Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Top Ten by Trixie and Tess

Both of us absolutely loved Eclipse!!  If you haven't seen it yet, rest assured you will too.  There may be a few spoilers in this post so read our reviews with care. 

Tess's Top Ten

1. The bedroom scene with the leg hitch.  Although not long enough, it was there and I appreciated it.  

2. The genuine happiness in Edward's (Rob's) face when Bella said "yes".

3. The flawlessness of the cast.  Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous. 

4. The tent scene!  LOVED it!  I do wish they would have put a few more of the lines from the book into the scene, but it was fantastic.  Rob did such a great job of expressing Edward's pain and anguish.  Jacob did such a good job of being a smart ass.  It was fantastic.

5. The intro.  I loved how it wasn't the long drawn out "Summit" thing.  It just went straight to Riley coming out of the bar and to my favorite song from the soundtrack "Chop and Change".  I thought it was great.

6. Charlie stealing every scene he was in.  The sex talk was perfect.

7.  The interaction between the vamps and wolves.  I especially loved Emmett's encounter with Paul while they were chasing Victoria.

8. The intensity of the fight scenes.  

9.  The way the Cullens looked right before the battle.  Quoting Emmett, "badass".

10. Jasper and Alice's scene while they were practicing for the battle...and the kiss.

If I can sneak in a #11 and not get kicked off the blog, I would like to say that the kiss between Bella and Jacob (the second) was HOTT! 

Trixie's Top Ten

1. The way Rob portrayed Edward this time around.  He nailed it.  He really did.  He also looked amazingly gorgeous in each and every scene.

2. The leg hitch/proposal scene was perfect.  I do wish the making out went on a little longer, but I will take whatever bone Summit is willing to throw us.  I guess I wanted the actual leg hitch to be slowed down for a moment.  Rob's emotions in this scene were spot on and I would have given anything to jump through that screen and have him propose to me.

3.  I am now also Team Jasper.  I think he is my favorite next to Edward.  I think it was something about the power he exuded and his southern charm.

4. I loved the backstories period.  It made me like Rosalie.  I thought they took the perfect amount of time on them.

5. Loved, loved, loved the Alice and Jasper scenes.  So cute and everyone in the theater went awww.

6.   The quick wit in the script, almost every character in this movie had great lines.  

7.  The scene where the wolves and the Cullens are chasing Victoria down the dividing line and she is jumping back and forth.  I loved getting to see scenes that we don't in the book.

8.  The fight training scenes!  I love seeing the vamps kick a**. 

9.  The fact that it made me laugh, cry, and swoon.  Lots of swooning.

10.  The fight scenes gave me chills!  Both times! This movie really has it all!

Since I can also say more than 10 things and not get kicked off the blog, the only things I didn't like were the Jacob and Bella kiss (sorry, 100% Team Edward) and Victoria.   I think Bryce is a sweetie in real life and I think that showed through in performance, her Victoria was too sweet.  No one can duplicate Rachelle's steely stare.   Overall, you will love it.  Will other people that are not fans?  Probably not.

We want to hear your opinions!! Feel free to list your top 10s in the comments or just gush over how hot everyone was!

Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

I'm sads cuz I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait! And really, if you've read the books (like twice or more) there can't be any real spoilers.
I'm so glad they do backstories...this is the reason that this one is my favorite!!

kassiecullen said...

I loved the movie too. I can't wait to see it in IMAX. My top 10 are
10-The wolf pack making fun of Jake
9-the wardrobe choices, they were much better in this film than the other two
8- Jasper and Rosalie's backstorys
7- The fight training/fight scene
6- The sex talk, BB stole all the scenes he was in
5- Emmett falling in the water and glaring at Paul/the whole running after Victoria scene
4- Bella punching Jake in the face
3- Emmett asking "Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella?"
2-the tent scene
1- a tie for the Leg hitch and Edward's speech and proposal

Salt said...

I agree with ALL of these! Also I loved the backstories they included this time (my husband really liked that part too). The battle at the end was totally epic!

Charlie was a total scene stealer. I loved the way he broke up the fight between Edward and Jacob outside the house after Bella had punched Jacob in the face.

And as you might now...I am SO Team Jasper all the way and every scene with him was totally swoonworthy for me. Alice is a lucky gal. :)

LOVED it. I want to see it again!

MamaTink said...

I was able to see it on Wednesday and I totally loved it (Thanks hubby.) I would have liked to have Edward hum Bella's lullaby in he tent, like in the book, but oh well. Loved Jasper in this one! (We saw "The Last Airbender" tonight and he totally rocked that as well!) Charlie rocked as well. Love how his character is evolving! But Rob totally stole every scene, his acting was totally above and beyond every elses!

TongueTwied said...

i'm with trix, total team E and that jacob kiss was way too long. Did e and b even kiss for that long ever? Like ever in all the movies? It was just wolfoverkill.

alice and jasper sweetness-loved!

How about funny Emmett? loved it!

luckydame said...

Loved the Rosalie backstory. Beyond happy they spent time on that and Jaspers. You finally understand why Rosalie is bitchy.

The proposal scene....*swoon*

I hope they show Alice's story...but they seemed to rush thru the flashbacks in previous movies.

Ok...does Esme get any lines? It's going to look odd in Breaking Dawn with the whole name thing when we never see Bella and Esme interact.

hotpants™ said...

The proposal scene made me teary.

Everyone's acting has improved. I'm guessing the new director had something to do with it.

Bella didn't do a whole lot of blinking and biting her lip, like, at all.

My favorite line...
"Let's face it. I'm hotter than you."

I can't decide if I'm Team Edward, Jacob, Charlie, or Jasper. I seriously love them all.