Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mockingjay Reading Group-Week 3 (Bonus: Giveaway!)

Welcome to Week 3 of our 
Mockingjay Reading Group

In Chapters 6-12, 
we find out just how far the Capitol is willing to go 
to break Katniss.  

At the beginning of Chapter 6
Katniss has heard Haymitch's voice for the first time since that 
fateful night during the Quarter Quell, 
when she realized that he had played her as a pawn in the his game against the Capitol.  That's when Haymitch does what Haymitch does best,
 he provokes Katniss to perform.  
I love Haymitch's role as the antagonist.  
I love the way he knows how to get under Katniss' skin.  
He know's what she's capable of and he propels her to perform at her best.  If it weren't for him showing up, the flop of a propo she had filmed the day before would have been what the Districts and the Capitol saw...the first glimpse at the Mockingjay would have been a huge failure.  But it was Haymitch that made Coin and Plutarch see that they NEEDED to put Katniss in her element.

Awe, Katniss and Haymitch working together again. Sweetheart.

My favorite quote from that chapter is when Boggs says to Katniss "Well, don't expect us to be too impressed.  We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear."
*insert visual image*
In chapter 7, they descend on District 8. 
Katniss and Gale witness the harsh conditions and the pain and suffering of the Districts first-hand.  They see how the Capitol has no respect for people or age.  They have targeted men and women, young and old.  In the midst of their tour of District 8, the Capitol sends hoverplanes to bomb the area.  Katniss and Gale decide to take action, against Plutarch and Coin's wishes.  They finally get to put their bows to use again...against the Capitol.

Chapter 8, is when the propo of Katniss as 
THE Mockingjay is aired.  
I can imagine that video being so powerful.  
I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone out there in one of those Districts.  
What would I have thought of that propo?
Would I have wanted to join the rebellion?  
I say, yes.

Toward the end of Chapter 8, Katniss sees the video of Peeta.  She sees that the healthy, "clear-eyed" boy from 5 days earlier had been turned into something almost unrecognizable.  Her and Finnick agree to not tell anyone that they saw the footage.  No one mentions Peeta to them.

In Chapter 9, Katniss questions why Gale hasn't mentioned the footage of Peeta.  She takes herself back to Peeta's warning...telling her to question Coin and District 13...to question the rebellion.  I find the part where Katniss sings The Hanging Tree to be so eerie.  What did you think while reading this part?  Did you start to try to piece together the ending?  
Would Katniss die as a way of 
sacrificing herself for the rebellion?  
Would her and Gale die together...
or her and Peeta perhaps?  
What were your thoughts? 

Katniss and Gale 
make a trip to District 12.  
Katniss films footage for Peeta showing him that there is nothing left of "home" and asking him if he really wants to call a "cease fire" for this...rubble and ashes. 
It was there in the kitchen of Katniss' Victor house that Gale tells her that the only time he gets her attention is when he's in pain.  He reminds her that she kissed him for the first time that night he laid on the table in the kitchen after being beaten.  He said he knew she would kiss him...because he was in pain.

At the end of this chapter is when Peeta gives the warning to District 13.  He also pays the price for that warning.

I know I said that we would discuss up to Chapter 12 this week, but I think we should pick up with Chapter 10 next week and discuss "The Assault" in its entirety.  Makes more sense that way.  
Don't you think?

So, tell me what your thoughts are up to this point.  
What was going through your head 
while reading these last few chapters?  
Favorite parts?  
I want to know!

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Hope everyone has 
a tantalizing Tuesday.
Loves,Trixie & Tess


MamaTink said...

OOh Ooh, I want one!

MiMi said...

I need it. It would go perfectly with my Jacob doll. I'm convinced they should get along. Since we're all 3 gonna be living together and all.

Kimi said...

I'm gonna be honest and tell you I skimmed the whole thing...but only cause I'm only on book 1. I know...sad days. However, I did stop for some drooling there in the middle and the end??? Sign me up for that! I so very much need it. Like super duper bad.

Mimi doesn't even need it...she is totally joking. She's team Jacob. Sheesh, lol

Living with Edward said...

You guys have been really getting me to contemplate reading something that is not FF with these posts on Mockingjay. I guess I'm just not ready to give up my Twi characters yet, but you definitely have me intrigued on the whole series here. I was even asking Dangrdafne if she knew anything about it when we were at Barnes and Noble last week.

The other book you rec'd looks good too. I mean, whoe doesn't like a bad boy, right?

And that zipper pouch just may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I think having it would make me a bit of a happier person. LOL

twigirl_world said...

I feel bad for not getting to comment until now but I'm loving this reread!!

So last week one of you mentioned George Clooney for Haymitch and actually I love EW's pick of Hugh Laurie (House) they also had Robert Downey Jr. Idk the best pick was Kristin Chenowith as Effie!! I'd love it!

Back to this post..so glad you gals posted the Finnick pic again. It's now saved on my flashdrive for future viewing pleasure.

When Katniss finally sees Peeta its so sad. You know they are torturing him. Its horrifying!

And then the secrets that Gale keeps hiding drives me crazy!

Now here in these chapters is when I totally changed my outlook on Gale. TBH I actually thought of Gale as the 'Edward' and Peeta as the 'Jacob' but this book reversed all of that for me and these chapters I finally saw what took Katniss the whole book to see. Gale was her Jacob, she could live w/o him.

And then the Hanging Tree song. I am pretty emotional, like for reals I cry at EVERYTHING. And I was sobbing here. And then when Kimmy from GoldenEyes/Mockingjay recorded the song I got chills. So creepy. It reminded me of the haunting song she sang to Rue.

And now that I've posted a comment longer than your post, lol, I will tell you I WANT that wallet!! OMR!!

hotpants™ said...

I want anything and everything that has to do with Edward. Duh!

I felt so bad for Katniss when she realized they were torturing Peeta. I hated that she didn't know exactly what was going on with him for quite some time. I really started to hate Haymitch for all he'd put her through without her knowing about it. I really lost faith in Haymitch after the way Book 2 ended.