Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Water For Elephants--Week4

OK, you guys. Tess here. Trixie normally posts our WFE discussions and she's so good at it. She always has these great synopsis of each chapter and commentary. You're not going to get that today. I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the coffee to brew and then it's out the door to work. So, it's going to be short and sweet this week.

Just a few things I want to say regarding the story this far...

One - I can NOT stand August! No, better yet, I hate August! I want to hit him with that bull hook. He's such a snake. Only out for himself and what people have to offer him.

Two - I love picturing Rob playing Jacob and I think he is going to do an amazing job at this character! This roll is going to pull off of Rob's strong points. I really think he'll shine in WFE!

 I love how Jacob handles the animals with care and treats them like they should be treated. At one point in the book, he mentions that he loves Marlena and that he has similar feelings for Rosie. That melted my heart. I just think it speaks volumes of someones character, when they treat animals so kindly.

Three - Now that I have it in my head that Reese will be Marlena, I can't imagine anyone else playing her character. I think she's going to be amazing! Anytime the author speaks of how daintily Marlena points her toes...I always think of Reese and I can just picture her up on Rosie's back or trunk with her toes pointed "daintily".

Just in case you haven't seen them yet, here are a couple new pics from the WFE set...I know they brightened my morning, hopefully they'll do the same for you.

Look how handsome he is...*le sigh*
I'm totes in love with those suspenders.
I think the above shots are from the "morgue scene", which makes me so sad.

Do you picture the scenes in your head with Rob and Reese?

Who is your favorite character (besides Jacob) and why?

I always internalize a book and really take on the characters feelings, whether that be love, loss, anguish, anger, or whatever it may be.  Have you put yourself in Jacob or Marlena's place...thought about what you would do in their situations?  

Tell us your thoughts...we really want to know!

We'll be reading the remainder of the book this week - Chapters 18-25.


MamaTink said...

As I read the book, all I can see in my mind's eye is Rob & Reese as Jacob & Marlena! Outside of those two character, so far I love the polish guy who loves the elephants! He loves Rosie and knows how to handle her!

Christiejolu said...

I think I am going to go buy this book today...

Dangrdafne said...

Dang it, I missed last week's discussion and I didn't get to read this week's chapters yet. I will get there. I promise :)

Alisha said...

I love Jacob to death but I don't know if it's just me or something but Marlena gets under my skin. I found out something very interesting about August and it explains a lot! (I didn't read ahead, SOMEONE ruined it for me! :P) But, I love Jacob he's great and I can totally see Rob playing Jacob. Reese would be a great Marlena too. But, I still think there's something iffy about Marlena that I just can't put my finger on!

Munkee said...

Ok, I freaked when Queenie went missing. I am totally an animal lover and I have a feeling some animals are going to bite it by the end of this book.

There are times when animal abuse bothers me even more than child abuse...perhaps because animals are truly innocent and I have seen children be so cruel (even if it is learned behavior). We are so responsible for what happens to them. I have always hated zoos and the circus even more so! So this book is hard for me and I am guessing I will need a huge box of tissues for the movie.

There is nothing not to love about Jacob. He is all innocence and kindness. Maybe that's one reason we had to meet the old Jacob, because otherwise it would be too much!

Munkee said...

Totally agree. Don't like her. She's going to corrupt our sweet Jacob, I can see that. Even if he wants to be corrupted. And even if she loves animals, too!!

fran said...

The character I like besides young Jacob is old Jacob. I look at them as two separate characters, I like how old Jacob is feisty, clever, and we sympathize with him as he's neglected as an old man. I like Marlena, she's in a tough situation, she's got this abusive, husband who seems to control her, and she meets a younger guy who treats her respectfully and who seems to give her something she's missing...Can't wait to see the chemistry between Reese and Rob, I'm sure they'll make it work.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

The first time I read WFE, it was before they started filming and I was kinda picturing Rob and Reese in the roles. Now that they've actually been filming and I've seen them in costume, I am totally picturing them in the roles of Jacob and Marlena.

I missed the discussion last week and then I just finished the book yesterday, so I'm all screwed up. I don't want to discuss things that others may not have read. I will say this... August is a SOB. Also, I too love Jacob's relationship with the animals. I just picture Rob walking around with a chimp on his hip like a baby. So cute!!!!

Has anyone read the script? I reread that again yesterday too, and there were a few things that were changed that I don't agree with, but I don't want to be a spoiler. Maybe we can discuss that some other time. :)

Jessica said...

The book was great. I actually gasped when I saw those two pics of Rob....oh goodness..

rpfangirldc said...

I can totally see Rob and Reese and Jacob and Marlena. It's hard not to as you read about them.

My favorite character besides Jacob and I am assuming Marlena would be like a three way tie between Walter, Rosie, and Rosemary. Walter because you grew to love him and realize that he wasn't as much of a jerk. Rosie because she allowed Marlena and Jacob to be together. Rosemary because she was so kind and so caring to the older Jacob. She truly had a kind heart.

I have never put myself in Jacob's place, but I could imagine and totally relate to Marlena and her situation. I would say of them all, she is the one I can relate to the most.

Dangrdafne said...

rpfangirldc - I agree the your threesome for fave characters. Funny I see those three as the 3 people he doesn't have in his life - his father (Walter), his mother (Rosemary) and his children (Rosie) even if they are from all different times in his life.

I am having trouble seeing Reese as Marlena but I don't dislike the idea. I completely see why Rob wanted to do this movie. It is another flawed, left on his own person who has more love to give than a normal person who is treated both as terrible as possible and as wonderfully as possible. His characters are always so giving and so flawed - I always wonder if they are very close to his real personality.

The only time I saw myself in the book was during the old Jacob times. I can only hope I don't have to live like that or that homes are better now. Thank goodness for Rosemary - a woman with humanity. Ironically named closely to Rosie - an elephant with humanity.

I adore this book.

PS I wonder if Rob was reading this book while filming Twilight... spider monkeys are mentioned and I could hear was Edward saying "Hang on Spider Monkey." :)