Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

I wasn't going to post anything today.

It is a holiday, after all.  
The last big shindig of the summer.

BUT this morning as I was thinking about Labor Day...
and reading through tweets and different things 
people were saying, it got me to thinking about 


You know the one.  
The day that Bella gives birth to her 
and Edward's love child...
the day a 16 year old shape shifter 
IMPRINTS on a baby.

In all of it's weirdness,
if done right,
it's going to be a glorious moment for Twihards.

I've thought about that day a lot.

What will Bella look like as she's lying there on that table in the make-shift Cullen General Hospital?

What will Edward look like as he is near his breaking point...watching Bella die on that table?  
(I'm sure he'll still look WAY hott.)

How will they do the birth scene and keep it PG-13?

I know Melissa knows that we, 
as fans, 
want and need that scene to be 
as close to the book as possible.  
She must keep the integrity of the moment.  
No cheesing it up or dumbing it down.
It's gotta be legit.

Recently, there were some statements released by Summit, where Melissa said that they are, in fact, working on this scene in the script writing process and they are addressing all of the particulars.
She tells E! Online that she and director Bill Condonhave been doing rewrites of the scripts for the two movies. "We're working on it," she says of the birth scene. "And we're working on it to be as intense as it is in the book."
That statement gives me hope.

What are your thoughts on the labor/birth scene?

I'll leave you with some of my favorite spoofs and fan-made videos of Breaking Dawn and THE Labor Day.

Are we going to be able to handle this?
Did your ovaries just burst?

Happy Labor Day!! 

Trixie & Tess


kassiecullen said...

I'm really hoping they don't cheese it up bc that would suck. I think they should do it like the scene in Twilight where Bella is waking up in the hospital and you are viewing it from her eyes and the other people in the room too. Maybe switch the POV around a bit. There will be three people in the room after all so there isn't a shortage of POV's.

Let's just hope there are NO FADE TO BLACK SCENES! No fading to black on Isle Esme and no fade to black in the birth scene. You know us twihards would cut a bitch lol.

MiMi said...

They better do a good job! I don't know how they can with PG 13...

TwitardedMom said...

I love that last pic. Seeing Edward as a dad only makes him look more mature & hotter.

As for the PG-13 thing, I'm sure there are ways to make it work. My sister took a video of her c-section. I thought it would be gross. They only showed the faces of her, her husband & the doctors. You knew what was happening the whole time, but didn't see anything.

17foreverlisa said...

I love that last manip of Robward holding a baby. You know I'm a big fan of black and white images, and that one is so powerful.

I like what Kassie and TM said about the different POVs and cropping you can do for a birth scene. I'm sure the most difficult part will be Robward using his sharp teeth to actually perform the C-section. Oh my!


Alisha said...

My fingers are crossed for the birth scene to be absolutely perfect! I know that Kristen and Rob will do a great job on that, but I'm worried about Taylor. He needs to sell the scene where he's about to go in to kill Renesmee and then he stops dead in his tracks. That scene has to be priceless! The whole scene better go over well and Kristen better not mess up the parts where the baby is breaking her bones, I don't want to be spending half the movie pouting because Kristen is trying to pull off the "I don't care" look again.

TongueTwied said...

A lot lies on Rob. I can completely picture him looking pained in all the right places. We know he can do the torture thing--but we also need him to look all "spring into action" through this. A big part of Edward in BD is him taking the helm, making decisions, and using strategy.

During the birth scene Rosalie and Jacob both fail him but he keeps trudging on determined to save Bella, so I hope that the director coaxs that determination out of Rob and he plays it Strongward.

rpfangirldc said...

There are quite a few scenes that I want them to keep as close to the book as possible... I just don't know why we can't have an R version so we can have it as it should be. I am scared it just won't be the same.

Mary Edbrella said...

I can't think straight after seeing Edward holding that baby!

hotpants™ said...

I think Rob will do a great job, but I wonder how Kristen will handle a birth scene. I hope they can all MAKE IT WORK!