Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twilight Convention In Pictures

Hello, Lovelies.  Sorry we've been MIA this week.  
Real life is such crazy sometimes.  
Trixie is have THE.WORST.TIME.EVER with her Internet connection, making it nearly impossible for her to post on the blog or comment on blogs...basically anything to do with the Internet.  So, say a small prayer for Trix and her Internet.  I have been trying to recuperate from the Twilight Convention.  I think I got a total of 6 hours of sleep the whole time I was gone.  Plus, I had to drive 5 hours home...alone.  It was exhausting, but oh-so-worth it!  This week I started righting on another blog.  So, now I have TNT, my personal blog, and a once-a-week post on a group blog.  What have I gotten myself into?!

I'm going to try to get caught up over here by showing you all the pictures from the Twilight Convention.

Beware of photo overload.

The convention started on Saturday morning.  
Can I just say that partying at Pete's until 3 am is not the best way to start off an all day convention, but thanks to large amounts of Starbucks I made it until 3 am the following morning!  Thank you, Starbucks!

First up was the wonderful and funny Christopher Heyerdahl.  He plays Marcus in New Moon and Breaking Dawn.  
He is also well known for other roles in movies and television series, like Supernatural.  
His bald head is due to a role he is playing right now.  He is just one of the nicest guys you will EVER meet!  After seeing him twice now, I'm a huge fan.

For each star, they hold about a 40 minute question and answer session.  You are allowed to submit as many questions as you would like.  Sometimes they are able to ask them all of the submitted questions and then the stars will mingle through the audience and allow people to ask questions from the floor.

Hillywood facilitates the Q&A session.  They're awesome!
Above is a pic of Hillywood's Edward and Bella, Jacob Jost and Hilly Hindi.  
Below is a pic of Hillywood's Jasper, Drew Lorentz.  He's fantastic.
I really loved this shot that I got of Jacob "Edward" and Hilly "Bella".

After Christopher, 
we got to see Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon.  
They are so much fun.  Bronson is full of energy.  
He is a Canadian and I love to hear him talk.  Different accents and dialects amuse me.

He is such a cutie and he said during the Q&A that when someone asks him what his favorite animal is, he answers "cougar"...and sometimes "pumas".  LOL.  LOVE HIM!  He's 23, so he's totally legal. 

Kiowa is more reserved and quiet, 
but still just as funny and cracks these "undercover" jokes...
like you have to really be paying attention to get it, but he's funny. 

FINALLY, it was time for PeterfreakinFacinelli!!

They were actually doing one of their auctions, where they auction off things from the convention...banners, pictures, other autographed pictures from previous conventions, etc.

Peter stuck his head in the door and yelled out "I bid $500" and the guy auctioning off the stuff yelled out "we just added a date with Peter Facinelli!" LOL.  The whole audience erupted in hoots and hollars.  It was great.

Here's a few of my favorite Peter pics from the weekend.

Most of the good pictures I got of Peter were from the dinner that night.
We had an Asian dinner buffet and Peter was the guest of honor.  He spent about 5-10 minutes at each table just chit chatting.  It was really nice to just have normal conversation with him.  I asked him about his schedule and when he'll be in Baton Rouge (w/ the Precious)...around December 4th in case you're wondering.  He said that they are filming a lot of the indoor shots from the Cullen house there.

Jennie and the kids are doing great.  I asked. 

Later that night, we had the Volturi Ball.  
Kiowa, Bronson, and Christopher came to mingle.  
It was a lot of fun seeing them out and about.  
They were having drinks and enjoying themselves.  
We tried not to go all fangirl on them, 
but I did snap this pic when Kiowa was looking at me.

We shut that party down.  

I think my cousin and I were two of the last to leave. 

It was fun!  Pocket Edward had a great time too.

He gave a little attitude when it was time to go.
I took him to the lobby so he could collect his thoughts and cool down a bit.

Tons more PE pics where those came from!  I'll share soon!

Jodelle was our last star of the conference.  
She was so sweet and at times she was SO 16!  I just love her.  
I think it would be great if the Short Life of Bree Tanner was turned into it's own movie!

During the conference we also had autograph signings and photo ops, 
but we weren't allowed to have our cameras or phones in line.

I have so many pictures that I'm still shuffling through.  
So, I may post some more soon.  
I'll definitely put more of Pocket Edward's adventures up.  

Hope you girls are having a great week!♥

Trixie & Tess


MiMi said...

THAT GUY IS 23?! That's all I got. Seriously??!!

17foreverlisa said...

What a great post, Tess!! I'm so glad you had a good time and got to the meet and greet with Peter. That would have been the highlight for me. The autograph you got for LwE to give to DD is just awesome.

I can't believe you've started another blog. LOL! I can't keep up with one. Congrats!


Living with Edward said...

Yay, this is so exciting! So glad you had a good time and lived to tell about it. Can not wait to see the rest and definitely can not wait to see the PE pics!!!

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Looks like tons of fun. I should really start saving to get to a convention at least one time :)
Cant wait to see more pictures.

Impulsive Addict said...

Peter is HOTT. Like...seriously. I think I wanna fight Ms. Garth for him. She's little. I think I can take her. And then he'll fall in love with me because I was so passionate about winning his affection by taking down his wife.

And then I'll probably wake up.

hotpants™ said...

Peter is such a babe.