crazy, gritty, dark, and more than a little disturbing.  I just kept imagining my daughter at 15 doing the things they were doing and it made me a little sick.  If you can get past that, it is an amazing story of 5 teenage gilrs that broke all steriotypes and barriers at that time.  They proved that if you work hard enough and have enough determination you can accomplish anything.  It is empowering.  The thing that the movie also shows you is that those things can come at a price.  All of these girls had troubled lives to begin with, and I think their life situations added to how out of control they were once they were on their own.

   The original Runaways.  If you have seen this scene in the movie, you realize just exactly how much Dakota and Kristen nailed it!

    The cast.

It also made me realize just how much in character Kristen got to play Joan.  I think she took on all of  Joan's characteristics and ticks and twitches and it has literally taken her a year to start to get rid of them.  I think in essence she has been Joan up until the Eclipse press circuit when she seemed a little more like the pre-Joan Kristen.  Does anyone else agree?

So what did you guys think of this movie?  Do you think they rocked it? I know I won't be able to get Cherry Bomb out of my head anytime soon.

Hello Dad-dy, Hello Mooom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB! 


Trixie & Tess

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water for Elephants Reading Group--Week 3

Okay, MIL gone, another day of work down, and we can finally begin to discuss!

Brief Synopsis:

Chapter 6:  We are back with circus Jacob.  He is introduced to Marlena's horse (and he and Marlena officially interact for the first time) and to August (Marlena's husband and the man in charge of the animals).  Jacob quickly ascertains that Marlena's sick horse is in bad shape and might not make it.  Big Al orders Jacob to fix the horse and report to August.  He is to be paid 9 dollars a week.  He still is doing some manual labor and is bringing water to the horses and washes himself with the left over water.  August arranges for Jacob to be brought his own water and some fresh clothes.  We get to see a little bit of the inner workings of the circus, and it is interesting.  We also see August's darker side when he introduces Jacob to a tiger and has the tiger bite Jacob's arm.  Fortunately, the tiger has no teeth, but the message is made clear to Jacob not to cross August. We also meet Kinko, one of the performers, in this chapter.  Right now he doesn't like Jacob too much.  Jacob is invited to dine in August and Marlena's car. 

Chapter 7:  Jacob attends dinner in the Rosenbluth's car.  There is a moment when August has had too much to drink and is dancing with Marlena and a look comes over him.  Marlena suddenly looks very afraid.  Jacob becomes on alert that something might happen, but then just as suddenly August relaxes.  August passes out and Jacob and Marlena talk.  She tells Jacob that August has "moments".  They have all had too much to drink and Jacob ends up spending the night in their car.  He walks back to his car in the morning and finds Kinko in a compromising situation with himself.  This makes Kinko like him even less.  Marlena comes to check on her horse and finds her not well.  Jacob tells her that the horse won't survive.  Marlena falls apart and into Jacob's arms for comfort. Jacob tells August that the horse needs to be put down even if it means he gets kicked out of the circus.  Jacob puts Silver Star down.  Jacob also tells August that they have run out of meat to feed the big cats.  August says he will take care of it.  Jacob is afraid of what that means.

Chapter 8: We are back with nursing home Jacob.  The nurse who is nice to him, Rosemary, is with him when he wakes up.  Jacob becomes excited because he realizes that today is the day that "his people" come to visit him and they are going to take him to the circus that all the residents have been so anxious to attend. He reminisces about his wife and kids and how when his wife died his kids were all too anxious to put him in a home.

Chapter 9:  We are back in the circus.  The train comes to a stop in a town and they realize that they have run out of food for the people to eat.  August, Marlena, and Jacob head into town to a diner to get breakfast until food can be brought to the camp.  The rest of the people are forced to starve until food finally arrives.  August is consoling Marlena because she found out that Silver Star became the meat for the big cats and she is not happy about it. At this stop that train has made, another circus has gone out of business and Benzini Brothers is looking to pick up some new acts from the defunct circus.  Jacob, Marlena, and August head to dinner in the food tent later that evening for dinner.  Some of the workers of the defunct circus are hanging around hoping to score some food.  They are starving.  One of the workers starts to ask Marlena to please spare a roll. August won't let her give him anything.  She defies him and hands the worker her food.  August is so enraged that he throws his entire dinner in the garbage to prove a point. He would rather let his food go to waste than give any to the starving man, and we see yet another glimpse of how cruel he can be.  From the defunct circus the Benzini Bros. acquire an elephant.  Rosie, is her name.  Reportedly she is the stupidest elephant alive.

