Friday, September 24, 2010

Mimi Tells ALL About FORKS!

Hey fellow awesome TNT followers!!
Guess what? 
My friend Jessica and I recently visited Forks, WA.
We centered our trip on the Stephenie Meyer/Bella's Birthday Weekend!!
Now. If you don't understand the significance behind this small town, or if you didn't even know it was a town, then I ask you what the heck you're doing here anyway?! **stamps foot. waits for excuse...**
Anyway, if you follow me, you know about our trip already. I did 2 posts on it. What. Only 2?! Well. Yes, only 2. Why? Because, believe it or not, not all of my followers give a crap about Twilight related news. Pffft!
I know. **gasp!**
If you want, you can go look at em after you read this one!
First post. Fun in Forks.
I know, I was on a really creative spurt there when I titled those bad boys.
While in Forks and on our Dazzled By Twilight Breaking Dawn tour, I saved some snippets of info in the back of my mind, specifically for Tess. Because I knew she'd love it.

In no particular order, here are the things that I gleaned from my neighboring state to the north. (duh, that means i live in oregon, dude.)
1. In the books Stephenie Meyer creates the whole tension between Edward and Jacob by using the legends of the Quileute tribe. The tribe turns into werewolves to guard against vampires. This was based on a true legend that the Quileute's share to this day. The actual Quileute tribe claims to be descended from wolves. Although they weren't specifically guarding against vamps in the old days. They were guarding against anything that may harm them. Which, who knows? They thought they could turn into wolves for real, so they must have thought some crazy crap was after em, right?
2. Stephenie Meyer did in fact visit Forks for material gathering trips. She based many of the places read about in the books on real life places in Forks. Although she never names her exact locations that she used.
3. La Push was actually not called La Push to begin with. It is said that when white man first came upon it, they said, "la bouche!" Which translates into the "mouth". This was then infused with Chinook Jargon (northwestern indian tribe and their speaking habits, basically) and somehow because La Push. I think it's because us non natives came along and said, "Oh, yeah, la push!" You know. Because we are so classy and like to take the romanticism out of everything. Of course, when you think about it, the "mouth" really isn't that classy to begin with.
if you look at the layout of the land up there, you can see why they compared it to a mouth. i guess.
4. The Quileutes do not have that guttural "u" sound like we use in English language. You know, the "u" sound in "ugh" or "done." But they do use a short "u" sound in certain words and they are almost non sounds. Which makes no sense at all whatsoever but let me share this with you to help you understand. Maybe. The Quileute word for chipmunk is: mbutsmbuts. Not sure about the spelling there, but it's pronounced:
mmmbutts mmmbutts. Really fast. Mmmbuttsmmmbutts. With the "u" not even really the "uh" sound. Just sort or a space keeper between the consonants.
Lets all say it out loud now, it's fun: mmmbuttsmmmbutts.
It's fun, right?!
Okay, whatever.
I think it's fun. I try to incorporate it into every day language at least once a day now.
5. This is just an "in my opinion" thing. If you go to Forks, you need to take the extra time to go to Port Angeles. You know, the town where Bella and Edward first eat at the little Italian restaurant. It's just a gorgeous city on top of the fact that a lot of the scenes in the books did take place there. (also, if you want to eat at the restaurant, you have to know they don't open until 4 pm. so don't go sauntering up thinking you're gonna get in with no problems at 2 pm. cuz you won't. not that i would know anything like this. btw: there's an excellent chinese food place up the block.)
6. There's a good possibility you'll run into one of the characters! They have look alikes wandering around the town and businesses. A lot of them work at the Dazzled By Twilight store. James works in the tshirt section! And, be sure if you go there to go to the back of the store where they have highschool lockers for Bella, Alice, Edward, etc. Look in Edwards locker and you'll find the "golden onion." If you don't remember where that reference comes from, I don't even know who you are.
7. Right before he was going to kiss Bella in New Moon (and the phone rang and interrupted them), Jacob says this in Quileute: Kwop kilawtley. There are tons of "rumors and theories" about what this means, but our tour guide confirmed that it does, in fact, mean "Stay with me forever."
Everybody now: AAAAAWWWWW!!!! (except for me, i'm saying, 'okay, jacob, okay!')
Okay, so I'm reading over this post and I'm thinking, "Geez, you bored everyone with some stupid stuff that nobody cares about. They prolly wanna know about the size of unders that Rob wears and things like that. You should lie to them, tell them something really interesting but fake."
In fact, you may get the idea that I'm Team Jacob.
And. Yeah, you'd be right.
Alas, I can't lie. I can only tell you this:
I guess...? There is a legend of a hawt young Quileute tribe member (jacob) who was in love with this lame chick (bella) and then this cougar-ish sahm came to Forks one weekend in September (me; duh) and the hawt young guy could smell her alluring rose-like scent (hello, he has super sniff powers with his wolf self) and became obsessed with her and followed her home and loved her and hugged her and petted her and called her george for the rest of her life.
Isn't that almost unbelievable?! 
I know, right?!
If you've stayed with me this far, even though I'm rambling like a fool...I do have a treat for you.
Our tour guide told us that Stephenie Meyer just confirmed that she will finish and publish Midnight Sun. 
Know why?? 
Because her momma is her biggest fan and has been relentlessly harping on her to just do it!
This may be the only time in the history of...whatever...that we can say, 
"Thank you for harping mommas!!"
Please tell me you didn't know that. Or I'll feel like a dork.
Thank you for sticking with my rambling guys!
And a huge thank you to Trixie and Tess for having me!!
ps: there is only one chain type restaurant in Forks. Subway. so plan on going to the Thriftway (which happens to be the grocery store connected to the sporting goods store where Bella worked in the books and movies. The sporting goods store is actually Ace Hardware.) or driving to Port Angeles for grub.


