Thursday, September 23, 2010

IRWTSMN - Methods

What is your method?

The answer to that question is not 
from behind, 
or reverse cowgirl.  

We're talking about your dieting method. Duh.
 The awesome part about the IRWTSMN™ diet is that everyone can do it in their own way.  You can be a Weight Watcher, a Jenny Craiger, or a Nutrisystemer (Although, I do NOT recommend this method. Been there, done that.  Burned the evidence.).  You may just be counting calories or just making healthier choices.  You may not be "dieting" at all.  You may just be one of those who need to tone up. 
(We hate you.  I kid.)  
What it boils down to is that you pick what is right for you!

So, tell us what your method is.
Also, let us know what you think so far.
How are things going?
How many times have you asked yourself what IRWTSMN™?

Here's a little motivation for you this week.

We even have a fill in the blank for you. 

Thanks to Kelly from MyDiscomRobulation

Print these out and 
use them any way you see fit!

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Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

I just have this inexplicable will power right it....I don't know.....IRWTSMN!!!! LOL Seriously, that is helping, A LOT! Generally I am a WW girl and a point counter. But since I got my iPhone last week, I've been using a free app called "Lose It" which keeps track of your calories and exercise. (Note on the exercise - it's pretty easy to keep track of nothing! LOL)
Anyway, I just wanted to jump in on the comments....but I will get a post going as well. :)

Living with Edward said...

Ladies, these are great motivators!! Very clever. I can't wait to hear about everyone's results. I may have to jump on this, I just have to get myself moving. Starting is the hard part. The sad thing is, I have studied fitness and nutrition and was even going to be cerified in a group fitness class called Turbo Kick, but the class got canceled because not enough people signed up for it and I lost all motivation. That was in March. So I just have to get started again.

Kelly said...

OK... SO.... is it ok that I have a plausible excuse to hang pictures of Rob on my fridge and in my kitchen to keep me from snacking.. in my bedroom, next to my bed so I get up early enough to work out... and pretty much everywhere else just to motivate me? And the hubs can;t say a DAMN THING because he knows I'm trying to take better care of myself... I'm such a manipulator! And no... I haven't told him what the letters mean... I'm not that stupid!! :)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Seriously, I have no method. I don't diet. I just bitch about how chubby I am. Yeah, I suck. I know. Thanks.

MiMi said...

I drink tons of water!!!!!
Uh. What's a reverse cowgirl?

TwitardedMom said...

Sorry about being late to the party on this one. A trip to LA has been keeping me busy.

My method is to make smarter food choices and exercise more. A food example is when Mr TM suggested Pizza Hut buffet. Instead having 6+ slices of pizza, I had salad first then 2 slices of pizza.

As for exercise, anything is more than nothing. I'm shocked at how out of shape I've became. Even a little exercise should help if it's consistent.