Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway Winners and...wait for it...ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

Today, we have 5 lucky winners of some totes awesome Rob/Twilight/Jackson/Wolfpack 
coffee sleeves!

You're stuck with the luck of the draw.  

We're at the end of our stock pile o' coffee sleeves, so you get what you special requests.  

Winner #1 - rpfangirl

Winner #2 - twigirl_world

Winner #3 - hotpants

Winner #4 - Living With Edward

Winner #5 - Mimi - 
I had to pick you, because you're one of the only people who reads this blog, 
who would love and accept a wolf pack coffee sleeve.

E-mail us your addys and your sleeves will be on their way!!

...are you waiting for it?

The next giveaway.  

What is this, like Giveaway Central or something?!

Well, whatever it is, it's fun...we love it, you guys get good Twilight's a win win!

Next Saturday and Sunday, I (Tess) am going to be at the Dallas Twilight Convention.  Anybody else?  Wouldn't that be cool?  Anyway.  I'm going to be there and I bought an extra autograph ticket for Peter Facinelli, aka Dr. Cullen...Daddy C...whatever you prefer to call him.  One of our lucky blog followers will win a personalized autograph from Peter. 

To enter:

*You MUST be a follower of TNT.
*You MUST comment on this post.
*We MUST be able to contact you through e-mail.
*In your comment, please tell us your favorite thing about PFach.
**For extra entries, you can pimp this giveaway out on your blog, tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, or share this giveaway on Facebook...but you MUST come back and let us know, so that we don't overlook any entries.

Good luck!

You have from now until next Thursday at 11:59pm to enter.  I'll be leaving for Dallas on Friday and I'll need to know the name of the winner before I leave.

(Disclaimer:  If they're not allowing personalization, you'll just get an autographed picture of PFach, but more than likely they will allow them to be personalized.)


Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday! *muah*
Trixie & Tess


Dangrdafne said...

I am a follower. I am commenting. My favorite thing about PFach is his commitment to charity. He is an amazingly giving man and who couldn't love that. I also love how committed he is to his family and his wife, Jenny. He is a wonderful person as far as I can tell.

Have a great time at the convention!!!

Dangrdafne said...

Can you tell I want this?? I rarely work this hard for anything... well maybe an iTunes gift card ;) LOL!!!

I have retweeted about this contest and I have posted about it on my Facebook. I will do a blog post as soon as my current one gets around. Anything else I can do?????

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

OMG I would so love to win this contest. I love Peter so much, if I wasn't into Twilight I would still be into Peter and everything he does. I watched his TV show Fastlane religiously and was devastated when it got cancelled. I made my brother, sister and my sisters boyfriend watch it with me when they played a Fastlane marathon on cable after it was cancelled.

I posted about the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter! FB @TheonlyMrs Cullen Twtter @MrsKassieCullen. And I did a post on Twilight Junkies Anonymous!

Love you!!!!!!!! Have fun at the convention!!!!!!!!!!!

MiMi said...

Congrats to the other winners and I knew my Jacob love would pay off one day!! Thank you!!!! I'm so excited. SO excited. Not only do I get a wolf pack sleeve...but I also get an excuse to go get COFFEE!!! :)

hotpants™ said...


I love mine so much.

Living with Edward said...

I won! I won! I won! I am sooo excited! Holy Rob hotness batman! It's a keeper. LOL

OMG, I LOVE PFach. I would love a signed pic of him!! I love how nice and caring and giving PFach is. So I am going to take a lesson from him. I am a follower, making a comment, and I tweeted your blog and Contest. I will also put it in a post on my other blog. Will let you know when it's up. But if I win, I want the prize to go to Dangrdafne. I know how amazingly happy it would make her and she is just as, if not more, nice, caring, and giving as PFach. She deserves it!

Married2MyJacob said...

