Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eclipse Confessions - Tess

Some of you thought I was crazy 
when I said one of my top 10 moments in Eclipse 
was when Bella and Jake kissed.  

Now, you know that I'm Team Edward...Team Rob.  
I love that man.  
I would have his babies.  
I would wash his dirty underwear.  
Pick up his beer bottles and heat up his Hot Pockets.  
I want to be his beckon call girl.  

However, I did cheer briefly when Bella ASKED Jake to kiss her.  
I knew it was coming.  
I was anticipating it.  
It was one of my favorite parts in the book 
and I was hoping with fingers and toes crossed 
that David Slade would not fail my imagination.  
So, then it happened.
Jacob And Bella First Kiss

 I had this giddy bubble feeling inside.  
I got glares and stares from the devout TE chic beside me, 
and then felt the remorse. 
I'm guessing it was similar to what Bella felt.   

 I choose Edward, but I love Jake too...just like Bella.
I especially choose this.

 I'm Bella.
Well, normally I would say I'm Alice, but apparently when it comes to matters of the heart, I'm Bella.
Oh, who am I kidding.
I'm always having a freaking identity crisis over here.
I'm Bella.
I'm Alice.
I'm Tess.
Sometimes I forget what my real name even is.

So, I hate admitting this Bella portion of myself,
because that means occasionally 
I am indecisive, whiny, and a playa...
but it also means that I follow my heart
I go after what I want

Occasionally this

but 97% of the time this (pantie-drop-worthy-human-being)

and I'm not afraid to take risks. 
 So, yeah. I'm Bella...for now.
  What's it to ya?!

Who do you identify the most with in the Saga?

Love Always,


Mrs. Vanquish said...

I admit the scene was perfect!!!

But, I hated it - so sooo much! I just imagine Robward having to read his thoughts and how much this must hurt him. This is all I always imagine when seeing this scene.. it hurrrtss!!!!!!

rpfangirldc said...

I identify with Bella I guess. I mean I am Team Robward 100%, but personally, I know what Bella goes through being torn between two people that rule your heart.

I think my favorite of the non-Twifecta scenes was Alice and Jasper practice fighting. The Sweetest thing ever between them.

Kelly said...

I think most would say Bella... it's difficult not to identify with her when the story is told through her.. so you kind of become her.. And I can understand her decision to see what would happen if she and Jacob kissed.. would she feel it.. she didn't think she would but she did need to prove it to herself. and to him.. so... it's not an easy position she finds herself in.. I can understand loving both but needing to make the decision where you should go... where you want to go is not always the best answer.. it's about where you belong.. not where you wish you were.

I LOVED the kiss between Jacob and Bella... and I giggled like a teenager and had to sit on my hands to keep from clapping.. but I think it's because I'm not a nice person and I kinda always want her to leave Edward so I can meand his broken heart :) I'ma Biatch that way :)

Also.. I'm totally Team Rob.. so I'm gonna love any character he brings to life.

Alisha said...

As a Team Jacob, I can still see your side when it comes to loving both Edward and Jake. Jake is my Edward, he's assertive and strong and romantic (sometimes) and would do anything for the girl he loves. While Edward is a hopeless romantic and would die if his love ever left the Earth. He's protective and old-fashioned, which I love when it comes to romance. For love, I feel like Bella too. But, as personality wise, I feel like a mix between Alice and Rosalie. Fun and spunky and ready to partay but then sometimes I feel like the situations I'm in aren't always the ones I should be in and seeing people have choices and oppurtunities that I don't have and they aren't choosing right. So, Bella for love and...Rosalice for personality. :D

kassiecullen said...

I'm team Edward but I'm also team Jacob-you know she will break your heart you idiot. I was also excited about the kiss because it helps Bella realize there will never be anyone else for her, just Edward.

I feel so bad for Jake because we all knew it would never be him and it hurt her to admit it to him.

As for my personality I'm just like Rosalie, I hide my feelings behind anger but when confronted I crack and admit my true feelings. I'm also a little bit Bella, very clumsy and dont always say what is on my mind.

MiMi said...

I'm MiMi.
But, I pick Jacob.
Which is good cuz Edward's busy with Whiny, er...Bella. :)

Olivia Carter said...

Humm... can't say I identify with anyone in particular. When I'm reading I identify with Bella just because it's her POV but she really is a whiner & not nearly assertive enough.

As for teams... well, I'm Team Jacob- for myself. I don't fault Bella for her choice though.

And as for RPatz.... well, I think he's good-looking but in that not classically good-looking way. You know? He's got really distinctive features.

MamaTink said...

While I detest Bella, but love her partner, it makes it hard to decide. But deep down I believe I am more like Alice with her love for sweet Jasper (who ROCKED in this movie!) I was impressed with Rosalie in this movie and look forward to her relationship with Bella to change during upcoming story change (baby love!) Now, back to the question, if Alice could only have Eddy & Jasper, that would be heaven!