Chapter 10: Jacob and Marlena are taking care of the other animals from the other circus when Jacob catches Marlena starring at him.  He suddenly takes her in his arms and starts dancing with her.  They immediately become embarrassed and quite.  Everyone is celebrating after all the acquisitions have been made from the circus.  Due to Jacob healing Kinko's dog, Queenie, Kinko invites Jacob to drink with him and his friends.  Jacob drinks A LOT.  He finds himself in a corner and is not quite sure how he got there.  Suddenly, Barbara, the performer from the cooch tent appears with her friend Nell and starts doing things to Jacob that we have all dreamed about doing to Rob a million and one times.  Next thing he knows Jacob wakes up and is stuffed into a trunk. He has no memories except for he distinctly remembers throwing up on Barbabra.  Jacob is disgraced and embarrassed.  He also finds the next morning that August is trying get Rosie to move into her own train car and is repeatedly hitting her to do so.  It disgusts both Marlena and Jacob, and once again they seek each other for comfort.

Chapter 11:  August invites Jacob to go out with him and Marlena in Chicago at the trains next stop.  August takes them to a secret nightclub.  Remember, this is during prohibition era and booze are illegal.  Marlena drags Jacob out to the dance floor.  She is wearing red satin and he can't take his eyes off her.  During their dance the police come and raid the club.  Marlena and Jacob escape together and run away as fast as they can.  Once the club is far behind them, they stop to rest and Jacob can't resist any longer and kisses Marlena!  She is disturbed by this and immediatley runs off down another street. He hopes that she makes it back okay.  Jacob sits at his usual table in the morning to eat breakfast with August and Marlena.  August make it clear that he noticed how close the two of them got last night and issues a veiled threat to Jacob.

So now that we are almost half way into the story what do you think?  Do you want Marlena and Jacob to be together?  How are you reacting to August's character.  Dish girls!  We want to hear all your thoughts!

 This week we will be reading chapters 12-17!



Trixie & Tess

WFE and Unexpected Guests

Hello Ladies,

The WFE Reading Group post will be up later tonight due to unforeseen circumstances such as my mother-in-law showing up at our house unannounced to spend the night!  Peachy, don't you think?  Needless to say, I have snuck away to post just this and will not have time to put my heart and soul into a post with her here.  She is supposed to leave while I am gone at work.  I'm sure she will leave after she goes through our mail and bank statements and generally checks things out.  So I will be back tonight and we can discuss!  Thanks for being patient!



Trixie & Tess

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rob Cleanse

A few of you had voiced the fact that after seeing Friday's post of sharkboy Taylor, that you would now need a good Rob fix...
a Rob cleansing, if you will. 

You ask, we deliver. 
 Lord knows that Trix and I are never opposed to a good Rob fix. 
 We spend our days being fueled by Rob fixes. 
 As he "fixes" lots of things for us. 
 He is our drug. 
 Bad day?
  Here's some Rob! 
 Bad hair?
 No worries, Rob is here! 
 Rob can fix that too! 
 Hubby is being a jerk?
 Rob to the rescue! 
 Boss is being an ass?
 Nothing that Rob can't fix! 
 Trix and I decided that we're probably worse than heroine addicts. We crave nothing more than a date with His Hottness, but then when we get that date, we just need another...and another...and another. 
 We're such junkies! 
 And, of course, when we say "date", we mean viewing Eclipse at the movies, surrounded by hundred of other women all there for the same we sit there perfectly convinced that he only has eyes for us.

See, you ask and we deliver! So, keeping with that. What do you think of the blog so far? Trix and I have had this blog since March and we're just wanting a little feedback. Anything you would like us to do differently? Any suggestions to make the blog better? We're open to opinions and ideas. We welcome constructive criticism.

How do you grade TNT?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Water For Elephants discussion! Remember we're reading chapters 6-11! 

 I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE this book and I see Rob's face anytime I think of Jacob Jankowski. It's fantastic!  Just gives me one more Rob fix!
Trixie & Tess

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Taylor

Dear Taylor,

I know that you are a mere 18 years old, which is legal, btw.  
I know that I am supposed to spend my days being hopelessly devoted to His Hottness, which I am.
However, I have enough lust love to go around.

So, I would like to take this time to thank you for your fine work on your new movie.  
I'm sure it is going to be lovely.
Say WHAT?!  You're wearing a shirt?!  Through the whole movie?!  Say it ain't so!  
Well, you can rest assured that I will be first in line to see it...for the acting of course...and for the slight chance you might be shirtless.  
Oh, and I love how you are channeling Mr. Cruise, but please don't go all Scientology on us, Mmkay?!
What's the name again?  Oh yes, that's right, Abduction.
Well, then abduct me, please.  
Whisk me away on your motorcycle.
I'll just sit around and watch you do back flips all day.  
Maybe we can play a little tackle football?!  
With your shirt off, of course.
It would be fun.  Promise.