Thursday, September 16, 2010


Trixie and Tess Tell All

Welcome to the first installment 

If you missed the post from last week explaining what IRWTSMN™ means, then click HERE to get caught up!

The idea is that each week we'll post some questions, tips, recipes, and ideas on how to decrease your voluptuousness (i.e. lose weight, inches, etc., etc.)

To make it more fun, 
we would like you guys to join in!
Just snag our delicious button up top, 
take it over to your blog, 
write up a post about the weekly topic, 
insert the button into your post,
 and come back and tell us about it.  
We'll create a list of IRWTSMN™ 
blog posts and link everyone up.  
If there is enough response, 
we'll have a Mr. Linky 
up for future posts 
to make linking up easier.  
Then, we'll all get around 
to each other's blogs, 
read what everyone has to say, 
and comment! 

This weeks topic is:  What are your goals?

Goals are so important.  
If you just blindly go into an 
endeavor without a goal, 
you'll never reach the end 
or have something to work toward.

Since Trixie is in THE BIG APPLE
I'll answer this one for both of us.

Trix and I are so much alike.
We both want to have Rob's babies.
We think it would be easier if we 
could just convince Rob that 
"once you go fat, you'll never go back."
We also think that ghetto booties 
should be "in".

Have you people never 
heard of Sir-Mix-A-Lot?! 
He is a wise wise man.

Our struggle with the
devil scale (same difference) 
is one of the things that 
brought us closer together...
after Rob and Twilight, of course.  

We both have similar 
goals right now.  

Mainly, we just want to be healthier versions of ourselves.  I don't think either of us have unrealistic dreams of being runway ready or anything like that.  

We pretty much just want to be comfortable naked in our own skin and ward off any health problems that could creep up as we get old mature.

You know, as we transition from puma to cougar.

We're making it really easy this week.
Just tell us what your IRWTSMN™ goals are!

Always consider this question what IRWTSMN™?
Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

OMAGOSH. IRWTSMN!!!!!!! I get it! I love it!! I'd die!!! LOL

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Oh yeah I'm so in on this IRWTSMN plan. Off to do a little blogging to get started pimping your plan.

TwitardedMom said...

Hell yeah I'll grab your button (twss) and pimp IRWTSMN.

Dream goal: lose 50 pounds & be flexible enough to put my ankles behind my ears.

Realistic goal: fit back into the clothes in my closet & have more energy.

OneWarmMomma said...

I must be doing something wrong...GRRR!!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Can I pimp IRWTSMN again, even though Kassie already did??? LOL
Okay, my first goal is to figure out what my goals are and post them.
I'm off......

TwitardedMom said... is a great website full of recipies, support, nutrition tracking, exercise tips, Twilight groups and more. It's kinda like Weight Watchers Online, only free.

Oh yeah, you can enter & track goals whether it is to drink more water, eat more veggies, weigh less or exercise more.

I'm on there as TwitardedMom.

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

I think I did the linky thing wrong....the name of the post came up instead of my name. Oh well....I'll figure it out one of these days! LOL