Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Water For Elephants Wrap Up

So, for our last week I though I would just post a bunch of eye candy and ask a few questions.  Any objections?  I didn't think so.  Let the eye candy commence.

Beauty and brains too.  He reads.  Le sigh.

Heaven help me! A woman can only take so much.

Let me kiss your boo boo's and make them all better.

So, what were your overall thoughts of the book?  Did you expect the ending of the book?  Did you like the ending of the book?  What was your favorite part of the book?  Now that you have read the book, does it make you even more excited to see the movie.  Let's discuss!

Trixie & Tess


Dangrdafne said...

I loved this book. Almost surprisingly so. I loved young Jacob's story but I also adored old Jacob's story. It really made me look at my life and where I am and will I feel like I did what I should have. If/when I am in a home will I look back like Jacob does and realize the amazing things in my life. I LOVED the ending. I couldn't have thought of anything better. I cried. The freedom, the release, the pure joy that came from Jacob was overwhelming to me.

I loved that Jacob saved Rosie and Bob and Marlena saved the horses - it is exactly what I would have done. At that point in their lives what did they have to lose and I had a feeling it would all work out for them - in a karma world it was their time to have some goodness. I cried at the loss of Camel and Walter though. I so wish that didn't have to happen but it certainly drew me in more and made me hate and love the right people to get me to the end of the book. I love the twist on who killed August. I truly didn't see it coming and oddly I was relieved.

I also really enjoyed reading the author's notes and book club questions that were in the back of my book. Sara Gruen is pretty amazing. She really devoted herself to her topic and I am in awe of that. I also found it funny that the book club questions pointed out things I NEVER saw in the book. I actually may read it again and it definitely will be loaned out to many people.

I bought this book before I knew the movie would be made and that Rob would be in it. I would have loved the book even minus Rob but I must say it makes me a little more excited for the movie. I think Rob will make a very good Jacob. Rob likes the protector roles and he is that to the 100th degree in this character.

Thank you Trixie and Tess for doing this - as I am not sure I would have actually gotten around to reading the book without your club.

What is the next book?? :)

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Okay, that pic of Rob in the suit totally reminds me of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones! SOOOOO HOOOTTTT! GAH! Just sayin....

I am assuming if I talk about how the book ends, that I'm not spoiling anything because everyone was supposed to read it, right? LOL

Jacob is sooooo sweet!!!! I love how after he finds out that Marlena is pregnant, he is so worried about her doing anything strenuous. I guess a pregnant woman riding an elephant would be concerning!

My favorite quote towards the end is when Jacob says, "Dear God. Not only am I unemployed and homeless, but I also have a pregnant woman, bereaved dog, elephant, and eleven horses to take care of." I love how he just takes responsibility for for them all, no hesitation. I love the bereaved dog part.

I love how the book ends! Jacob running away to the circus is perfect!!!! I can't wait to see this movie!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

I meant to say this in my comments last week and I forgot again today.
I cannot wait to hear Rob speaking in Polish....just sayin.

Alisha said...

I will say that I loved how the book ended. Old Jacob seemed to find his place in the world, he just didn't seem to fit in with the retirings.

I couldn't believe Marlena was pregnant! Well, I should have guessed after that certain night. But, I instantly knew whose baby it was. (I can't believe no one brought up the part where Jacob was going to kill August but backed out.)

Oh! I have a love hate relationship with August. When I found out he was schizophrenic, it kind of all made sense. To me, I think you should know what you're getting into when you're marrying, let alone know, a schizophrenic. Still, he should have gotten treatment or been on his best behavior. I couldn't believe he died, but it was convient for Jacob and Marlena.

I will say, I like Marlena...a little more than I did before. She seemed to know who she really loved and she does care for the animals but if she really did love Jacob, why didn't she break it off with August? True love comes with sacrifices, right? I guess it's just me but I would have left my husband if another guy was taking better care of me and I fell for him.

I am pretty PO'd that the kid Marlena was pregnant with didn't show up. I wish they would have been seeing as how that's where everything changed. I would think that kid would be close with their dad when their dad has been through all this stuff just for them and their mom.

MiMi said...

And I wanna know what book that is that he has in his hand. And that is all. :)

Munkee said...

@DD, I agree with you, I unexpectedly loved this book.

The ending shocked me and was, indeed, perfect. Too perfect? Maybe, but it will make a great Hollywood ending. The author really had me fooled. From the prologue, I pictured Marlena killing August and that colored my perspective of her the whole book. Also, old Jacob talks about his wife and I went along with the assumption that it wasn't Marlena! Which is what the author wanted me to think, I would guess, so that the ending would be so powerful. And for him to run off with the circus just made it fabulous.

It's a great story because Jacob changes so much. Here he is an Ivy League college kid, and by the end of the book he is crawling on top of a train with a knife in his mouth. And I loved the fact that he kept the chimp and the elephant. What a hero.

I do think the author off'ed Walter and Camel a little too conveniently, and Jacob doesn't have time to react. I wonder if they will change that for the movie.

I can't wait to see the movie, but I have to say I dread seeing the scenes of animal abuse. I know they fake it but it will still be horrible. Elephants are so damn smart and we treat them horribly. In fact, I hate the circus!

rpfangirldc said...

I LOVED the book! The ending was so happy and perfect. I didn't want it to end any other way.

I cannot wait to see the movie. I'm not sure if I'll agree with some of the changes like the Uncle Al and August characters being combined, but I am excited to see the images in my mind brought to life.

I am also one of those that thought that Marlena killed that SOB, and was pleasantly surprized that it turned out not to be her. I loved that the old Jacob got to meet and stay with the new Ring leader of the circus, sort of making everything full circle with his running away to find a new life. I was thrilled that Marlena was Jacob's first, and they were married happily until she passed. I loved that Jacob still held her dearly in his heart.

Jessica said...

I love the book. SO GOOD. And that pic of Edward/Rob/Jacob (it's hard for me to call him Jacob) drinking Coca Cola is amazing...