Friday, October 1, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday....

Today is the BIG day.  Something definitely worth celebrating. 

It's TESS' Birthday!!!!
Yes, I'm recycling this LTT/LTR picture that Tess used for my
birthday because I'm lame like that. 

How can one use enough words to describe how great Tess is?  You can't.  She is just simply one of those people.  You know the type.  Perpetually positive and upbeat, happy to be alive, not afraid to be who she is, genuinely has a heart of gold, and
 simply one-of-a-kind. 

 Tess is the backbone of Trixie and Tess, she is strong when I waiver, she posts for days on end when I can think of nothing at all to say.  She loves each and everyone of you with all her heart.  I'm sure if you have ever left a comment she has returned it, and most of you have had some sort of personal contact from her.

 She is also my "person".  I can go to her with anything, tell her anything, and be who I truly am with her.  She is there for me NO MATTER WHAT! 
That is a rare quality in a friend these days. 
She has helped me through all sorts of tough spots this last year.

I LOVE YOU, TESS!!!     
 Someone else wanted to stop by and wish Tess a happy birthday...

Hey, Tess.  Happy Birthday.  I will be thinking about you ALL day.
(I am also lame and don't know how to add captions to the pic, so this is what you get)

Maybe you could join me later on today and help me get out of this sweater.

Ugh, I'm mesmerized.  Can't think of a caption for this one.

So let's all leave Tess some birthday love in the comments.

If you do, you can win one of these... 


Trixie & Tess


Kelly said...


Have the best day possible!




Kelly said...

Yeah and I got to be first :)

TongueTwied said...

Live it up! 29 is a wonderful age! Enjoy today!

Happy Birthday! Check your email. I gave it to Rob to send you something.

MamaTink said...

Have a Happy Twilight Birthday Tess!

MiMi said...

Happy Birthday to Tess, Happy Birthday to Tess, Happy Birthday Dear Teesssssss...Happy Birthday to you!!! LOVE YOU!

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Happy Birthday Tess!!!!!!!!!

I hope it's a great one!

Corinne said...

Happy Birthday Tess!!

Christiejolu said...

Happy birthday to you!

Olivia Carter said...

Yeah! Happy, happy birthday! May it be filled with all sorts of sexy Rob dreams!

itsjustme1217 said...

Happy birthday Tess.

blondie_24 said...

I already sent it on twitter but this is going to be better!


Hope you have a very twilighty Edward Cullen filled birthday :)

TwitardedMom said...

Tess. I hope your birthday is as special as you are. That would be super, duper extra special.

Alisha said...


You deserve an amazing birthday!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday and keep up on your AH-mazing work!

April said...

Hey Birthday Girl!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Sending love from Oregon!! xoxo

17foreverlisa said...

Happy birthday from FORKS, Tess! Hope you had a great day :)


UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Hey Tess! Have fantabulous, wonderful, Roblicious birthday girl!!!!! We love ya!!!!!

Salt said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope you had the most amazing one yet. :)

rpfangirldc said...

Happy Birthday Tess!!! I hope your day was fantastic!!!

Did your Rob wishes come true?

Married2MyJacob said...

Happy belated Birthday Tess!! I hope you had a wonderful day full of Robtastic surprises!! :D

luckydame said...

I'm sorry I missed this post on Friday....but Happy Belated Birthday Tess!!!!!

Living with Edward said...

Happy Birthday Tess!! Mini Edward is very sad that he can't wish you a happy birthday in person. He just adores you.

Mama Cougar said...

As usual, I am late to the party, but I have an excellent excuse. I WAS SPOONING TWITARDS IN FOOOORRRKKKSSSS!!!

Happy birthday Tess - I hope you had excellent Birthday Secks.



My After Car Is An XKR said...

Happy birthday, love! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, full of Robward and empty of papercuts :)

Dangrdafne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESS!!!!! Sorry it is a little belated. I hope you had an excellent day and all your birthday wishes came true :)

Munkee said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! I've been meaning to drop you a note and tell you ladies thanks for turning me on to Mockingjay....just finished the whole series and I loved it!

And I'm a huge fan of fabric inspired RobPorn, so thanks for sharing that, too!

Lisa Moore Gee said...

Happy Birthday!!! my sister just went on a Twi Cruise to Alaska with some of the actors from the movie, and also a tour of Forks and La Push beach with my grandma. I would love to win this for my sister! Going to have to buy one if I don't win! Super cool!!