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Mockingjay Reading Group-The Assault

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The Assault takes place during chapters 10-18.  
During the first few pages, Katniss is giving a recap of what happened in the room when Peeta sent out his warning to District 13.  You can feel her pain as she realizes that Peeta is being beaten for his actions.  

The alarm is sounded and everyone heads down
...down...and further down into the bunkers of District 13.

Side Note:
Has anyone read Steph Meyer's book The Host?
It's another huge favorite of mine and as I was reading The Mockingjay and learning about District 13, I couldn't help but make parallels to District 13 and the cave that is told about in The Host.

Back to Mockingjay.
As everyone makes their way down into the bunker, Katniss realizes that Prim and Gale are no where to be found.  She rushes up to the big stone walls being cranked close and she demands them to hold the doors open.  She yells out for Prim...and from a distance, she can hear Prim and Gale calling back.  Moments after they make it into the bunker, the first bomb hits District 13.
Peeta had been right.
What will happen to Peeta?
Prim helps Katniss come to the realization that Snow is going to do whatever it takes to break her.
She mulls that over...wondering what will it take to break her?
Finnick and Katniss bond over their common ground...Peeta and Annie are both at the mercy of the Capitol and Snow.  Katniss knows that the Capitol is using Peeta to fight against her.  Snow believes that breaking Peeta means breaking Katniss.

How did you feel at this point?  
Did you feel like Peeta would make it out alive 
knowing that Snow was using him against Katniss?  
How about Annie?

After the bombings subside, Katniss is taken out to film footage of her and District 13.  To prove that they are still alive and well.  Katniss has a meltdown.  She wakes up a day later to find out that Plutarch was sending a rescue team and guess what?  Gale was part of the team.

Do you feel that back and forth tugging on Katniss?  Save Gale.  Save Peeta.  Save Gale.  Save Peeta.  Poor girl.

I don't want to recap the next few chapters, because I'm sure I would hit some sort of word limit on Blogger.

Peeta comes back...and he's alive, but he's not the Peeta Katniss last saw a month and a half earlier in the arena.  He's been "hijacked" by the Capitol.

One of my favorite parts of the next couple of Chapters is finding out about Finnick's secrets!  Wasn't that fabulous?!  I loved that he could hit them where it hurt.  He was able to shed a lot of light on President Snow and his behaviors.  It was interesting to find out that part of the revenge was for Haymitch, for him beating the arena...and making a fool of Snow and the Gamemakers.

How bad do you feel for Katniss when she FINALLY sees Peeta and he tries to kill her?!
My heart was once again broken for her.  I think I cried a little on this part. I could just feel her anguish.  Especially after seeing the happy reunion between Finnick and Annie.

Over the next few chapters, they try to get Peeta un-brainwashed and they begin training the soldiers, including Katniss and Gale, for the Assault.

Next week we'll discuss THE ASSAULT.

Talk to us!  
Tell us what you think!  
Opinions, feelings, any "side notes" of your own?

Trixie & Tess


twigirl_world said...

This was an emotional part in the book for me. I'm really a total sap. My eyes were red the 2 days I read this book...
Anywho...YES I've read The Host, twice in fact. I loved it and you are not alone in comparing the caves to the bunkers of 13, I thought the same thing. And while I'm typing bout it. I can't wait till that movie gets going!!
Back to Mockingjay. Knowing Peeta was getting beaten and might be near death was awful. Again, his last thoughts were to save Katniss, sacrificing himself, again. *tear*
I was so happy that we got more Finnick and was so happy that we was back w/ Annie.
And finally the build up of finally having Katniss see Peeta. And I was on a high, for 2 sec until he attacked. I think I may have actually scolded him, out loud. Infact my daughter asked me who was being naughty?! lol
And now that I might get comment limit I will just say I loved these chapters even though I was pretty much a basketcase reading them.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I was done reading it like the second day it was out.. Eek!

MiMi said...

lalalalalala, can't read the post cuz I haven't read the book but I wanted to say HI!! :)