Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Natives Are Restless

According to Female First, the Breaking Dawn set was vandalized yesterday.  Apparently, the local peeps aren't diggin' the fact that their island has been turned into a movie set.  So, they decided to set a port-a-potty on fire...
and protest.  Protest?  Really?

From a Twihard's POV, they're FREAKIN' CRAZY!  Hello, Brazilians, you have RPattz in your zip code (or whatever kind of postal codes they have down south)!!

You should embrace the Precious.
*take your cue from KStew*
I just can't get enough of this.  
How could you NOT love this?

Living in small town Oklahoma, I've never had the occasion arise where my town has been turned into a movie set and not just any movie set.  I don't think every movie set has the crazy fans, paparazzi, and media attention that the Twilight Saga has.

I think the revenue brought in would outweigh the insanity that is Twilight.

What are your thoughts?

Trixie & Tess


Kelly said...

OH OH OH!! Let's examine these "natives who don't like Twilight" formerly known as "the signifigant others of Twi-fans" they are a rare breed indeed...

I guess I sort of understand.. after all road construction annoys me, especially when it slows down my hour long commute every day.. EACH WAY! So I guess I kind of get it.. but I don't get setting a port-a-potty on fire. I mean, I just sit in my car an yell at the traffic..

I have lived in towns where they have taken over for a film... and I was always just so facinated by the process that it didn't bother me...

MiMi said...

Um. They need to shut it. Seriously. They need to be thankful for the business this film is bringing them. Some people are just crazy.

Christiejolu said...

Not sure how I would feel...Snowbirds drive me nuts...LOL! I do love that picture though!!!!

Lety said...

they need to get a life!!!

seriously, I mean come on!!

for example when Transformers3 was filming in Chicago there were some people angry and talking crap about it!!!

How they have to take a detour to get to work,etc etc, well guess what, I did too!! and I didn't care!!

that was awesome that we get to be in a movie (or I mean the City). Not only did it make Chicago, local small stores and restaurants extra $$ (people hung out in them to see the filming on certain days since we weren't really allowed to hang outside because of the explosions) but it was also fun stalking Shia <3

People are just plain bitter and party poopers.