Friday, December 3, 2010

Pocket Edward Post in Pictures

These are the adventures of Pocket Edward from the Dallas Twilight Convention. Some photographs have been left out to protect the innocent...or guilty...whichever.

Edward, though he does not need food nor drink, has a great sense of smell.  He can smell a fine wine from a mile away.  He approved this glass...and many more after that.
He was often found hanging out in a pocket.  Hence the name, Pocket Edward.
Something I found out over the weekend is that Pocket Edward and Rob have a lot in common.  Such as their taste in beer.
Here he was demonstrating his mad skillz in tipping over trees.
We also took a little time out to reenact Bella's birthday, sans paper cut.
He can really cut a rug.
He met a fellow fun-size Edward.

Together they confronted the wolf in the room.
It was a fun time had by all.

He gave a little 'tude when I said it was time to go.
I had to pull him off the walls...

We spent the rest of the evening lying in the lobby. 
I'm surprised hotel security wasn't called. 

I think they're a little lax when the Twihards are in town.

Trixie & Tess 


Dangrdafne said...

Before I even comment on this post I have to tell you I ADORE the Santa Rob picture!! That is awesome!!! I would love to find that in my stockings in the morning. LOL!!!!

Kelly said...

Looks like PE totally ran the show!! Loved the "tude" pic.. lol!! I have yet to attend a Twi-convention ...perhaps I am missing a life altering experience :)

OH and I too love the Santa Rob up top... now that's a lap I'd totally sit on... for a while! :)

Dangrdafne said...

Great Mini-E pictures! He looks like he enjoyed his time at the convention. Can't wait for Living with Edward to see this post :)

TigerlilyRose said...

HOLY HELL! Santa Rob is superb! That is the hottest Manip I hve seen in a while! WOO! *turnsoncoldshower*

TongueTwied said...

I completely thought the walls was a replica of the Cullen house. LOL! PE gets more action...err, I mean has such a good time everywhere he goes, doesn't he!

Love the Bella cake!

rpfangirldc said...

LMAO!!! Pocket Edward had a fun time in the Big D. Hilarious post!

Smitten said...

LOL!! Now if you'll excise me, I'm off to ogle Santa Rob!!

Smitten said...

Oops, I meant excuse me.

MiMi said...

OMAGOSH. You guys will never know how much I love you. :)