Monday, November 1, 2010

I Wanna Slap KStew

While browsing through the Internet this morning, looking for something good and juicy to post,

I came across an article that reports:  Kristen Stewart Goes on Diet.  

For reals?!  

Does this look like someone who needs to diet?  I think not.  I'm a professional at diets...who needs them, who doesn't, etc., etc.

Does she even have fat on her body?  

Her BMI is probably a 10 or something.

She claims that during the filming of WTTR, she ate "disgustingly".  We know one thing is definitely true about KStew, she completely takes on her character she is portraying.  She said that she ate bad, smoked a lot of cigarettes, and got very little sleep.  So, she's trying to clean things up a bit while filming BD.  She feels like she needs to be in a healthier state to portray Bella.

I would say that we should introduce her to OUR diet plan...IRWTSMN, but I'm sure she is already familiar with it.  

She should probably be our president or something.

Disclaimer:  I love KStew.  I think she's gorgeous.  I really don't want to slap her...just steal her boyfriend.

Trixie & Tess


hotpants™ said...

Maybe she's not trying to 'diet', but just wants to eat better. There's nothing wrong with that. And a lot of celeb's words are taken out of context. As a 'skinny' person, I do have to watch what I eat because now that I'm older things are starting to stick around if I'm not careful.

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

LOL! I think we all would love to steal her boyfriend. :)

About her comment, sounds like what she meant to say was "detox" and eat healthier, not necessarily diet.

Demanda said...

HA HA HA!!!!! Love the last part about stealing her man.

To be honest, I am VERY sick of stick thin girls going on and on about how they need to diet. SHUT YOUR FACE KStew (I heart Kristen... A LOT) but seriously... she is already so tiny!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs ladies!! ;) MWAH!

RobzSinger said...

i think she's just working out for the negligee ripping scene. then she has to be an athletic vamp.

lol. she is def familiar with rob seeing her naked! bitch.

MiMi said...

I swear the name of this post is actually something I think on a regular basis.
I bet her BMI is like 2 or 4.
And seriously...she could gain like 20 lbs and be even HOTTER.

TongueTwied said...

Well there goes our plan to use donuts to distract her why we try to steal her boyfriend. ;) LOL

Twired Jen said...

AMEN SISTA'! She doesn't need to diet, but she might need to do a little cardio to tone up...she looks unhealthy at times. Gaaah, yes, I just said that.

xo J

Living with Edward said...

I can understand if she wants to eat healthier. I really hope that is what she meant by "diet". Cause girlfriend is pretty and all but she is waaay to skinny. She is on my scarey skinny list. Hopefully she puts a lot of good fats in her diet.

Munkee said...

Yeah, probably out of context. I totally love her, but hey, she's getting older! (unfortunately so am I) She has a little girl body and we all know how quickly that changes. Her legs are little girl legs and not muscular at all. And yeah, I'll get in the line for stealing her boyfriend. I love IRTSMN!!!! It's not working at the moment, though, I'm surrounded by Hallowcandy.