Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Robsten Hopped Off The Plane LAX.
I'm sure they have dreams, 
but no cardigan in sight.
However, there was this familiar accessory.
Stupid paparazzi.
I really dislike them.
I really do,
but I have the hardest time NOT 
looking at the pictures they take.
Especially when those pictures 
are of Rob and Kristen.
They know just what we like to see.

What are your feelings on the paps?  
Hate them?  
Love them?

Tell us what you think!

I wonder if there was a Jay-Z song in the taxi...
or that big black SUV they drove off in?  Hmmm.  
Gives a twihard something to think about.

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Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Well, I guess if they didn't want to get papped they would have used the exit/entrance that all the other celebrities use at LAX...but then again we wouldn't have seen her give us the finger then, right? ;-)

Twired Jen said...

"Familiar Accessory" <~~~ LMAO!

Paparazzi are ruthless. I know it's part of the deal when you become a celeb, but they are just so invasive and get right up in their faces. It's like they have no issue with personal space.

I just realized you're missing fron mt blog roll...I swore I added you on there. to put you on.

xo J

Twired Jen said...

That was supposed to say "from my blog roll" geeez.

kassiecullen said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi. I think once they get a few pics they should just be done and go but instead they keep it up and nag the celebs... most times I don't care but once they are upsetting them I start to go into a rage, especially when it happens to Rob, b/c even when they are asshats he is still polite enough to not punch their lights out or flip them the bird like Kristen does. Way to go KStew that is the best fashion accessory ever I have two of my very own and wear them proudly nearly everyday lol.

Salt said...

Hate them hate them hate them. Mostly because when I lived in Hollywood they would block the road if there was a celebrity in the general vicinity and then I would almost rear end one of them like I did once when they were chasing Britney Spears around Rite Aid. Stupid.

KStew is looking very blonde lately.

Jayla said...

I don't like them. I'd rather live in a dream world where I don't know everything about everyone... I don't care that much. I think 'fan encounters' are much more entertaining and realitic :-)

I agree with Jen
"Familiar Accessory" <~~~ LMAO!

Christiejolu said...

I am not sure what my feelings are about paparazzi...They don't bug me so...LOL! I have to admit I like looking at some of the pics...But at the same time feel bad for the celebrity....I saw Fergie fall because she was so blinded by the lights...

MiMi said...

Um...I guess I don't really care about the papz. And the thing is, I think it's sorta stupid when the celebs flip em off. Cuz it's almost like they're flipping all of us off, cuz we totally want to see the pics.

Sandra said...

I may not like the pap, but as soon as I saw the words Rob and Kristen on your blog, I was all over it. So I guess I'm as guilty as the pap. I want to see what they're doing, if they're doing it together. I could read an entire rag mag just about them. So how do I feel about the pap, well, I guess it could be said they fill a void in my life! haha
This blog is delightful, there is so much variety! I'll be back!