Friday, July 30, 2010

Men Of Twilight - Jackson Rathbone

Welcome to our second installment of 
The Men of Twilight.

Come with us as we point the spotlight on 

Monroe Jackson Rathbone

Known to most of us Twihards as 

Regardless, of what you call him, one thing is for sure.  
He's smokin' HOTT and his talents can not be overlooked.

I mean, 
who can hold a constant look of constipation in Twilight
portray a newly converted veggie vamp who wants to kill Bella in New Moon
give us the charming-Southern-newborn-ass-kicking Jasper in Eclipse
 and still have time to play a young warrior in The Last Airbender...

AND be in an uber cool band like the 100 Monkeys?!
His fellow band members refer to him as 
"J. Action".  
The band website (click here) says this about him:
Parts made in Indonesia, assembled in Singapore, raised on airplane peanuts and bathed in airport restroom sinks, he was saved by texas. given a guitar and a coat he accidentally ventured into the unknown… a wormhole opened, and he found himself in La La Land. He learned how to stand where they told him to, say what they told him to and never lie. rescued by the 100 Monkeys, he now swings about the stage in gratitude.

Jackson is definitely a talented guy who has stolen the heart of millions.

I think we can all agree that we have Twilight to thank for bringing him into our lives.

Eclipse Jasper is my favorite version of him in the Saga.  The way him and Ashley connect in their scenes is amazing.  I get this huge ridiculous grin on my face every time they're together.  SO CUTE!  

My favorite things about JBone are:

*His adorable smile
*His musicality
*His performance in Eclipse

What do you love about Jackson?
What is your favorite role he's portrayed? (Doesn't have to be Twilight related)
Who would you like to see in our MOT post next week?

Trixie & Tess


Kimi said...

I have to admit I loathe him with the long, weirdish hair he has in Twi! But I'm sorta liking the short cut in Airbender. I may just have to rethink him, after all.

Caz1310 said...

OMG I have just discovered this website. Yes I too laughed at Jasper in the first two movies but the third... oh be still my beating heart. I like him more than Edward.

Jayla said...

i love that he's so darn sweet and adorable in person. there's nothing better than having the fantasy live up to reality.

kassiecullen said...

I think Jackson is so sweet and all of the things you said and he is always really great with fans and that just puts him over the top. Like what he did for that little boy that wanted to meet Taylor at the Eclipse premiere that was soooo sweet.

As for next week I'd recommend Kellan :)

luckydame said...

I've always been Team Jasper - Book version. As for movies, Eclipse was my favorite. You saw how him and Alice connected and you got his backstory. But....still love him from Twilight....throwing/juggling the bat around during the baseball scene. *Swoon*

Olivia Carter said...

You know, I like real life Jasper. He seems a tad eccentric, but really nice to fans like the above commenter said. I love people like that.

And I hate his hair. Wish a passion. But I did like Eclipse Jasper the most of all the movies. I mean, we got to actually met him.

TongueTwied said...

I do have Twilight to thank for bringing him into my life and I think Twired Jen to thank for bringing him into my radar of lust. lol

He's multitalented like you girls hightlighted!

Be sure to see the link from my post today to see the Dora commercial he is in and check out itsroblated if you need some Jackson Rehab!

I'm really sad to think that his role diminishes in BD because he and Alice leave. So I'm hoping we see him shake some booty at the Cullen wedding reception because I like how that boy grooves! ;)

Happy weekend!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Eww. I do not agree. I think he looks like a 12 year old and not a very cute one at that. Would they PLEASE do something decent with his hair??!

Christiejolu said...

I was not that keen on him in Twilight...But since Airbender Came out and he has been doing promos I think he is adorable...Now you tell me he plays guitar and is in a band...Now THAT is HOT!

RobzSinger said...

He will be JBone to me starting now. Thanks for that:)
I like his face. His eyes and adorbale smile. I also love that he plays sooo many instruments.
Hmm, I'd love to see Rosalie's fiance from Eclipse featured.

rpfangirldc said...

My new Twi-boy romance... Jacksper... Oh *le sigh*

He is adorable cute and has a little wild streak in him. I would say that of everything, I love his interviews most of all.

The MTV When I was 17 was so cute and really let you know that he has that hellraiser in him.

I would say ♥Rob = my dorky nerd♥ & ♥Jackson = my devilsh angel♥ .

I have now been Rob'd and Jack'd like I have been talling everyone all week.

hotpants™ said...

I'm so happy he had more lines. He's such a doll.

Salt said...

As you very well know, he is my favorite of all. Usually I don't get all starry eyed over celebs, but I think he's pretty much one of the hottest guys around.

Thank you for bringing me this eye candy to start off my week. :)

Jaymes805 said...

I had to comment on this post because I didn't think much of Jackson back in the day.. in fact 100 Monkey's played at a bar some of my friends work at. I missed meeting him by like 5 minutes and was bummed but not tooo bummed. Recently I dunno what it is but I've fallin in lust with him hardcore. He's the cutest thing ever. Yummmmmy!