Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Release Date

Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you probably heard that the release date for Breaking Dawn part 2 was announced by Summit.  Okay, maybe you just don't spend every second on the inter webs and Twitter like we do.  The release dates for both movies for those of you who don't know are:

Breaking Dawn Part 1--November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 2--November 16, 2012!

A whole year in between!  Can we take the wait? 

A whole extra year to wait for this:

Can't wait to see Mommy and Daddy Cullen.

And this...

Kick Ass Bella.

We want to know your thoughts on this new release date.  Is it a smart move?  Will we lose fans?  Can you take the wait?  Do you want to wait that long?  What if the quality of the movies is better by releasing them a year apart, does that change your mind?  On the bright side, we have over two years to hang out with you guys and lust over hot men before it just becomes weird.  Okay, weirder.

Dish!  We want to know!

Trixie & Tess


Tara said...

whaaaaat?! i dont know how i missed this! this is kinda frustrating that its going to be soooo long from now! :((

luckydame said...

A year?! Well, let's hope with that extra time, production will be better. I expect awesome special fx with these new dates.

MamaTink said...

omg, is that the real cast pic of the cullens from BD? I LOVE it. Reneesme is gorgeous! I can wait, I will fill my time with True Blood, the adult version, LOL!

rpfangirldc said...

The only way it's a smart move is because the studio is worried about the big names that are due out in the summer of 2012 (Spiderman, The Avengers w/ Iron Man and The Hobbit).

But, I think that Summit forgot the most important thing... There is already such a fan base built for this series that no matter what the movie release date will be, the fans will flock and follow.

I hope that the new release date doesn't mean a 3-D version.

Salt said...

Well it's not like I would ever stop paying attention, but omg a YEAR? I'm already dying over having to wait a year for the first installment. Those pictures are NOT helping!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Uhmmmm Seriously??????

Why do they do that to us? What did we do to deserve this ?

And why the heck do they need one fuc** year in between?? I think they shoot them anyway together...

Torture girls, plain and simple torture!!

(and more money for Summit...Yeah and there is that...)

hotpants™ said...

It's a long wait. It will kill me a little. I'm hurting inside just thinking about it. They will not lose fans over it though. Would you NOT watch becuase of it? I didn't think so. ;) These movies better not disappoint.

hotpants™ said...


Nocona said...

I don't understand why they rushed to get Eclipse out this summer then. If they would have released it this fall like they did Twilight and New Moon then that November 11, 2011 date would have stayed right on track like all of the LOTR movies. It is going to be a hard long wait but it gives us something to look forward too. What will we do when the hype of these movies have gone away? It is the same let down feeling like when I finish Breaking Dawn! Like what do I do now?

Living with Edward said...

My thoughts on this?

@##%# %^$#! ^%$@$!!!!!

That is all.

Alisha said...

I'm kinda upset, it's so far apart but I don't want Twilight to be over soo soon so I'm kinda glad at the same time. I'm happy because hopefully the movie will have more TLC this time around and they'll put more in it. Since it's soo far apart, I'm hoping that they will do the best they ever had! Plus, this let's me bask in my TwiHard attitude for two more years without hearing a peep!:D

MiMi said...

What?! Is that a painting or what they imagine the family will look like in BD??
I must know!!!

April said...

Hotpants sent me ovah here, and I am in LOVE!!
All this Twilight talk is making me hot!! xoxo