hotpants™ said...

I obviously love everything about this... well, except for the Team Jacob part. Thanks for sharing, Mimi.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Wow awesome, sounds like you learned a lot while in Forks!!!

Saying chipmunk like a Quileute was actually quite fun. And holy crap I did not know about SM finally finishing Midnight Sun!!!!

So the Newtons own an Ace Hardware huh who'd of thunk it lol

I'm off to go read your Forks blog posts, I will live vicariously through you since I will probably never make it to FOOORKS

Dangrdafne said...

Thanks Mimi for all the awesome information as I am heading to Forks next week on the Twitarded pilgrimmage :)

You didn't happen to notice any health food stores anywhere did you? Forks? Port Angeles? Just curious.

It is nice to hear about someone being Team Jacob :) I am Team Everyone so it can be tough with all the Team Edward folks :) LOL

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing deets on your trip.. I really enjoyed it!!! And saying chipmunk made me giggle.. just cause I said it.. out loud :)

@Dangrdafne - I know a fan who lives in the Portland area who would LOVE to meet up with you all ... she actually works on the campus where they filmed the Biology Field trip scene... and she sent me pictures of other sites from the film.. for example... do you remember when Bella first tells Edward she knows he's a vampire and he takes her up to that wooded area and tries to scare her away and then when she doesn't run away they are between the two rocks.. and he leans into her.. bracing both hands on the rock on either side of her and tells her she must tell him what she is thinking, he can't read her mind.... sigh... sorry.. anyway.. this fan girl can take you there if you are interested. let me know if you would like a a local tour guide.. I believe she told me you can also go to where they had the prom.. and have a nice meal...

just putting it out there. :)

Mimi.. thanks again.. I loved reading this and I am off to read it on your blog as well :)

luckydame said...

Who needs Fromers Guides when you have MiMi!!!

Great review of Forks and I'll try to forget the jacob stuff. :)

Now I'm excited I never read Midnight Sun. It's still here on my desktop but I kept waiting to read it just in case she did publish it.


MiMi said...

I'm so excited that at least two readers didn't know about Midnight Sun!! I have been saving it and not reading in case she published. Yay!
Also...healthfood stores...NONE in Forks...But I'm SURE Port Angeles will have some. They are about 65 miles away...but it's beautiful scenery!

Christiejolu said...

So she is publishing the book after all??? Sweet!!!

I loved reading this post...I want to got there so bad!

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Mimi - I loved your post! Those are the kinds of interesting facts I love to learn. Very cool! I am gonna head over and read your original posts! I figured SM would get around to Midnight Sun in her own time and on her own terms. I can't wait until it is published!
I wish I was going to Forks next week!!!!

Dangrdafne said...

@ Kelly - your friend is more than welcome to come on down to Forks and hang with us. Or she could contact the Twitarded ladies with her info and how she could help out with some touring or something.