Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Miss You, Rob

We know we see your gorgeous face on the big screen these days, due to Eclipse being in the theater.

Side note: How many times have you seen Eclipse so far? How many times do you plan on seeing it? Trix and I stand at three times each. We have plans to see it as much as possible before it leaves the theater. *end side note*

We also know that we get to see your hottness on the set of WFE.

Side note: Are you reading WFE with us? If not, you should be! Check out our reading/discussion group. *end side note*

We've seen your adorable smirk grace the pages of glossy magazines lately, and we're totally appreciative of that.

However, we are missing you you...just Rob, not as Edward or Jacob.

Side note: How weird is that?! *end side note*

So, we cherish moments like this...

Le sigh.

P.S. Side note:  Screw Miley Cyrus and her no love for Rob or Taylor.  I'm getting ready to erase Party In The USA from my iPod.  How about a little respect here.  Does she not realize the depth of our devotion?  She better watch out.  *end side note*

I'm going to leave you on this note...

You have NO idea how "ME" this is.  It's so friggin' perfect.  It combines my love for Twilight and gangsta rap.  I've played it like 10 times just since this morning.  "I'm a VampIRE".

hopelessly devoted,



MamaTink said...

I sign into my Google reader today and this is the first thing that pops up. Love that solo pic of Rob, siiggghhhhh. So lovely. Smile on my face now! Thanks!

Salt said...

Miley Cyrus needs to shut her face.
That last picture of him is lovely. :)

And I've seen the movie twice so far, but will probably hit it up again if it's rainy this weekend!

kassiecullen said...

I've only seen Eclipse at the theater twice but I plan on seeing it a lot more but I will wait for it to get to the dollar theater, cash is tight.

I think Miley wants attention so she just says stupid stuff to get it but she needs to shut her face bc there is no wrath like a twigirl scorned.

Kelly said...

I know what you are saying about missing him... I've been writing about it for weeks...

By the way.. I've seen it 5 times.. number 6 set for next week... possibly #7 as well :)

Kimi said...

Miley Cyrus!!! Curse her and her faux rebel behavior!

I do so love me some solitary Rob!!

Alisha said...

I miss Rob as well! I love him so much in interviews and I miss the signature finger comb in hair! I love Taycob but I need my dose of Rob! He makes me smile and laugh!

P.S. Love that combo to! Maybe Rob and Taylor should do dope rap for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack!<3

MiMi said...

Ya know what??
I think Rob is adorable. Really, really adorable.
He laughs a lot in interviews and is just funny.
Team Jacob in the movies, but Team Rob in real life. :)

MiMi said...

Oh yeah, and Miley is just jealous that her redneck butt isn't IN the Twilight saga...and I've seen it 3 times. Jess has seen it 4 times! :)

Nocona said...

I want to read this book before the movie comes out. I am really digging Robs short hair.