Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking Dawn -- A Casting Call Part 2

Last week, we started diving into the vast sea of who-could-be's as we discussed potential cast members for BD1&2. I think we all pretty much agreed that we would like to see some phenomenal-where-have-you-been-all-of-our-twi-lives-unknowns play the remaining characters in the last two installments of the Twilight Saga. However, since we are not professional talent agents and we don't have any phenomenal-where-have-you-been-all-of-our-twi-lives-unknowns at our disposal, we shall continue forth with some well knowns to fill the spots.

We'd like to recap last week's discussion and bring some faces to the names that were thrown out during the comments and also give you a refresher on what roles each of these characters plays in the Saga. 

First up, Tanya.  She is a veggie vamp and leader of the Denali Coven.  If you've read Midnight Sun, you know that it was revealed that Tanya had a crush on our beloved Edward.  She's described as having golden eyes and strawberry blond hair, possibly curly.  I remember feeling a small spark of dislike for Tanya while reading the books.  I think it stemmed from her fondness of Edward.  I don't think she'll be a popular character, if this part of the story is portrayed in the movies.  Here are a couple of the nominations for Tanya:

Amy Adams

Michaela McManus

I did a little photo editing to help me see them in character.  I think they are both gorgeous girls and would probably do justice to the roll.  I think I'm leaning more toward Amy on this one though.  What do you guys think?

Next up, Kate.  Formally Katrina, but better known as Kate.  She's also a veggie vamp.  She's an original Denali sister and is known as the originator of the myth of the succubus, a female vampire who seduces human men.  Her power is shocking people...she literally can send an electrical current over a person's skin by touching them.  She's described as having pale blond hair and golden eyes, of course.  The suggestions we got last week was a somewhat-unknown by the name of Alexa Havens and a very well-known, Natalie Portman.
Alexa Havens

Natalie Portman

I did a little Google search and then edited the eyes.  I think Alexa is a total win for this character.  What about you guys?  Any other suggestions?

Irina will round out the Denali sisters, part of the original sisters created by Sasha, their mother for all "pretense and purposes".  Irina is described as having silvery blond hair.  She's bitter over the wolves killing off Laurent, her partner.  She declines the invite to Bella and Edward's wedding.  I think she'll be perceived as a villain of sorts...she's the one who turns the Cullens into the Volturi for creating what she thinks is an immortal child, which is a big no-no.  By the time Irina realizes that Renesmee is a hybrid, it's too late.  The Volturi have already booked their flights to Forks.  The two suggestions we got for Irina are Amanda Seyfried and Tricia Helfer.
Amanda Seyfried

Tricia Helfer

Amanda is my instant pick for this one.  She IS Summitt's go-to-girl.  I think she is highly likely to gain a role in BD1 or 2.  She has that other-worldly look.  She beautiful in a non-conventional way.  I think she could definitely pull off being a veggie vamp.  That Tricia is hard to track down with clothes on.  Most of the pics on Google Images are of her baring all...or most of it.  She is gorgeous and voluptuous.  She actually is more in the age range I had pictured Irina to be.  Which one do you guys think?  Any other ideas to add to the mix?

This is going to conclude our Breaking Dawn casting session for this week.  I've got to get back to my real work before my boss goes postal on me.  Next week, we'll be discussing the following characters:

Carmen (Denali)
Eleazar (Denali)
Nahuel (Aboriginal Hybrid)

What other characters from BD1 or 2 would you like to discuss?  Tell us what you think!  We want to know!

Stop back by tomorrow for another edition of Men of Twilight!

Trixie & Tess


Nocona said...

Love Amy Adams and Alexia. Can't wait to see who plays Renesme.

Alisha said...

For Tanya, I like Amy more because she looks more elegant while Michela looks more edgy. I think her hair should be a little lighter though.

For Kate, I see her mmore as fragile-looking but beautiful. Alexa is the better schoice but she seems more like a person who would play a bad guy...or girl.

For Irina, Amanda is PERFECT! I think she would do a great job when she finds out that Renesmee is a hybrid and the Volturi want to kill her. She seems like she can get the facial expressions right.

Good job at picking! I need to know who would be a good candidate for Nahuel because I have to make a trailer and I'm stumped at who could play him.

Alisha said...

P.S. You guys posted this post twice. I just noticed that. Just wanted you guys to know:)

rpfangirldc said...

Ok... Definitely Amy Adams for Tanya. I think that she is the only one who could make me like Tanya... but not holding my breath on that though.

Irina would definitely be Amanda. I cannot see anyone else who looks so innocent, yet seems like she would stab a back in retaliation for losing her love (Laurent).

Kate... I know before that I said Natalie, only because I see Kate in my mind as a darker blonde/light brunette. I think if I had to pick a blonde, I would need to do some Googling to make a definite choice.

And I have been thinking about Eleazar... maybe Javier Bardem???

I have to pull out the character list and go through to see who else may or may not be in the movie before I can cast anyone else.

Christiejolu said...

I like Amy Adams...
Alexa Havens...Was she in All my Children???
Amanda Seyfreid is beautiful...

OK and what is Midnight Sun...Now I have another book I need to buy...

MiMi said...

I like all the ones that aren't famous really. You know, like I'm afraid the big name will overshadow the movie.

hotpants™ said...

I would love to see Amanda Seyfried get a part. I love her. She's gorgeous.

kassiecullen said...

When I was thinking of people that could take the roles in BD 1&2 I was trying to think of people that are relatively unknown.. I dont think I like the idea of someone like Natalie Portman or Amanda Syfred in any Twilight movie. But I will refrain from voting since my choices made it on the list :)

PS: I didnt know you would have so much trouble finding a pic of Tricia Helfer w appropriate clothes on lol.

@Christiejolu- YES!!! She played Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler Martin Chandler LOL oh and Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edwards POV... you can read it on Steph's website.