Friday, July 23, 2010

Men Of Twilight - First Installment

Welcome to our first installment of Men of Twilight!

Over the next however-many-weeks-we-decide, we'll be spotlighting the amazing men of Twilight. 

 Of course, we dish about His Hottness, Mr. Rob Pattinson, on an almost daily basis, but there are other men of Twilight who deserve a little attention.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the 
Big Daddy...
Dr. Carlisle Cullen...
Daddy C...
the patriarch of the Cullen Clan...
the man we owe our eternal servitude for creating Edward...
aka Peter Facinelli!

I had the privilege of meeting PFach in person earlier this year at a Twilight Convention.  
He is a seriously funny, witty, and charming guy.  
Not to mention he's freakin' HOTT!  
That Jennie Garth is one lucky chic! 
I checked out his butt on more than one occasion.  
He had me at "hey".  
No joke. 
I was his on a plate from the first adorable grin.

Have you guys seen Nurse Jackie?  If not, you should.  Peter is so flippin' hysterical in his role of  Dr. Fitch Cooper (what a coincidence that he plays a doctor)!  
Nurse Jackie airs on Showtime.  Click HERE for the website.
And surprise, surprise.  
You can follow Peter on Twitter.  
He gives some pretty funny tweets.  
Find him at @peterfacinelli (click to go to his Twitter page).

Best things about PFach...

He genuinely LOVES the Twilight franchise 
and embraces the Twi-hards by attending countless public appearances and Twilight Conventions. 
Gotta love him for that!

He LOVES his wife.  
He joked around at Twi Con that he wasn't answering his phone unless it was Jennie.  
He's an iPhone junkie.
He's a family man and he LOVES his kiddos!
AWE!  So sweet.
Did I mention he's smokin' hott?
What more could we ask from one of our beloved men of Twilight?
Are you a PFach fan?


Trixie & Tess


Salt said...

Oh yes. PFac is one of my faves. He and Jennie are SO cute together! (Seriously...lucky gal!)

Oh and I am all the way over the moon that you are doing the Men of Twilight spotlight. I cannot wait to see who's next!

Rabid Jasper Fan Salt.

kassiecullen said...

Ahh yes Papa C.

I love that Peter goes to nearly every fan event imaginable. He is such a busy guy and he still manages to do all these things for us fans when he doesn't have to do them. I think its a good thing to recognize all the men of Twilight because they are all so great!

MamaTink said...

I personally love Dr. C! Hey, that works for both shows!! He is so multi-dimensional that you completely forget he is the OTHER Dr. C when you watch him. He is adorable!

Alisha said...

PFach is adorable. I love him! He DOES genuinely love us which is what I love, I get sad when a certain someone *cough* Kristen says she's afraid of us. If you embrace us, we're not scary. TwiHards can smell fear, KStew! But, anyways, he's such a sweet guy and I sooo want to meet him. He seems like a great guy to get to know and talk to.

hotpants™ said...

I love that he's always at events. He embraces all of the craziness. He seems like a great guy.

MiMi said...

I was all up in PFach and feeling the love until I saw that dang Obama shirt. LOL