Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Twilight Junkies Interview

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely ladies at Twilight Junkies Anonymous.  If you haven't visited the lovely ladies at TJA, please do!  They're super awesome bloggy friends.  We love them!  You will too!

It's always fun to learn more about each other.  
If you haven't been interviewed by them yet, 
I'm sure they would love to feature you on 
one of their Twilight Junkies Tuesdays!
In case you missed the interview, here it is again. 

-What got you into Twilight?
The year was 2008, I was pretty sure that I would never read anything about vampires or werewolves. Eww. It just was not my style. I was a fluffy, romance reader. Until one fateful day, a co-worker brought in Twilight. She was reading it to make sure it was OK for her 12 year old daughter to read. I was still anti-vampires. Two days later, she had a book that looked like Twilight, but it had this flower on the front...New Moon. Hmm. So, I asked her what it was and she said that it is the second book...and that there is a third one and a fourth one coming out the next month. I remember thinking that it had to be good for her to read the first one in a couple of days and be coming to the end of the second. I could tell that she was no longer reading these as a way of screening her 12 year olds reading material. There was something more. Fast forward a few weeks. I decided to pick up the book one day at Wal-Mart while I was grocery shopping. Four days later, I had read the entire saga and was started on Twilight for the second time. The rest is history.

-Do your family and friends know how deep your twi-obsession goes (be specific about what your obsession is, how do you hide it, or how do you advertise it)
Yes. I'm very open with my twi-obsession. My office is my little Twilight sanctuary. I have a gazillion posters, collector's items, dolls, life-size standups of Edward and Jacob. I throw big premiere parties for the movies. Everybody knows.  It's definitely not a secret.

My office

My parties

-Are you team edward, team jacob, team (fill in the blank)? Why, is it because of the character or the person that plays them in the movie?
Short answer, Team Edward. Long answer, I have a soft spot for the wolf. There are moments while reading the books or watching the movies where I fall into that Bella role and I love Jacob. I'm Switzerland from time to time, but just like Bella...I choose him. It's always been him.

-Which Twilight book is your favorite and why?
Eclipse. It's my favorite for many reasons. I love the action and excitement. I love that Edward is back and the world seems right again. I love the love story that unfolds for Edward and Bella. It's magical.

-If you read fanfic and your willing to admit it which is your favorite story?
I haven't been a fanfic reader, but I'm slowly getting into it. I just recently started reading 50 Shades. It's good good.

-Which person would you most likely still be into if they were not involved in Twilight; explain why.
Duh. Rob "His Hottness" Pattinson. I love that boy.

-If you ever met your favorite Twilight star how would you react? What would you do or say.
I've met a few of the Twilight stars and I just tried to play it cool. I tried to make a personal connection of some sort...and say something witty or clever. I think my best interaction so far was with Michael Welch. He is just a genuine funny guy and he's so open with the fans. He offered me a drink of his Starbucks. I said no because I knew he would probably toss it out after I left. I mean, come on, who in the heck is just going to drink after some random fangirl?! I couldn't let him waste a good Starbucks.

So, I hope that if one day I'm lucky enough to meet Rob, I'll respond the same way. However, it could go south fast. I could potentially forget my name and start hyperventilating and the next thing I knew I could be waking up with a concussion. Yeah, it could totally go down like that. Hopefully, Trixie would be with me and she would remind me to breathe.

-If you were to replace any person in Twilight who would you replace them with and why.
I'm going to take the easy road and say that I would replace Bryce and bring back Rachelle. I always hate when stars of movies are replaced. Nothing personal, I just prefer the original.

-How many times have you read the Twilight Saga? If you've read it multiple times, what makes you keep rereading? If you've only read it once, why haven't you reread it?????
Too many to keep count. I re-read it because I love to live in those books. It's my favorite escape from reality.

- What is your most precious item in your Twilight collection and why? (share pics if possible)
For Christmas 2008, my husband bought me this.  

I drew the arrows to show you where the autographs are.  It's a crap picture with my iPhone, so it's hard to see KStew's (it's in her hair).  They're a lot more clear in person.

My poor husband.  He had no idea that he was creating a monster...a Twilight Monster.

I also aqcuired this from the Twilight Convention...

It's a banner from the convention w/ all 7 stars in attendance autographs...PFach, Michael Welch, Gil Birmingham, Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Kiowa Gordon (Embry), Tinsel Korey (Emily).  

Oh, and my magazines.  I LOVE them.  I think my GQ and Vanity Fair are my favorites.

-What is the craziest Twilight related think you've done? (include pics if possible)
I've got a tattoo.  It's on my rib area on my left side...closest to my heart.  Cheesy.  I know.

And I flew to Atlanta for the Twilight Convention earlier this year. That's not really crazy, but it sure was fun! I'm planning on going again in November to the Dallas Twilight Convention. If you get a chance, you should go!!

The truth is that I would be willing to do just about anything for the sake of Twilight.  Sky is the limit.

-What is your favorite song from the Twilight Saga and why?
Only one?! Well, I really love so many, so it's hard to choose. Monsters from the Twilight Soundtrack immediately makes me think of Twilight. I just have to hear the first few bars and I'm there. However, most fresh on my mind is Chop and Change from the Eclipse Soundtrack. I just dig that song. It's totally my style. I love it!

- Tell us your favorite quote from each book?
"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."
— (Twilight)

"The bond forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time. And no matter how much more special or beautiful or brilliant or perfect than me he might be, he was as irreversibly altered as I was. As I would always belong to him, so would he always be mine."
— (New Moon)

"He sighed. The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."
— (Eclipse)

"Now you know," I said lightly, and shrugged. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you." (Bella to Edward)
— (Breaking Dawn)

"And, by the way, I adore you.... in frightening, dangerous ways."
— (Midnight Sun)

-Has Twilight taken over your life? Explain.
Yeah, pretty much. I don't even know where to begin to explain, but it's what I think about, compare other books to, daydream about, blog about, save money, um, yeah.

- Tell us anything else Twilighty about yourself that you would like to share.
I'm an Alice.



MamaTink said...

Ooh, I love the Tat!

MiMi said...

You know what's sad? I picked up Twilight years ago...and I got halfway through it and realized it was YA fiction and decided I couldn't read anymore after I was finished.
So a couple years later my sister asks if I've read it and I told her I did.
And so I did. And then I loved em. Eclipse is my favorite too...but New Moon has a special place in my heart because it's when I turned Team Jacob. :)

rpfangirldc said...

Loved the q&A!!! I also love Eclipse! I can't believe you have a soft spot for SharkBoy. Yeah, okay... every once in a long while I will. Rob... duh. I find it amazing that you went to a convention. Your tatt is even cooler than that.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Marie and I are both glad you came over to play on our blog. We love you both too.


twigirl_world said...

I have to say this post made me laugh, and actually (reading some of those quotes) cry. Its so nice to share your Twilight story...I may not be interviewed but I might do a post myself using some of these questions (if you don't mind)
I have always wanted a Twilight tat (w/o the dark we'd never see the stars) but some are very bad. Your tat is beautiful, classy and at least in a spot that you can cover up easily. Love it!

hotpants™ said...

I have plans for a Twilight tattoo, but only die hards will get the reference. I plan to get the lyric "steadily emerging from grace" tattooed down my side. It's from the Blue Foundation song on the first soundtrack. It's mostly because I love the lyric, but I'll know it's from Twilight too. ;)

I love her answer about being Team Edward, but having a soft spot for the wolf. And that like Bella it's always been Edward. So true!

hotpants™ said...

I meant "steadily emerging with grace". Whoops!