Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Discuss Book Discussions

As you all know, we wrapped up Water For Elephants last week. If you missed any of the posts, we linked them up at the bottom of this post. 
We're sad and we're missing the book discussions. 
 So, we were wondering if you guys would like to choose another book to discuss with us?

We are really anticipating the release of the Mockingjay. 
 Not to sway your vote or anything. 
 It is personally my second favorite book series, after Twilight, of course. 
 I have been a big fan since Steph suggested it on her website back in 2008, so I'm on pins and needles waiting on this last installment...
what happens to Katniss? 
 Does she pick Peeta or Gale? 
 What about her family? 
 What about District 12? 
 Does District 13 exist? 
 These are the questions my inquiring mind wants to know. 
 If we choose this book, we'll have to wait 2 more weeks to start the discussion. 
 Only 12 more days until the release! WOOT!

The second book we had in mind is Bel Ami. 
 You know the reason why. 
 It's actually available online for free and is relatively short.  Advisory note:  unless you want to see a penis, I wouldn't advise Googling and clicking on random "bel ami" sites.  I was doing research for this post at work and let's just say that I hope no one higher up decides to check out my internet history.  Hello.  I think I blushed and I'm in an office all by myself.  LOL.  This book is full of steamy sex scenes and it's about a man (Rob) who makes his way from poverty to the pent house on his looks and bedroom skills.  Sooooo, needless to say, the book title has lent itself to many adult websites.  So, you can click on the "online for free" above and go straight to the book, courtesy of Cullen Boys Anonymous website.
 There is a possibility we could read and discuss this while waiting for Mockingjay.

The third book we were thinking about is titled On The Road.  
It's a book by Jack Kerouac.  
All we really know about the book is that it is mostly an autobiographical work and that 
Kristen Stewart is currently working on the film version.
 We're guessing that's why she did not appear at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.  Hollywood Crush dishes a little about it HERE.

So, tell us what you think!  We want to know!!

Water For Elephants Reading Group Posts:

Thanks so much to all who participated!

Trixie & Tess


Elizabeth said...

I LOVED Water for Elephants, and while I'd love to be able to write something like that, I find the stories that come out are instead fun, familiar and at times dark and steamy reads.

As an addition to the bound book by your bedside, take a peek at a fictional story, One Click Away, about a mommy-wife like many of us who ventures down a path most won't and lets "friending" an old boyfriend on Facebook wreck havoc on a perfect life. It's the safe sex answer to those mommies wondering "What If" as they fold laundry and serve juiceboxes to playgroups.

The posts are short and online so you can claim "checking email!" while catching up on her antics. Plus it's free, and always will be. Just a way for a writer to get her voice out there (see the About Me section on the site).

I hope you'll take a peek and give it a shout out if you like it.

(And I vote for Kerouac - he's another way to explore the alternate life you might have lead...)

With thanks,

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I'm in the middle of reading Catching Fire now.. Mockingjay gets my vote!

twigirl_world said...

I'm really sad I missed the WFE discussion but I am finishing that soon. And then I have OTR, then Mockingjay!! Of course I have added Bel Ami to the list and I have MANY others on my list, I need to start catching up!
Whatever you end up doing I would love to join in the discussion!!

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I'd have to vote for Mockingjay.

hotpants™ said...


Munkee said...

I'll have to check out Mockingjay since it's getting a bunch of votes. I'd vote for Kerouac since I revered the book as a teenager and it's been "a while", 20 years or so since I read it. I need to refresh myself before the movie! I'm kinda bummed that they're making a movie since book vs movie usually ends up with movie fail (Twilight being a glaring exception) AND it's like a sacred text, but of course I'm going to see it!

TwitardedMom said...

I would vote for Bel Ami because it's free & that's my favorite price.