Wow this is an awesome contest!! Thanks guys :)
I would have to say my favourite thing about PFach is that he is not a "typical" Hollywood actor. He seems to genuinely love to interact with his fans! I also love the fact that he uses his celebrity status to help out charities. It seems he's always lending a helping hand somewhere, which is great! He just seems to be a "real" person, and not your typical stuck up attention loving celebrity! :)

I have tweeted about the contest on my twitter, and I have posted it on my FB.

UtterlyAbsurd Bella said...

Congrats to all of the winners!!!! I really really need to get one of those coffee cup sleeves :) I'm gonna head over there to Etsy and looks some more!

The PFach autograph is such a cool idea! Does Kassie pimping this out on the blog count for me too???? LOL
I'll second it in the comments!

TwitardedMom said...

Of course I'm a devoted follower even if sometimes I don't comment.

I love PFach for being such a grounded family man instead of a hollywood type. Plus he plays so many differnt roles. To me anyone can play the same type of character over and over, but only a good actor can show us so many different characters.

TheRugbymom said...

PFach is awesome for all the reasons mentioned above . . . and he tweets!

17foreverlisa said...

You girls are so sweet. Congrats to the winners!

PFach. Sexy. Family man. Sexy. Funny. Sexy. Giving. Sexy. Embraces life. Did I mention sexy? LOL

I love him. I would love to win. But like LwE, I love Dangrdafne even more and would have you send it to her if I won :)

Have a blast at the convention, Tess. So jealous!

17foreverlisa said...

PS: Off to tweet about the contest. Gone for the weekend, but will give you a shout out on my blog when I get home.

Lety said...

yay a fun contest!!!! thanx TNT :)

I "heart" Peter Facinelli ~he seems to be genuine awesome person :)

I love reading his tweets and his charities. I love how he is so loyal, and loving towards his fans (he replied to me 1 time in a trend!! woohoo)

I met him at a Twilight Convention he was so nice (and soft!!!) I wasn't going to go to the TwiCon that day until he was added on last minute, of course then I purchased tickets and photo op :) I mean HELLO!!! it's Peter!!!!

he rocks!!!

p.s I also tweeted this contest,
good luck to all of us on this contest, whoever wins will be lucky to win something soft Peter touched, lol :) wooho!!!

tonyapinyan said...

Totes <3 PFach!!!
As for his personal life I can only go off of what he talks about & my opinions. With that in mind HE EFFIN' ROCKS! Love how he genuinely cares for his fans! Has that Cool, Sauve, I guess I'm kinda awesome but you'd never hear me say that myself Attitude & H E L L O ~ all we have to do is take a peek at him: GORGEOUS!

So yeah, would be Tickled beyond Pink if I could win an autograph pic!! I'm going to the Twi-Con in Orlando in Dec & my Soul Sister & I are getting our pic taken with him, but couldn't get the auto :(
Tweeted this on Twitter @TwilightMomGa

Have fun in Dallas

Dangrdafne said...


Smitten said...

Congrats to the winners.

I follow. I comment. And if my procrastination does not get in the say, I will tweet and pimp you out on my blog... Not that that will get you any extra attention.

PFach rocks because he is so down-to-earth. He is obviously a devoted father and husband, and is committed not only to his family, but also to his causes. He strikes me as someone who always wants to help others succeed.

Plus I absolutely love him as Coop on Nurse Jackie. His comedic timing is excellent!

Christiejolu said...

Congrats to the winners!!! YAY MiMi!!!!

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I am a follower and thus my comment. What I love about PFach is that he is a total family man. Nothing is more attractive than a man who loves his children and his wife.

OneWarmMomma said...

I pimped on Twitter, I pimped on FB, I pimped on my blog, and OF COURSE I'm showing my love for your pure awesomeness!!

My favorite thing about PFach....Hmmm?

He's a famous, but not a celebrity...he hasn't let the success go to his head and still keeps it real. He's a family man, and seems to be proud of that status. He's funny, he's gorgeous, he's PFach!!

Tara said...

i'm a follower!!!! is it ok if the #1 reason i love pfach is because he's so sexy??

Tara said...

retweeted one of your tweets! hope it brings you some last minute entries!