Monday, September 13, 2010

Mimi Does Forks

Well, we all know that Rob is on a road trip, 

Her and a friend are currently at The Promise Land, 
aka Forks, Washington!!

I know some of you 
(all of the cool kids) 
are going there in just a couple of weeks, 
and can I say that Trix and I are totes jealy 
and green with envy!!! 
 Good thing green is my color. 
 I want to be there so bad. 
 You just have no idea. 
 So, for the last two days, 
I've been living vicariously through Mimi. 
 She's been keeping me abreast on all of her 
travels via text messages and 
sending me pictures along the way. 
 I thought I would share a few with you guys.

She was giving me a play-by-play and this is the view of the
Olympic Forest as they were getting close to FORKS!

Notice the sign...the OFFICIAL indication that you're in Edward's hood!

A must-see for any Twihard, Dazzled by Twilight!

Living in a Twihard's Paradise.

The picture below is of Sully's Burgers, a local favorite.  You can see the writing in the window
where they're giving a shout out to Bells for her birthday!
"So, as discussed, I am not allowed to wish you a happy birthday, is that correct?"

Well, too bad Bella.
We're wishing you a happy birthday anyway!

A big THANK YOU to Mimi for keeping me abreast on all her travels, letting me live vicariously through her, and giving me permission to use her pics on the blog!  LOVE you, Mimi!

Trixie & Tess


rpfangirldc said...

One day I will make that pilgrimage to the promised land... I WILL!

Until then, I will live vicariously through everyone else. Thanks for sharing all of those pics.

April said...

Living here in the Pacific NW is definitely more special thanks to Twilight!

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Marie and I both are sad to not be getting to go on the awesomness that is the uber pilgrimage to Forks too.

One day each and every one of us Twigals will make it there... if only in our dreams or living vicariously through others.

Thanks for sharing Mimi's really cool pics in FOOOORKS! Totes not jealous ;)

Salt said...

Sweet! I was totally stalking Mimi's blog this morning to see if she would have any pics up. I'm so jealous of her trip!

luckydame said...

So cool!

I got all the way to Port Angeles and then my husband turned around...he couldn't handle it anymore. LOL

Twired Jen said...

So awesome! I love this. Gaah...wish you gals were coming to Forks. I'm getting so excited it's ridiculous!

Thanks for sharing Mimi's adventure. Hoping she'll send you some more pics soon!

xo J

Kelly said...

I know a WONDERFUL Rob fan who actually lives in the POrtland area and would love to be a personal tour guide to nyone making the trek... Remember when Edward backs Bella up against the rock and says "You have to tell me what you're thinking, I can't read your mind"? Want to see the rocks where it went down.. she sent me pictures from there, or would you trip be complete if you got to go to the green house from the biology trip... she can do that too.. She really wants to meet more Twi/Rob fans... if you are going on the trip and would like a tour guide.. drop me an email and I will connect you with her.

Christiejolu said...

MiMi is the coolest!

MiMi said...

I need to get some pics and stories posted soon!
Wanna know what was hilarious???? We got lost, (not funny...well, not REALLY funny) and when we found our way back to the hwy there was a sign for The Promised Land. I don't know if it was the town coming up or what! LOL
I will have to give you some insider tips on Forks to blog about. :)

Alisha said...

My goal in life is to go to Forks! (and meet Rob and Taylor, of course) I'll even turn down my yearly trip to Norway just so I can bask in the overly green forest...and La Push beach! Mimi is one lucky girl! but ill find a way to get up there!

17foreverlisa said...

Gah! That's getting me even more excited for the trip to Forks with the Twitarded gang. I'm thrilled to see the Pepsi signs at Sully's Burgers, too! Wish you girls could go with us.

@Kelly - Shoot! I completely forgot you emailed us about her. I need to check with my group. Thanks :)

Living with Edward said...

I so wish you guys were coming with us. You seem like you are such fun. :( sad face.

I couldn't fail to notice that the sun is out in one of those pictures. Ironic.