Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

Sit back, relax, and read a TNT post from the vault.

It's WAYBACK Wednesday!

The following is a text message between Trixie and Tess.  
(This is where all of their most brillant conversations take place.)

One afternoon, in a moment of weakness, Tess says to Trixie,
"I'm starving!  Well, not literally, but you know.  I feel a stop through the drive thru calling my name.  Seriously, McDonald's is saying "Tess, you want fries with that shake?" 

To which Trixie responded,
"Yes, YOU DO want fries with that Kardashian-ghetto-booty-shake that all the men love." 

"I'm hungry too!  I ate my lunch and my afternnon snack at the same time.  Not good."  She continued, "If the world was populated with only black men we would be the most desirable women on the planet!" 

Tess thought that one over for a minute and replied "you've definitely got a point's all about perspective really.  Maybe I should just slap some Derrion or Apple Bottom Jeans on this ghetto booty and call it good?!" 

Trixie said, "yes!  That is the answer to our problems.  Now we just need the boots with the fur."  She then followed up with this grim light on the subject..."Unfortunately, Rob is white and is currently dating a girl with no arse at all."

*Tess inserted that she was playing some Flo Rida in honor of all the ghetto booties out there*

Tess says, "I think we could convert Rob to the ghetto booty."

Trixie concurs, "Yes, Rob just needs to be educated in the finer points of a voluptuous woman.

"Voluptous women rock...if you know what I mean...and I think you do", adds Tess...
"once you go fat you'll never go back."

Trixie: "Did you stop by McDonald's?"
Tess:  "No.  Drove by at break-neck speeds to keep my car from swerving in the drive-thru.  You?"
Trixie: "No.  I'll be strong and keep driving."
Tess:  "Yes.  Stay strong.  You can do it."
Trixie: "I did it."
Tess:  "Way to go. We rock."

Come back tomorrow for IRWTSMN!!


Pocket Edward said...

I'm with you...Dayum proud to have a bit of "junk in mah trunk"

Us ghetto booty girls gotta stick together.

rpfangirldc said...

I own a ghetto universe... the booty and all other things just packed in a really white girl.

LOve that you have each other for that great support system.

Kelly said...

Repeat after me Rob, curves are good, curves are good, curves are good....

I believe it's easier to change someones preference than to change yourself to fit someone elses picture of perfect :)

MiMi said...

Everybody together now: "My milkshake brings all the boys to they yard..."
LOL : )

TongueTwied said...

I remember this the first time. Mix in Sir Mix a lot and it's memorable.

Have you ever heard the Richard Cheese version of Baby Got Back? It is just hysterical. I can try to dig around for it if you can't find it.