Monday, July 26, 2010

Stump TNT

We're going to start a new weekly post for the blog. The title of the posts will be "Stump TNT". We're asking you, our supa fly blogging buddies, to give us words, ideas, topics, etc that you would like us to link back to His Hottness and/or Twilight in one way or another. Trix and I have a knack for turning EVERYTHING Rob-related or make it be about Twilight. So, you're job is to give us some stuff to work with! Every week, we'll pick a word, idea, topic, etc and we'll be sure to give you credit and link back to your blog (and say how totally awesome you are), if it's your idea!

Word:  Shoes
Rob-relation:  Welllllll, you know what they say about guys with BIG feet....
well, they have big *ACHEM* shoes, of course.
Speaking of shoes, Rob loves his Adidas.
He's also been seen a lot in his Nike Air Zooms...

I personally do not care what brand or type of shoes he wears, as long as they're parked under MY BED! 


So, that's us relating shoes back to His Hottness.

Just see if you can stump us!  I double-dog-dare ya!

Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...


Also, what size shoe does he wear?

MamaTink said...

Hmm, birdie.

Alisha said...


that's the msot random i could think of!:)

Corinne said...


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