Thursday, September 2, 2010

Confession Booth Wrap Up--Summer Edition

Oh NO she di'int...
She said what?...
Then I was like...
She said...
I was like "Shut the front door"...
She was like "seriously"?...
I was like "OH YES she did".

Welcome to our 
Confession Booth Wrap Up!

I don't know about you, 
but Trix and I love some juicy gossip.
Especially when it has to do with 
a certain boy who's name 
rhymes with Shmob Shmatterson...
and his girlfriend.

Today's gossip, however, comes 
straight from the blog!

Have you heard...
SOMEONE *not naming any names* 
is obsessed with vampires?!
Well, she's obsessed with all kinds of vamps, 
not just the Cullen kind.
She wanted to know if we could help in any way??
Sorry, we have no cure for that.

SOMEONE spends the majority of their day
thinking, daydreaming, writing, reading, 
and mentally undressing Mr. Pattinson.
Again, not naming any names here.

This one girl wishes something would 
simultaneously happen to her 
husband and KStew at the same time...
and for Rob to fall madly deeply in love with her.  
Hey, it could happen!
Definitely not naming any names on this one.

There seems to be a 
lot of hiding of 
recently purchased merchandise going on.  
Seems as though we don't want 
our S/Os finding out the cash 
we drop while participating in retail therapy.
I always tell my husband 
I'm doing it for the greater good of mankind...
and for the children.  
At anytime possible, 
drop that line "it's for the children"...
and "world peace". 
That makes everything better.  

A couple of you are really "enjoying"
some fan fic...I'll let you read into that
however you would like.

If you are on Mimi's bad side, 
do NOT, I repeat DO NOT eat her cookies.

Whoever is in love with the Brazilian guy...
hop the next jet to Brazil.  
Just do it.
Latin guys are hott!
If anyone asks, just tell them 
"Trixie and Tess made me do it."

Hopefully next time we'll 
have something even more juicy...
like a Robsten sex tape.
 But until then, remember:
Trixie and Tess say 
"confession is good for the soul...
and we really like to 
hear your deepest, darkest, 
juiciest secrets."
As always, your secrets are safe with us!

The Confession Booth 
is officially closed until further notice.
Thank YOU to everyone who participated!

Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

Haha! That's hilarious, I forgot I said that! See? I'm not afraid to say I am a dork! :)

TongueTwied said...

Since the booth is closed I can confess without fear of repercussions, right?

I bought myself an Edward umbrella last week.

As far as Latin guys, Enrique Iglesias, Jr., is on the back of my Premiere Rob magazine. Yum!

Twired Jen said...

Awesome wrap up girls!

xo J

Alisha said...

I can NOT be the only one who looks forward to your guys' Confession Booth!