Friday, October 29, 2010

Rob P0rn

Trixie and I amaze ourselves that we still have Rob/Twilight related things to talk about on a weekly basis. Seems as though, eventually ideas and topics would run dry, but nope. Week after week, we still find things to talk about.

However, this Rob Drought has gone on too long...and it's still a long 167 days until Water For Elephants...and an even LONGER 384 days until Breaking Dawn 1. 

We need some set pics, Robsten pics, TomStu/RPattz bromance pics...something!

*tapping fingers*

What to do? What to do?

I'm bored.

How about some recycled Rob p0rn and a giveaway?!

*cue the music*

*prepare yourself for a pic spam*...and scroll...

*wipe the drool off of your keyboard*

Now, for a giveaway.

Who wants another chance to win a Rob/Twilight coffee sleeve??

If you're sitting there nodding your head "yes", then comment on this post and let us know you want to win.

We will be giving away at least 5!

P.S.  We also have a Jasper/Jackson coffee sleeve that is needing a good home.  So, if you're a fan and want him (you know you do), tell us!

P.S.S.  We also have one for any Team Jacob people.  It's pink w/ a Wolf Pack tattoo.  So, if you're a fan of the wolf and want everyone at Starbucks (or wherever you get coffee) to know, tell us!

Hope everyone has a fanfreakintastic Friday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Be safe,
Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's A Girl

I had a dream...

Not like MLK, mine wasn't quite as substantial or historical.

It was more freaking-out-waking-up-checking-my-belly.

I had a dream that I was preggo. I think it's from all the comments from family lately about "when are you having another baby?"...and "you've waited 6 more years, isn't it time for another?"...and "little man needs a baby brother or sister"...and said little man going around telling people he's going to be a big brother. I like his faith and confidence, but I had to tell him that he couldn't go around telling people that because they would think mommy is pregnant.

I'm fat, not pregnant. There's just lots of Chinese food in this fat baby.

Maybe the Chinese food from last night is why I was having these whack dreams?

So, my dream lead me to thinking about Bella...and KStew...and how Kristen will handle being preggo.

There has been a lot of talk lately in interviews about how she'll handle it. 
 She seems pretty confident that she'll be able to tackle this new version of Bella. 
 I personally believe she is only getting better with each movie.

We know that her and Rob have bonded and are closer than ever.

This fact can only help make Breaking Dawn better

We know her and Rob have been practicing the act of baby making. 

I mean, come on...down time in Baton Rouge?  
They're definitely practicing.

What are your thoughts?

How will she handle becoming a mom in Breaking Dawn? 
 How will she handle the baby and the imprinting...
all while becoming a newborn herself? 
 Is it too much 
or do you think Kristen is up for the challenge?
Trixie & Tess

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

British Idol - Robert Pattinson

There have been rumors floating around the interwebs about Rob turning down another well-known Brit's offer to create an album.
 That's right at least 12 whole songs of nothing but this...

Could you imagine?!  
A whole CD w/ nothing but that sexy soulful voice coming through the speakers...pure bliss...and also pure rumor. 
Simon Cowell, of American Idol fame, did not offer Rob a record deal.

However, I think he should!!  We may need to start a Twihard campaign.

 Rob said that cutting a record is his fall back career...if this whole acting thing doesn't pan out.

Have you heard that Robsten made an appearance at a local Baton Rouge game store?  
They look happy don't they?  I LOVE me some happy Robsten.

It's reported that they were in the game store to pick up the game Fallout : New Vegas.
I wasn't sure what Fallout even was.  I'm not a gamer, but Pocket Edward's kidnapper is.  I got the 411.  Apparently it's a post-apocalyptic game that is staged in Vegas...well, New Vegas.  I'm thinking if I was a gamer, I would love this game.  All of my reading material lately has been post-apocalyptic.

What else do you think Rob and Kristen have been doing to occupy their down time in BR?

Trixie & Tess

Friday, October 22, 2010

Krisbians, Unite!

Our lady is back and she is looking smokin' hot!

Kristen has been in NYC recently promoting Welcome to the Riley's and has been looking better than ever.  Is that because she is getting to spend a lot of time with her man on the Breaking Dawn set?  Probably.  Her hair has grown out, it is back to a chestnut brown and she is glowing.

It made me realize that I might be *gasp* a Krisbian.  I've never thought of myself in those terms before.  But I have realized that I am a fan of her personally.  Yes, she is different and a little weird.  That used to annoy me and make me think she wasn't good enough for His Hotness, but now that is what I love about her.

She is definitely not your average Hollywood starlet and I like it.    

She is who she is and makes no apologies for it.  That is the way we all should be.  So, what do you think...

Do you have an inner Krisbian?  

Trixie & Tess

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Revenge Begins

And so it begins.

I've been thinking about this since October 8th, 
the day of Pocket Edward's return.
I wasn't sure how I was going to begin my revenge,
but I knew I was going to get it.
Somehow, someway.

Now, you should know that this is 
my final revenge, but it's a start.
I have a lot more things planned for PE captors and his tormentor.

Last week, I decided it was time to act.
I know, I know.  
You're probably thinking "what the hey? Barbie clothes?"

What you should know is that 
I also got this in the mail last Friday.
In case you're not familiar with figurines 
other than Pocket Edward or other pocket-sized Twilight characters, 
this here is Master Chief.

Throughout the picture releases last week, I noticed one commonality...
it seemed as though Master Chief was not on a mission to destroy Pocket Edward.

It actually seemed as though, he had a "thing" for Pocket Edward.

At this time I would like you to recall the spankings and the "bowing" to Master Chief.

Hmmm. Interesting.

I think it is safe to say that Master Chief is Team Edward.

Yep, definitely Team Edward.
"Oh,what's that Master Chief?
You love Edward.
Me too!
Let's go get our nails done and
have hearts with 'EC' put on them."

Next phase of revenge coming soon.

This time we'll target the kidnappers.

Stay tuned.

Love, Tess.

P.S.  I hope that you'll find it in your Twihard hearts to forgive me of my transgression.  I'll never let Pocket Edward out of my sight again.  He is being checked on and played with daily.

P.S.S  Does anyone have any revenge ideas for me?
Trixie & Tess

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking Dawn -- Casting and Set Updates

As most of you already know, the casting for the Covens is pretty much finished.  

We thought we would put up some pics and see what you all think of the people who will play some of the new roles in Breaking Dawn 1&2.

Shall we?

Amazon Coven
Irish Coven
Egyptian Coven
American Nomads are:
Bill Tangradi - Randall
Lee Pace - Garrett
Toni Trucks - Mary
Erik Odom - Peter
Valorie Curry - Charlotte
Joe Anderson - Alistair

So, what are your thoughts so far? 

Do you think the casting is spot on...
kinda what you had in mind...
or not even?

Also, good news for us Robsten lovers...
KStew and Rob seemed to have made their way 
to Baton Rouge...together!

Taylor is there too, of course.  
See the little furry guy Kristen is petting?...


Kristen picked up an award for Best Fantasy Actress 
at the 2010 Scream Awards
Didn't she look smokin' hott?!
Nikki and JBone were there to keep her company.
Rob, Tay, and the rest of the gang stayed back 
in Baton Rouge to get things rolling.

And we all say HALLELUJAH!

So, who is your favorite newbie?
Trixie & Tess